June 2009 President’s Report

Approval of Data Centre Road sidewalk

After numerous complaints and heated pressure on the City to make pedestrian commuting safer along Data Centre road, approval has been granted to construct a sidewalk to be completed within the next two years. For those who often travel on foot to Billings Bridge mall and to Revenue Canada offices, this is welcome news. Up until now, Data Centre Road has been dangerous and frightening to those that must rely on a half sidewalk on one side or who end up walking very close to the curb with buses and cars zooming by. Funds allocated to this construction project came out of numerous municipal construction work requests and will help get the recession-battered economy rolling by employing labor and increasing demand for raw materials.

What’s going on in Heron Park

Since my last report, the Heron Park Community Association has initiated many projects to support and improve our community.  With the help of many community members we’ve accomplished a lot! We’ve cleaned up and beautified our parks, taken further steps to launch a Neighbourhood Watch program, held fundraising events for a new play structure, increased our visibility with the HPCA web site, held our first annual HPCA Garage Sale, and continued with our successful Wednesday Night Program for youth. At each and every event, we’ve continued to see some new volunteers which has been fantastic!

A special acknowledgement goes out to all Heron Park folks who have come out to our events and who have donated so willingly to our causes. Your time, dedication and contributions are much appreciated and the HPCA Board and the community thank you.

Although HPCA is adjourned over the summer months, we’ll still be continuing with several of our initiatives including the Wednesday Night Program, Neighbourhood Watch, Sawmill Creek cleanup, and several fundraising events for a play structure. We hope we can continue to count on you to lend a hand in our community endeavours.

Get out and volunteer!

We have a dedicated team of volunteers but there aren’t nearly enough of us to accomplish all that we’d like to within our community. I ask that after you’ve enjoyed your summer vacation you consider volunteering with HPCA and playing a role in helping to improve Heron Park.

Support local businesses!

Also, during these tough economic times, I’d like to encourage you to support our local businesses over the summer months and beyond. Some of the Heron Park businesses are starting to feel the pinch of the economic slowdown. Why not take a walk or hop on your bike and see what’s available on Kaladar, Clementine, Bank Street and Heron Roads. Check out the ads in this issue to find what you’re looking for and to support businesses that help support your community.

Keep up to date …. log onto our web site!

And finally, please remember to check out our HPCA web site at www.heronpark.ca. It’s free to log on and an excellent way of keeping up to date on HPCA events and activities.

I wish you all a safe and happy summer. Hope to see you at some of our summer activities and into the fall!
Kelly Thomas

HPCA President

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