April 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

April HPCA Meeting

April 6, 2009 – 7 p.m.

Heron Park CAC


Present: Hijal DeSarkar, Connie Berry, Gloria Williams , Judy Mordy, Maritala Robinson, Donna Silver, Kelly Thomas, Derek Gour, Bill Weatherup, Johanne Berube, Rosella MacNeil and Leo Derome (for 1st part of meeting only), Eileen McGurrin (minutes)

Regrets: Clive Doucet, James MacLaren, Angie Kelm, Colin MacLean

1. Meeting opened at 7:05 p.m.

2. March minutes were not available in printed format. They can be viewed on our website and voted on at next meeting in May.

3. Vote on HPCA Constitution

Johanne and Rosella had recently provided edits or suggestions to be incorporated into the current draft version. All were asked to check the draft version posted on the HPCA website. Any further comments are to be provided by April 18th at the latest. The Constitution Sub-Ctee will incorporate them and present a final draft to be voted on at May meeting.

As a matter of form, the new Constitution would need to be added to the next AGM and voted on by community members. In the meantime, a notice can be posted in the next edition of the Herald and a broadcast email sent to HPCA residents letting them know they can view it on our website.

Donna added comment about our name: still officially Heron Park North until we shell out $300 or more to change name. We need to look into this is… When we can afford it!

3. Update on criminal activity/ taking measures/preventative

With warmer weather, kids are creating disturbances. Kelly contacted community Police (constable Len Vaz, Walter Duhamel) to discuss.

ACTION: Angie to send out a broadcast message to HPCA community alerting them as to what to do when suspicious activity occurs in their neighbourhood.

Donna added that she is setting up a meeting with Const. Len Vaz and Loralee Mahoney (Bylaw officer) to discuss graffiti issues on Kaladar St. businesses and other behaviours. Donna would like to see HPCA person attend.

Eileen asked about more lighting in park. Johanne noted lamp post lying in field. City should be called when lights are not on as it is a safety concern.

Graffiti management strategy – public consultation. Donna sent to Rosella.

4. First Annual HPCA Garage (Johanne)

Advertisement in various papers and emails. Cmnty papers, Ottawa.com, Website Kijiji, and the Alta Vista school newsletter.

Date and time: Saturday, May 9, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

First time. Trying to build interest. Not much interest expressed in renting tables at CAC. Leo will put up posters and signage to promote it in neighbourhood.

Roles not filled: need HPCA folks to collect donations. Hijal will do this. Could use another volunteer. Rosella will be at CAC if needed. She will “man” the donation table of benefit to HPCA.

Budget: Maritala proposed we spend $50 on advertising and promotion, balloons and on photocopying certificates of participation.

Motion to approve $50: Johanne

Second: Rosella

Email promotion: broadcast to go out by mid-April (Eileen to ask Angie)

Derek will elaborate more info on website.

5. Park Cleanup Date (Kelly)

Proposal of Sat. April 18th, (too wet?)

To determine if we need to change later based on weather.

(Later: date set for May 2nd)

Kelly will register us to get supplies.

Donna suggested asking Lamoureux Principal to help with cleanup of park near them. Johanne will look into this.

6. Environmental Committee Update – Donna Silver/Connie Berry

Donna said most already appears in April issue of Herald. Leo and Connie are looking to write application for Green Park Application to get wood chip path.

Donna waiting on feedback with Connie regarding Sawmill Creek

May 2nd – Jane’s Walk (p. 11 of Herald) see website. To get a path and make it a better place… parking for 7 or 8 cars there currently or use Brookfield path.

Need more folks from this neighbourhood to check it out. $13 million spent.

Barbs to get done in Sawmill Creek to prevent further erosion. City to tender bid. It came back at twice the cost to curb erosion problem. So project is now on hold. Resubmit for budget approval. Phase 1 still scheduled for Sept. ’09.

Connie received 3 contacts about community garden.

CAFES – we agreed to support this.

Donna suggested that Gloria’s street has a small field area – city owned – which may be a good location for a community garden.

7. Heron Park Ward Update (Clive – absent, Donna presented on his behalf)

Wed. night Clive would like HPCA to attend mid-term check-up at St. Paul’s University.

Community design plans being considered for Bank St. (intersection of Bank and Riverside). A bigger turning radius for trucks is required. There will be subsequent meetings to review this. HPCA attendance and feedback is important.

Sidewalk needed on Data Centre Road and bike lane!!!!!! Donna said it is in the plans for this FY.

Eileen asked about community groups taking a position on Lansdowne park stadium question. Donna said Centretown associations are planning positions on this issue. Donna suggested that Hijal might enjoy taking on a role representing HPCA at such a group.

Kelly asked about Clive running again. Donna said to ask him.

Donna said window on card players side is going in this week. Clive’s office is taking care of it.

8. Neighbourhood Watch update

Colin circulated an update (see attachment). Still seeking volunteers to help canvas especially now that weather is better.

Volunteers: Hijal (?), Bill Weather (East block of Secord), Johanne (W. block of Secord), Derek (?), (Kelly will also ask John McFarlane)

9. Finance

Rosella stated that there is roughly $8,640 in the account. However details and specifics on figures for WNP, Play Structure Fund, the Carnival revenue, still to be provided.

10. Next meeting – Monday, May 4th

Kelly added thanks to Derek for website updates, etc.

Maritala said that Joanne from the City Playstructure/Improvement section wants to speak at the next meeting. Kelly asked that details be forwarded in advance of the meeting.

11. Adjournment 8:10

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