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2015 HPCA Community Appreciation Party !

Hi everyone,
Just a reminder that the 2015 Heron Park Community Association’s

Community Appreciation Party is:

Tuesday, March 24th 
6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

at O’Brien’s Pub (1145 Heron Rd)

Pizza, wings and beverages will be provided.
All community volunteers and rink staff are invited.
Family members welcome.
Local political representatives (David, John and David) are also invited.
See you on the 24th at 6 p.m.!

You can win big at Heron Park Trivia Night this Sunday!

Hi Heron Parkers,

We have some nice loot available to win during the trivia quiz: bottles of wine, Ottawa 67’s tickets, passes for the War Museum, gift cards for Second Cup, Pelican’s restaurant & fish market, Le’s Nails and more!

Come, join us for dinner at 5 and/or the quiz night at 7. We’re raising money for our community centre building fund.

Sunday, January 18th 2015

Location: O’Brien’s Eatery & Pub, 1149 Heron Road
Time: Quiz at 7PM, Food & Drink from 5PM
Tickets: $15 per person at the door

Trivia Night poster 2015

2014 Annual General Meeting – We’re looking for additional board members.

The Annual General Meeting of the Heron Park Community Association will be on Tuesday, Dec 2 at 7pm at Billingswood Manor at the corner of Bank St and Ohio (map).  Please enter by the side door at the dining room (on the right hand side of the building, just follow the signs).

Federal MP David McGuinty will be in attendance, we will receive an update on our work to raise funds for a new community centre, and we will discuss issues and concerns of the community.  Since we elect executive members for two year terms, we do not have executive elections this year, but we do have openings for additional board members.  You can also renew your membership or join the community association for the low, low price of just $5 per family.

2014 Election Results – Ward 17 Councillor

So the 2014 results are in.   We thought it would be interesting to look at the official results by different geographic areas.

In 2010, there were 1108 votes cast within the boundaries of the Heron Park Community Association from 2962 eligible voters — a voter turnout of 37.40%.  That was far less than the 52% voter turnout for our Ward.

This year our voter turnout has dropped even lower to 24.95% (assuming a similar number of eligible voters).

A little bit of work within our community to increase voter turnout for 2018 could result in Heron Park casting more ballots than Ottawa East… …and while it might be difficult, it would not be impossible to see Heron Park Voters cast more ballots than voters in Old Ottawa South!

Scott Blurton David Chernushenko Espoir Manirambona Total Votes Community Association(s)
327 1,376 62 1,765 Ottawa East Community Association
248 423 42 713 Riverview Park Community Association
327 2,076 67 2,470 Old Ottawa South Community Association
555 2,664 97 3,316 Glebe Community Association, Glebe Annex & Dow’s Lake
259 440 40 739 Heron Park Community Association
72 227 14 313 unknown (eg. Votes from the Advance Polls at City Hall)
1,788 7,206 322 9,316 TOTALS
7.16% 28.85% 1.29%   % of Eligible voters who voted for the candidate
   24,975 Eligible Voters
     9,696 Ballots cast
38.82% Voter Turnout (%)

Results were tabulated using the Poll-by-Poll Results and the Elections 2014 – Voting Subdivisions Map.  Thanks to Open Data Ottawa for sharing that information in a format that was easy for us to work with.

Some changes to new developments.

The City has started rolling out some changes to the planning process which were announced a few months ago.

One of these changes are new signs and an attempt at using plain language in development applications to make them a bit easier to understand.  Another is a pilot project which will be starting up later this month to allow our Heron Park Community Association to be engaged much earlier in the planning process.  Currently our community is given a “Head’s Up” around the same time that the public signage goes up, which is always after the applicant has submitted a full, completed application to the City (with all the required plans, fees and studies).

Here’s an example of the old signage:

DAR Signage OLD

Here’s an example of the new signage:


So what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

Jason G.

Heron Park Community Orchard: The Making Of

Over two mornings, the four fruit trees we planted two years ago were surrounded by an edible oasis!

We owe a huge deal of thanks to Sarah from Permaculture Ottawa, Katrina from Hidden Harvest Ottawa, James & Rosella from HPCA, and more than 30 other dedicated volunteers & community members who worked together to make this happen so quickly.  More pictures here.

Take some time to tour the growing orchard at the northern tip of Heron Park (near the corner of Clover Street & Aldea Avenue) and share your pictures & stories with us!


