June 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Monthly Meeting

June 1, 2009

Heron Park CAC

Present: Kelly Thomas, Rosella Mac Neil, Eileen McGurrin (minutes), James McLaren, Connie Berry, Leo Derome, Colin MacLean, Clive Doucet, Laura Bonnett, Ruth, Donna Silver, Maritala Robinson

Regrets: Johanne Berube, Angie Kelm, Hijal de Sarkar

1. Opening remarks (President Kelly Thomas), Approval of minutes

A backlog of HPCA Meeting Minutes were approved (Feb., March, April and May)


Second: Colin

Approved: All

Treasurer’s report: HPCA Finances and Program funds(Treasurer, Rosella Mac Neil) /
3. HPCA Revenues and Program Funding (HPCA Directors)

Rosella circulated a few hard copies of Interim Financial Report (see attachment – soft copy fwded to Eileen post-meeting) and outlined regular expenses (rink, Herald printing, insurance, domain name registration) , extraordinary expenses (unusual year, improvements, snowblower), and revenues.
A few questions:

Ice rink maintenance: Leo’s fees quite low for his hours Colin noted.

Eileen asked about Herald revenues: low-balled due to future uncertainty for upcoming issues (however costs were still estimated at same value and should have be reduced accordingly also).

WNP account: items to be resolved still between Rosella, Colin and Kelly. Therefore this is not outlined in detail in report.

Playground fundraising revenue amount is not in the report either, however the Garage Sale revenues are (but not dispersed between different programs)

Rosella also outlined the options for different bank accounts to allow for the tracking of various programs. (See addendum attached). Maritala would find this helpful (as her program would not need to pay banking fees based on balance amount). Colin stated that a separate account would not benefit WNP as the fees would be problematic once City funding for WNP is depleted.
James and Colin both recommended that each program have its own statement of expenses and revenues and Colin added that we should have standardized budget line items. As HPCA has expanded its scope with new projects and programs, the finances have become more complicated and require more detailed monitoring. Donna added that the City will expect very detailed financial records for the funds provided the WNP based on the agreement signed by HPCA.
Rosella noted a second set of eyes reviewing HPCA finances (a kind of informal audit) would be helpful once or twice a year. Colin suggested a Finance Committee could serve this purpose and could also assist in establishing new guidelines or formats for monitoring HPCA revenues and expenses. (This was not fully resolved, nor was any “Action” suggested to further this proposal.)
Maritala offered that once the play structure if fully funded that the new account could serve as a stream for future special fundraising projects in the community.
Those present agreed that we should establish new account under the HPCA umbrella at TD Bank for specific program (2 signatories required) that would serve specifically for the Play Structure Fund at this time.

Motion: Maritala

Second: Leo

All in agreement.

ACTION: Maritala and Leo would have to accompany either Rosella or Kelly. Maritala will follow up to establish time to do this.

Maritala summarized Garage Sale revenue outcome and briefly related some of the misunderstandings over the division of revenues. Play Structure Fundraising Ctee met and determined that any “questioned” funds be used towards promotional vehicle (re-usable sandwich boards) to benefit both HPCA and specific programs.
Colin asked about colours but no one objected to the suggestion that Colin determine best colours independently.

Change in Board membership/ Vacancies (HPCA Directors)

Kelly noted that after 3 years, Johanne is doing her last edition as layout editor of the Herald (June ’09 issue) and is withdrawing as a Director also. Kelly had mentioned that Derek was approached but has not responded to date.
Kelly knows of someone who could do it but doesn’t live in the community (wouldn’t charge). Donna knows someone who could do it but would charge for it (has a team). Mary Ann Thompson is the person (does OSCA) and has an ad person who gets a commission (25%). Rosella suggested getting an estimate from this person as well as following up with Derek.
Connie has hesitation about a student regarding continuity… thought it would be good to have a cmnty person to coordinate/editor.

Action: Kelly will follow up with Derek. (Mid-June addendum: According to Johanne, Derek has agreed to take on the role of layout editor for Sept. ’09 and possibly beyond.)

Action: Eileen to look into a gift certificate for Johanne as appreciation. Colin recommended a $50 amount and all agreed.

Eileen noted her keen desire to hand off the advertising duties but will commit to doing another issue (early Fall) if Derek agrees.

