Canadian Rivers Day Cleanup

Sunday, June 14th is Canadian Rivers Day and to help celebrate our local creeks and promote clean water, the City Stream Watch program is holding a stream cleanup on Sawmill Creek in Ottawa.

From its headwaters along Lester Road, Sawmill Creek flows north through the community of South Keys and along the heavily-urbanized Bank Street before eventually joining the Rideau River at Billings Bridge. Because of its urban watershed, a lot of garbage tends to collect along the banks and in the stream itself which can harm the important fish and wildlife habitat along the creek.

The Sawmill Creek Cleanup runs from 9 am to 3 pm, with on-site lunch generously provided by the Monterey Inn Resort and Conference Centre. If you would like a sandwich, please register by Monday, June 8th.

We will meet at Heron Park and wade along the creek from there. Heron Park is off Heron Road east of the Airport Parkway and west of Bank St. From Heron Road, turn north onto Clover Street and the community centre and park is on the left side of the street. We will park and meet there at 9 am. Please bring your own drinking water, sun block, rubber boots, chest waders (if you own them) or sturdy footwear.

To register or for more information, please contact Julia Sutton – City Stream Watch Coordinator at or 613-692-3571 x 1180.

Thanks to everyone who can spare a couple of hours to celebrate our amazing local rivers and streams.

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