February 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2009
Heron Park Activity Centre

Present: Leo Derome, Maritala Robinson, Colin MacLean, Bill Weatherup, Judy Mordy, Gloria Williams, Kelly Thomas, Connie Berry, Rosella Mac Neil, Donna Silver, Lynne Ferguson-Bourguignon (City of Ottawa-1st agenda item), Clive Doucet (late arrival)

Absent: Hijal DeSarkar, Angie Kelm, James McLaren, Johanne Bérubé, Kelly Thomas, Eileen McGurrin

1. HPCA Constitution, Key Agreement, Insurance, etc.

a) HPCA-Ottawa key agreement

Lynne brought an updated copy of our agreement with the City. There are no real changes from the last one other than dates. It is the standard agreement for CA’s and describes the perimeter of the facility, the services offered and restrictions to the use of the building, e.g., the room where chlorine is stored in summer. Schedule A is for HPCA; Schedule B is for the card players who agreed to buy annual memberships to use the building.

She reminded us to report all incidents (injuries) that occur during our hours of operation to Rachelle Bertrand of Seasonal Programmes. She should also receive a copy of any booking for the rink. Lynne handles matters related to the play group.

b) HPCA-Ottawa liability policy, insurance

Lynne described the terms and exclusions, which are standard: $500 deductible, no alcohol in the building, ever. Debbie Hamilton is the contact for our insurance. Volunteer Ottawa is a good source of information. City staffer Donna Williams is our contact for rebuilding the playground. Our playground is due to be replaced soon and will be included in the City’s coverage.

If we plan any change to the building, we must notify them in advance, in writing.

We can not pass on the privilege of using the building to another group.

c) Risk Management

Our responsibilities include proper supervision of the rink during the posted hours, reporting incidents, managing volunteers. If something serious happens, as long as we can demonstrate that we did everything we could to prevent problems. Screening volunteers should include criminal record checks, which is free for them. The diligence we employ should match the seriousness of the risk involved. Examples: an adult alone with a vulnerable person; one adult with too many children (20).

Connie told us that she works in risk management for non-profit groups, so she offered her advice when we have a question.

d) Revising the constitution – deferred to March meeting

Kelly, Angie, Johanne and Eileen (JAKE) have worked on this.

à They will circulate copies of the proposed revisions.

2. HPCA website

Kelly told us that Derek Gour cannot attend the meeting, but has created a site with new links, contacts, using the new service provider. It should be in use in March.

We have two more Neighbourhood Watch forms completed.

Maritala asked why we don’t use the heronparkliving.com Web site, since it is free for us and she has control of the content.

à Kelly will look into this and provide an answer.

3. Winter Carnival

Kelly briefly described the successful winter carnival on January 31 and thanked all the workers, including Eileen who co-ordinated the workers, food, posters and baked goods.

4. Heron Park Herald – articles due

Kelly reminded us that the inputs are due to Johanne by March 15.

à Donna will provide one page; Maritala will send an article on the play group; someone should write an article on the carnival. Volunteer?

5. Play group and Playground

a) Play group

Maritala told us that there were 6 to 16 families participating in the past month. The parents use a Google site to volunteer for specific days to run activities: crafts and the circle time which ends at 11:30. Parents bring their own snacks. Half the children are less than 1 year old.

b) Playground

Maritala described various sources for information she has found. Debbie Beck of Playground Planners gave them ideas and budget estimates. Debbie Williams told her the City will match our funding up to $7500. The objective is to expand the toddler area to use for 2–12 year olds. The budget is $25K including labour, or $22K if we provide the labour.

The life cycle planning of the City has Heron Park scheduled for upgrades in 2010. An area for use by teens could be located between the existing basketball court and the creek.

à Maritala will ask Shoppers Drug Mart for sponsorship.

6. Rink Report and WNP

a) Rink report

Colin told us we had 89 rink users in the first week, 796 in the second!

We had reports of a back door left unlocked more than once. The only thing taken was food from the fridge. The windows were jimmied; perhaps a homeless person slept here. Rachelle offered to install bars or mesh on the windows, once they are repaired.

à Colin will ask which Centre.

à Rosella will take photos, and send Kelly phone number and names.

b) Wednesday Night Programme (WNP)

There have only been two meetings since the Christmas holidays. They mostly played shinny, had hot chocolate. Jean-Guy LeBlanc, Benito’s father and Ibrahim’s father helped.

7. Traffic Report

James was working, did not provide a report.

Donna talked about the parking problem on Clover Street. Workers from nearby Canada Post park their cars there all day. We can ask the City to restrict the parking to one side of the street. In the short term, we can tell the drivers that they will be ticketed if they continue to do this.

8. Ward Update – Heron Park

Clive apologized for missing our carnival; it was one day after the prolonged council debate, so he went to Montreal as a break.

The transit strike may have cost $3.4M but it cost $10M in lost business.

2nd Ward Cup tournament was hosted by Old Ottawa South, who came 2nd. He may ask the NCC to make it a city-wide tournament next year, held on Dow’s Lake.

Good news for OOS: money for the firehall renovations. Now his office can focus on Brantwood and Heron Park. Brantwood has a bigger, newer field house.

The Lansdowne development is a mess.

Tunnel, transitway: we need a N-S and an E-W line now. The current plan gives us something in 20 years.

He thanked his staff for their work during the bus strike.

9. Other Business

Donna told us that the new Heatherington Community Centre will open Saturday, February 7 at 11:30. She encouraged us to go to see it to get ideas for our own Centre. The building has a ¾ size gym and cost between $2.2M – $2.5M.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Next meeting: Monday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m.

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