September 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes


HPCA Monthly Meeting

September 14, 2009

Heron Park CAC

Present: Kelly Thomas, Rosella
Mac Neil, Eileen McGurrin (minutes), Connie Berry, Derek Gour,
Colin MacLean, Donna Silver

Regrets: Angie Kelm, Clive Doucet,
Maritala Robinson, Leo Derome, James McLaren, Hijal de Sarkar

  1. Opening remarks (President,
    Kelly Thomas) and Approval of June Minutes (a few hard copies available
    – soft copies sent to Directors in June)

Motion for approval of minutes: Derek

Second: Rosella

Approved: All

  1. Play Structure Update (Maritala
    sent notes ahead of meeting as she couldn’t attend).

Maritala has not been to the bank and
is unsure of exact balance.
said at least $3,450 but transfer from main account pending. Rosella
will email amount post-meeting.)

Urgent item to be done. Maritala
needs to send a letter to the City as they have approved a grant of
up to $7,500, pending a formal written request. Donna added that
it means matching funds also so we need to have equal amount in account.
Advise Maritala, although she is no doubt aware of this condition.

Next fundraiser: planning another
bottle drive for the last Saturday of September….(and a tulip bulb
sale following that, added Rosella). Colin suggested another bottle
drive after Thanksgiving also as the final one of the season.
The July bottle drive collected over $600.00 in 3 hours of pouring rain!
Maritala extends her thanks to those who were not afraid of a little
water for that event and overall to Peter and his daughter Kelly as
well as Rosella and Colin and the other involved families for the extra

Play Group Update

Maritala sent an article to Derek to
include in the Herald regarding the dates for Play Group: Fridays starting
October 16th. Asked that all interested contact her by phone or
email. Maritala also raised concerns about the question of H1N1
and the risks of spread of the virus at the Play Group. She asks HPCA
to discuss the question and get back to her with a vote or recommendations.

Donna suggested adding a caveat to
dates noting that Play Group may take a hiatus if required based on
Ottawa flu outbreaks and following recommendations from the city’s
Public Health Dept. regarding H1N1 and cancellation/postponement of
community events/gatherings.

  1. City of Ottawa Tree Program
    – call for volunteers (Kelly)

Kelly said we are receiving 150 trees
as part of the Sawmill Creek local rehabilitation project in coordination
with the University of Ottawa, City of Ottawa, and HPCA. Need
volunteers (from HPCA and/or cmnty members). Will be held October
3 from 9 a.m. onwards. Planting will be on a steep slope. Ropes
will be provided as the terrain is quite steep and muddy. Lunch will
be provided to all volunteers afterwards.

Broadcast email to go out also to rally
the cmnty.

In an aside, Colin spoke about the
city workers preparing stream bed for barbs. They have a rope
to help going down. They are also removing garbage of stream
bed (and beaver dam too) that was too big and/or heavy for volunteers
during litter clean up in the Spring.

  1. Heron Park Herald &
    Advertising – September issue (Derek/Eileen)

Kelly thanked Derek for agreeing to
work on Herald (and work on website too). Volunteer spoke with
Kelly about help editing Herald. He didn’t attend mtg but Kelly
will contact him to determine interest. Derek confirmed that he’s
doing layout only and is not responsible for chasing articles, etc.
Kelly concurred. Rosella will help with editing still. Eileen

Eileen provided draft list of ad/ad
space to Derek.

Discussion about deadlines and circulating
new materials/articles to Kelly, Eileen and Rosella for review/editorial
decisions prior to Derek beginning the layout.

Colin suggested that we post a notice
in Herald that HPCA website will endeavour to follow update/ current
guidelines of City of Ottawa/ Public Health regarding H1N1. Derek will
add this to the content.

  1. Neighbourhood Watch (Rosella/

Development in NW in summer.
Colin met with Raphael Ready (Chair of NW South) 613-521-3333.
Thought we’d want to break NW into Heron Park North and South sides.
He will help facilitate South side. Checking for signage locations.
Probably not on major roads. Raphael may come through with signs
for us.

WNP – (Colin,
I may have missed something here as I was still catching up with notes
above during meeting. Let me know
Despite “summer lull” the WNP still a good gathering except August
when John and Colin away. Colin needs to ramp up promo to increase
numbers this Fall. Purchased a net for Badminton/volleyball combo.

Constable Walter Duhme is our new neighbourhood
liaison -cmnty police.

Apolydor Annual Street Party this Saturday
– Sept 19th. Colin provided notice to folks. Encouraged
board members to attend and to promote membership, NW, involvement
in HP cmnty. Donna said it’s not that difficult to get City
approval for block party and they provide barriers, etc.

Colin wants letter on HPCA letterhead
to promote Block Party and get donations.

  1. Clive’s Report (
    Donna Silver)

Clive’s mother passed away Saturday.
Funeral Wednesday.

Demolition of house on Clementine (sent
info to Colin and Kelly) done because it was extremely vandalized after
it was vacated by tenants. Fast tracked through City Hall to get
it taken down. House was across from the grocery store.

Trees torn down on empty lot on Clementine
but may be promising as it may mean townhouse project will go fwd sometime

McGuinty Practice on Rockingham is
an improvement for neighbourhood.

Asked about strangling dogvine weed
along Sawmill Creek.

Housing proposal – social housing for
seniors – where Brown’s Cleaners and gas station was before.

Billings Bridge (the bridge not the
shopping centre) still looking at feedback and proposals. Very prelim.
stage but
would like us to look at Ottawa South proposal and come up with HPCA
support or our own viewpoint.

Lansdowne Live – Check Clive’s website
for alternative proposal and for updates on what’s been happening
on this front at the City Council meetings.

Meeting this Thursday at Glebe Cmnty
Ctr to stop the Lansdowne Live Sole Sourcing project. Donna to
send email notice to us to send out broadcast email notice. Clive’s
website has all details too.

Trying to get from City Staff – top
10 questions answered including where is the proof that Live Lansdowne
has a deadline – what is it? been saying this for a year that
it’s a time sensitive proposal but where is the agenda?

Data Centre Road sidewalk will happen
once feds give us promised money. Construction is slated for spring

No updates on bus route 112 going to
Data Centre road.

  1. Finance Update (Rosella)

Action: Rosella to
get main account money (owed) to be transferred to Play Structure Fund.
Balances on both accounts for next meeting.

Action: Colin noted
he needs to see Rosella about WNP finances. Kelly asked if
Rosella and Colin can meet on the WNP finances and have preliminary
report for October meeting. They agreed to meet on 28th.

  1. Other

Garbage at CAC – inside and outside

AGM in November – selected date Monday,
November 16th.

Action: Rosella will
call Billings Lodge to book space within week (to meet Herald

Broadcast email to be sent also.
Eileen will draft note once location is confirmed. Should check
that Clive can attend also.

Herald notice also.

Expansion of Billings Lodge (into parking
area) is on the radar.

Action: Rachelle
Bertrand at City to be advised by Colin about broken benches, and garbage
cans needed at Heron Park.

Indoor garbage – New policy.
For groups or individuals using the CAC they need to be responsible
for their garbage. Either take it home or make arrangements
to come Tues. and put it out themselves. Becomes an issue in January
when rink opens but we’ll handle it at that time in the interim….

To advise Gabriel (card players)
and Maritala (play group) of above.
will be updated via these Minutes 🙂 Can someone else speak with Gabriel?)

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

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