Quiz Night

The Heron Park Community Building Fund is holding a Quiz Night on Sunday, January 26th at O’Brien’s Pub on Heron Road.  Proceeds will help us get a new community centre for the neighbourhood.  Tickets are $15.  They will be available at the door but you might want to send us an email (either reply to this or send to ) to reserve your tickets.  The quizmaster is Gordon Smith – he did it last year and everyone had a great time. Gordon is a very fun master of quizzes. Teams of 4 or 5 people compete in categories of general knowledge, sports, entertainment, and music.  So get your team together and compete for prizes and, more importantly, bragging rights!  Don’t have a team?  Come and join an existing team or play as an individual.

Annual General Meeting – November 5, 2013. Meeting Minutes.

Heron Park Community Association
Annual General Meeting

November 5, 2013



  •   Presentation from Const. Mahamud Elmi, Sgt. Vanessa McNeil
  •   Presentation from David McGuinty, M.P. for Ottawa South
  •   Presentation from David Chernushenko, Councillor for Capital ward
  •   Report on Activities by HPCA (James McLaren)
  •   Financial Report (Colin MacLean)
  •   Report on our new registered charity, Heron Park Community Building Fund (James McLaren)
  •   Vote to change constitution to expand our boundaries  (James McLaren)
  •   Election of Executive members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  •   Discussion of Priorities to focus on for the next year


Attendees 33 members plus 5 guests

Greg Gregory, Roselyn Mesher, Kelly Fourney, Kelly Thomas, Willem Van Westerop, Adam Dodd, Gary or Greg (from south side), Harry Pokrywa, Dominique Marshall, Helen Burns, Johanne Bérubé, Peter & Mrs. Fourney, Biruk Medhin, Bing Dang, Clėment Berthiaume, Al Ghossein, Wendy from Secord, Jason Garlough, James McLaren, Colin MacLean, Rosella Mac Neil, and more

Councillor David Chernushenko, Sarah Loomis, Const. Mo Elmi, Sgt. Vanessa McNeil, David McGuinty M.P.


Colin introduced community police officers Constable Mo Elmi and Sergeant Vanessa McNeil.

Mo Elmi told us he has always lived in this neighbourhood, did his police training here and wants to live here when he retires.

Vanessa talked about the need for us to call if there is speeding, noisy residents or other complaints.

Question asked: What is procedure for a complaint re a threat from a neighbour?

Car break-ins are ongoing: we must always lock our cars; same thing for our houses.


James introduced the representative from MPP John Fraser, who did not speak.

Then he introduced our MP David McGuinty, who addressed the group.

He thanked us for attending. Canada has a good record of citizen participation.

The most common complaint is a lack of credibility.

He has asked the CBC for a fact based web site. No spin, no editing.

He has less $ in his budget than a city councillor does, with 4 times the # people represented. He has 3 people in his office, one on the Hill.

He has 12,900 current files, the majority are immigration files. Also Public Service grievances, procurement problems.

The federal government is much, much larger than any private corporation. The effect of reducing the # of firms doing business with the GoC meant the smaller companies were forced to bill at 40% less.

He asked years ago for action on waterways: the Ottawa River. No action yet. He now has roads, highways, rivers, etc.: transport. He expects and hopes there will be a rail transport study. More fuel is shipped by rail now in one day than there was in a year, four years ago.

Get Connected Fairly act is his private member’s bill, begun after his daughter got her first cell phone bill. We can’t compare bills today. Example from NZ, where CEO came close to being charged.

His newest bill is a partisan advertising bill. Dalton passed a bill in Ontario, so there are no provincial ads paid by the govt.  $115M has been spent since 2009 [by federal government] on its economic action plan. The exception will be for public health ads.

  1. Why the rush to drain the oil sands? A: money. He agrees with Peter Lougheed re the need to slow development.

Line 9 Pipeline Proposal is to reverse the existing pipeline, through Toronto and Ottawa. It carries light crude now, is 37 years old. We don’t know if it can carry the dil-bit (diluted bitumen) safely. The NEB [National Energy Board] does not need to, and will not, consider the results of studies of past spills. Swedish energy use and standards should be our model.

Canada sold AECL to SNC Lavelin so we are not in the nuclear energy generation business any longer.

James introduced the Community Appreciation annual award, the first year it will be awarded. It is named after Peter Fourney and is called the Peter Fourney Community Builder Award. Peter is the first recipient of this award.

