[Inter]Active Discussion

Discussion #1 - Youth Volunteers     Discussion #1 - with Youths Volunteers    
The [Inter]Active Discussion is an ongoing design approach.  It is similar to collecting meeting minutes in the sense that it can be continually built on from one discussion to the next. To view an interactive presentation of the first session please follow the link below:


The purpose of these discussions is to focus on an idea, but at the same time, allow this idea to expand to help generate various levels of thinking about a new Community Centre.  For example, during the first [Inter]Active Discussion session, youth volunteers from the Wednesday Night Program started out by discussing things they like and things they don’t like about the existing Community Centre (Field House) at Heron Park.  From this starting point, the discussion moved towards more sensorial questions about the building, such as light, sound, texture, scent, and even taste!  This turned out to be a very effective way of collecting ideas ranging from visual appearance to programmatic and spatial layouts [i.e. placement and types of rooms].

To refocus/filter/summarize the information and ideas generation from the discussion, the youth volunteers were asked to circle the ideas they felt were most important.  From here, drawings of the existing Community Centre were passed around to the participants so that they could reflect on these ideas and sketch some of their own.

If you would like to continue to expand on this [Inter]Active Discussion, please join us on Wednesday Night or post a comment here.  Thank you.

Each [Inter]Active Discussion will posted online at Prezi.com.  Prezi is a free and completely interactive program for making presentations.  By posting the discussions here, individuals can browse the information however they please and even add their own comments to it, (if we decide to make this option available in the future).

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Holds a B.Arch.S and M.Arch at Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

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