Play Structure Fundraising Ctee – Events (Maritala/Leo)
Many events planned over the coming weeks and early summer weeks. Difficulty getting volunteers. Kelly commiserated but noted that the HPCA team is already stretched pretty thin. Leo noted that the Canadian Tire fundraising (BBQ Raffle) event evolved before they had time to determine volunteer availability.
Peter Fourney is on the Play Structure Fundraising Ctee and has agreed to work with Maritala, ensuring that, as the Co-Chair, Maritala is brought on board before additional fund raising event commitments are undertaken.

Maritala reminded the Board that the next event: the Family BBQ picnic is Friday, June 12 (if weather is good). Colin might do BBQ’ing. Leo getting city equipment for games. They will raffle tickets for the Cdn Tire BBQ.
HP Herald Report: deadlines, articles for next issue. (Kelly)
Kelly reminded folks to get their articles asap /now to Johanne.

Councillor Doucet’s Report (Clive Doucet)
Deferred to later in the meeting as Clive arrived later.

Environment Ctee Update (Connie/Donna)
Connie sent Derek a Press Release on the Sawmill Creek Cleanup for the HPCA website. Donna felt it looked great. Connie suggested posting a notice on a sandwich board for June 12th Family Picnic. Areas requiring most cleanup (here and behind South Keys Plaza) are noted on the website.

Action:Colin said he would post info on sandwich board if Connie got it to him in time.

Action: Donna said to get measurements of sandwich boards to her and she can note it for posters for future events. (Colin forwarded dimensions of boards to Eileen for future reference, post-meeting). Colin noted that signage regarding the installation of stream barbs was quickly destroyed..

Donna added that there has been some damage to trees – natural damage/erosion – and that City staff will remove dead trees. She would like the HPCA cmnty to apply for 4 trees to plant to replace dead ones. (Action: who/what/how and when not determined on this item during the meeting.)
Local resident Laura Bonnett had asked about this before – along the path from Brookfield leading to Bank St. – stuff dumped there has not removed yet. Whose land is it? Paved path belongs to city. Between fences (Brookfield and Bank) is city property. Tires dumped there, garbage, etc. Donna said to call 311 and get reference # for the request to clean it up so we can track follow up later if needed.

Traffic Ctee Update – no parking signs at entrance to Sawmill Private (corner of Brookfield); Status of changing bus route 112 (James McLaren)

James sent email about Route 112 survey. Bruce recommended 112 just continue down Heron to Data Centre Road (nothing else from Bank and Heron to Billings via Heron). Majority of respondents said yes to extending route and to adding full sidewalk along Data Centre Road. There’s a link on HP website to review this item in greater detail.

As a sidebar and based on his survey-producing abilibites, James was asked if he’d be willing to prepare a survey regarding the HP Herald readership. He agreed to give it a try. (Is this correct? If so, Herald editing team – Kelly, Eileen and Rosella – should see it first please)

Action: Survey of Herald community paper – James to do one up and forward to Derek to post on HPCA website.
Maritala asked about the possibility of adding speed bumps on Clementine between Heron and Aldea. Cars racing along there -safety issues. James unsure of the likelihood of City doing this but said he’d look into it. He added that if everyone who is concerned sends a letter to him then he could pursue it more effectively.

“No parking” signs – Sawmill Private wants no parking at corner near their entrance, folks are parking too close.

Sidewalk along Data Centre to be extended if Stephen Harper approves city plan (federal property). However, it’s number 1 on the wish list so it seems likely to go through.
Related to safety issues, a discussion arose on whether the new HPCA mailbox (door no longer has mail slot) should be a secured/padlocked one. Some felt it would increase vandalism, others that it would dissuade it. Since members could not agree, Donna suggested that we determine our preference and get back to her on this so she can move ahead.

Action: Advise Donna of decision.
WNP Ctee – Year end report (Colin MacLean)

Article for Herald sent out by email and will be on website. Colin’s ESL students have helped out. The numbers are posted in article. WNP attendance will pick up (with weather and BBQ) for numbers. Kids well-behaved when supervised.

Constitution – deferred to September (Kelly Thomas)

Other –

Neighbourhood Watch – Colin set a date for Thursday, June 18 (7:30 – 8:30 p.m.) for a meeting and will work to get community police, block captains, members, coordinators together for information and next steps.

Social club at Bank near Walkley seeking application for cash in lieu of parking. Want to ensure the HPCA does not oppose this.

Donna circulated map of Bank/Walkley area – application is from Lebanese Men’s Social Club – don’t have required parking spaces for this kind of business/club – but they can use the parking lot adjacent so parking is not an issue. What does South Keys Landing think of it? Board in transition says Donna so they didn’t respond to her attempt to get their input.
No objection from HPCA to go fwd with this. However it was noted that if they prove to be “poor neighbours” for the folks in South Keys Landing that HPCA will be supportive of any efforts to curb or tailor their activities.