Break for food & coffee

David Chernushenko introduced Sarah Loomis. He attends most monthly meetings; Sarah attends when he can’t.

A new initiative is the addition of the south link to the airport, the added stops at Gladstone, etc. He will let us know whenever it happens.

With the limit on the budget, the only way he can add anything to the budget is to remove something else of equal value from the same category.

Q & A with attendees

  • 1-2 km Alta Vista corridor link? It is to be funded by development charges, not taxes. The good news is it is no longer in the Transportation Master Plan, due to its cost ($55 M/km).
  • What’s happening with the Bank St. Community Design Plan (CDP)? We used it to say No to Midway’s plan for an outdoor go cart track. It’s in abeyance for now, other than projects like that; they have to conform to the CDP.
  • She [audience member] is in favour of the Alta Vista corridor, as Bank Street is too crowded. David C said new roads don’t reduce traffic: e.g., Findlay Creek. We have to wait for the LRT.
  • Permits are required for above ground pools, but not for the infill next door on Secord Ave. Not fair! She left a copy of the plans with David.
  • The sound barrier [along the OTrain route near Sawmill Private] will not be done by year end. Why? David only heard this today, will find out why. He repeated pledge that train schedule won’t be increased until the barrier is in place.
  • Poor state of roads, often due to damage.
  • Limit on our tax increase does not cover the rises in city costs – water, etc.


James reviewed the Community Association work over the past year, e.g., Secord Ave. development was appealed.

We now have a registered charity to build a new community centre.  January 26 will be the 2nd quiz night fundraiser at O’Brien’s. We will raise some of the $1.5-2M needed, not all of it.

Al Ghossein said he will host a fundraiser at his place. The owner of our new Second Cup in Al’s mall [West on Bank] is eager to be involved in the community. It will be called the Heron Park Second Cup.

Colin reviewed the HPCA budget. One big plus this past year has been taking on a second rink, Kaladar. The rinks bring in the greatest revenue to the CS, paid by the city.

The Herald revenue has gone up & down. Costs are the same but ad revenue changes.

See info provided.

James proposed that we expand the HP boundaries. The main reason is the benefit of being informed of any proposed development in the area.  No association represents it now. It aligns with Capital ward.

Moved. James

Seconded. Colin

Agreed, unanimously. Carried.


HPCA Nominations & Elections

2013 HPCA executive has been James Pres, Maritala VP, Colin Treas, Rosella Sec’y. Maritala cannot continue in 2014.Secretary: Rosella  Moved by Colin, Adam seconded. Acclaimed

Treasurer: Colin        Moved by James, Peter seconded. Acclaimed.

VP: Jason                  Moved by James, Greg seconded. Acclaimed.

President: James       Moved by Colin, Rosella seconded. Acclaimed.


The meeting ended at 9:15.

Heron Park Community Association Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is next Tuesday, November 5 at 7 pm in the dining room at Billingswood Manor, 1370 Bank St.  Please enter by the side door on the west side of the building (there will be signs to guide you).  Community Policing Officer Mahamud Elmi will be attending to discuss recent crimes in the neighbourhood and what we can do to keep safe.  Executive officers will be elected for the upcoming year.  Here is the agenda (which may be added to later).

  • Presentation from Mahamud Elmi
  • Report on Activities by HPCA (James McLaren)
  • Financial Report (Colin MacLean)
  • Report on our new registered charity, Heron Park Community Building Fund (James McLaren)
  • Vote to change constitution to expand our boundaries
  • Election of Executive members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Discussion of Priorities to focus on for the next year
There will be munchies and coffee available.  You can pay your membership dues for the coming year (only $5 per family) and consider making a tax deductible donation to the Heron Park Community Building Fund to help get a new community centre for Heron Park.  I hope you’ll join us – there’s lots of room at Billingswood for everyone who wants to attend.

Electronics Recycling

This Saturday, October 19, from 10 am to 2 pm, the Heron Park Community Association will be picking up used electronic items for recycling or safe disposal at the Field House in Heron Park.  We are doing this in cooperation with the Canadian Hearing Society, and you can also drop off items directly at their location, 2197 Riverside Drive, from 10 am to 2 pm.  The following items will be accepted:

  • Televisions
  • Computers – desktop, laptop
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Telephones
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras
  • Video Recorders

For a complete list of accepted items, go to recycleyourelectronics.caImage


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