March 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Meeting – March 2
Community Activity Centre

Present: Gloria Williams, Bill Weatherup, Colin MacLean, Kelly Thomas, Judy Mordy, Derek Gour, Johanne Berube, Eileen McGurrin, Rosella Mac Neil (arrived later), Clive Doucet (arrived later)

Regrets: Angie Kelm, Donna Silver, James McLaren, Hijal DeSarkar, Maritala Robinson, Connie Berry

1. Kelly Thomas (President) opened the meeting at 7 p.m.

2. Approval of Minutes of Feb. meeting – Deferred

Draft provided to Kelly. Kelly to review and will forward to all. Approval to be determined at April meeting.

3. Ottawa 67s ticket offer – Kelly Thomas

Reduced rate for Coach Brian Kilrea final game (cmnty offer to help promote)

Game is Sunday, 2 p.m. March 15th

Seeking sponsorships from a few local business people. Calvin (Ottawa 67s) is following up to determine complimentary tickets for area kids in need.

ACTION: Email list (Angie to send out) . Eileen/Kelly to draft to see if cmnty members interested in purchasing tickets.

4. Window update Activity Centre (card players side) – Kelly Thomas

Donna will help fill in forms to get funding. May 1st deadline for paperwork … then window TBD.

Colin suggested requesting security bars at the same time. And screens too!

5. Update on HPCA Constitution – Kelly Thomas

Kelly has copies to circulate. Lynn Bourguignon-Ferguson has provided input already. Members have month to review and comment to Kelly. Copies can be emailed on request.

Action: Meeting follow-up ask absent members if they’d like to see a copy. (Eileen)

6. Update on HPCA Website Derek Gour/Kelly Thomas

Derek has hosting service separate from what we have now. Tested on a few browsers. Set up a few accounts. Has started transferring domain. Doubts there should be disruptions but it’s possible.

Domain registry data has been changed. Kelly suggested having folks try it out after Wednesday to verify accessibility. Derek to sort out other users later (in the coming months) and establish training as needed.

6. Herald update – Johanne Berube

Johanne reviewed articles to be provided. Eileen action – Carnival article. (Full page with photos.) Deadline is Monday, March 9th.

Advertise – Community garage sale. They do it and we get a small donation from everyone ($5) Perhaps donated items can be sold out of Activity Centre and funds go to playstructure? To verify with Maritala. Or tables purchased inside CAC for $25? Advertise in Pennysaver too?

Action: Johanne to discuss Herald ad with Maritala

7. Playgroup and Playground update (Maritala absent) – Kelly Thomas

McMillan food orders ($1,000 total). Raised approx. $215 towards new playstructure.

8. Rink Report and WNP – Colin MacLean

Rink – Colin provided costs to date, excluding Leo’s hours. Colin has confirmed that volunteers will run it from hereon as weather permits. May have difficulties getting volunteers but Johanne indicated they can still skate and use outdoor benches and skate regardless. Better year overall than last: good helpers, LESS snow.

Colin also raised topic of a Community Appreciation Night. Similar to last year: pizza and beer at O’Brien’s. Date in late March TBD. Community Appreciation Night (as it includes some paid workers) Offer open to rink attendants, volunteers, Herald delivery people.

Budget: Difficult to assess as we may have more people show up and as we don’t have figures from Leo yet. What is our financial situation?

Action: Recommended limit of $300 (pizza and non-alcoholic beverages only). Event to be held on March 31st Tuesday. 6:30 p.m. at O’Brien’s

WNP – It’s been slow. Stats can be provided over the next week by Colin to Kelly. Colin wanted to discuss with Donna use of the gym at the former Gabrielle Roy school for spring months so kids can get some indoor playtime while fields are mucky.

9. Heron Park Ward Update – Clive Doucet

Grant application for window. Clive will provide community side of funds from his office to repair old and install new.

City hall activities

March 30 – Governance Forum – Governing Ottawa Better taking place at City Hall. Amalgamation process – what can be changed and what can be improved. (School trustees had similar issues with amalgamation. Trying to learn from their experiences.) Trying to pressure govt for new policies and whether rural should be separated. (Rural voting 90% against projects inside greenbelt.)

Clive trying to kickstart an Intergovernmental Committee to safeguard water quality of Ottawa River. Too many municipalities use/access but no one currently responsible.

10. Neighbourhood Watch Update – nothing to say. Maybe by next meeting.

11. Other business

Colin and John wanting to use CAC for daughters’ combined birthday parties. May do a Food Drive with it.

Set up HPCA CAC calendar on website. Derek to set up link to Eileen’s email via address: Secretary HPCA

Rosella put up notices on cars still parking all day on Clover despite most buses being back on the road.

Eileen – check on email from Kelly regarding photos from carnival? She sent to me last week?

Also, send to Kelly the thank you letter for Clive’s office.

12. Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, April 6 at CAC.

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