Application for trees – to be resolved later.

Meeting concluded with Clive’s Report
Military Show at Lansdowne brought a protest of 60 people.

Councillor Doucet expressed great frustration with the sole sourcing of Lansdowne Park renewal project to land procurement agents. They control the vision and direct the contract on our dime, then they get to manage it. It’s a triple-whammy. Colin says City is providing the consortium in question with deadline extensions and enabling them to circumvent the rules on this and facilitating their chance to secure the project.

City wide petition initiated by Clive and other councillors to slow /stop this (2000 signatures to date). Speakers will address ethics of this sole-sourcing procurement (Allan Cutler will speak). June 8th at City Hall. Check clivedoucet.com to see details.


Kelly thanked the board members and guests for attending and noted that we are adjourned for the summer. Next meeting resumes the first Monday in September.
The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Interim Financial Report – 2009 06 01


$4450 Rink – City of Ottawa (no increase since 2006)

$ 515 Revenue events & programs (festivals, plant exchange)

$ 275  Memberships (2008-09)

$2200 Ads in HP Herald (estimate for 2009)

$ 115 Carnival (check total)

$ 360 Garage sale

$7915 Total annual revenues (includes some estimates)

Expenses: $7311  ($5505 in 2007; $7760 in 2006)

Regular expenses – annual total

$2593 Ice rink maintenance (wages)

$  200 Snow clearing ($0 in 08-09, included in rink mtce)

$2140 HP Herald printing (4 issues)

$  978 Programs, events, admin cost & snow clearing

$  151 Domain Name Registration & Webpage

$  150 Playgroup material

$   54    Insurance for snowblower; contents of CAC

$   55 Repairs to snowblower   (estimate)

$   25 Pizza after park clean-up (estimate)


Extraordinary expenses (new programs, ad hoc events, community improvements)

$674 Furniture & Field house upgrade in 2008

$137 Snowblower locks, chain, tarp

$16.50 CAC replacement screen

$226 Rink-shovels, rubber mats ($158.10+67.80 to Colin)

$ 73 Billingswood Manor One time thank-you for use of room

$ 90 Soil, compost for garden


$7647 Total annual expenses (actual & estimate costs)

$268 Net profit  2009-10

Internet costs $236.36

Website licence $66.72+19.08=$85.80 reimbursed to Derek

Domain name reg’n $0 for next 3 years (5 years paid in 07)

E-mail accounts Primus Canada $37.64/3 mos x 4 = $150.56/year

UPS $226

Flyers, other promo $56.50 for 1000 copies x 4

For AGM, garage sale ($42), carnival, park clean-up, plant exchange, etc.

Herald $   (printing $535.14/issue x 4 issues)

Additional Financial Information

Status as of Nov 1 ‘07: $3950 (cash) +1450 (mutual fund) = $5400

Revenue:   $7629 ($7475 in 2007; $6495 in 2006)

•$4450 From the City of Ottawa for Rink Maintenance (no increase since 2006)

•$ 515 Revenue events & programs (festivals, plant exchange)

•$ 355 Membership

•$2309 Ads in HP Herald

Expenses: $7311 ($5505 in 2007; $7760 in 2006)

•$3923 Ice rink maintenance

•$1737 HP Herald publication (4 releases)

•$ 978 Programs, events, admin cost & snow clearing

•$ 151 Domain Name Registration & Webpage

•$ 674 Furniture & Field house upgrade

•$ 148 Playgroup material


$130 (in produce) Independent and Artistic Landscape Design

Status as of Nov 1 ‘08: $3969 (cash) + $1500 (mutual fund) = $5469

Status as of April 30/09: $7487 (cash) + $1525 (mutual fund) = $9012

Adding an extra HPCA account

TD bank plans for Community or Not-for-profit groups

Plan Type Monthly # Transactions # Items Monthly

fee /month deposited/mo cash deposited

Community Plan $1.95 5* 15* $2500

Community Plan Plus $4.95 30* 30* $5600

Monthly fee rebated if minimum balance is $5,000 (regular) or $10,000 (plus)/mo.

*Additional fee of $1/transaction if monthly limit is exceeded.

*Additional fee of $0.18/deposit item if monthly limit is exceeded.

*Additional fee of $2.15/$1000 deposited if monthly limit is exceeded.


One visit to the bank to deposit 5 cheques counts as 1 deposit, 5 items deposited.

Our existing account is a Community Plan Plus account.

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