October 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Monthly Meeting MINUTES – DRAFT

October 5, 2009

Heron Park CAC

Present: Kelly Thomas, Rosella Mac Neil, Eileen McGurrin (minutes), Connie Berry, Derek Gour, Colin MacLean, Maritala Robinson, Judy Mordy, Gloria Williams, Rosella Mac Neil

Regrets: Angie Kelm, Clive Doucet, Leo Derome, James McLaren, Hijal de Sarkar, Donna Silver

  1. Opening remarks (President, Kelly Thomas) and approval of September minutes (soft copies sent to Directors earlier in September)

Eileen reviewed September minutes “Action” items. Some still outstanding but soon to be addressed. Motion for approval of minutes (as is): Rosella Second: Derek

Approved: All

2. AGM Planning and Board positions for coming year (Kelly Thomas and all)

AGM will take place on Monday, November 16th at Billingswood Manor. Executive positions are two year. Since this is the “odd” year, the Executive positions are not up for re-election if current members stay on in their positions. Directors are one year only and are therefore to renew their commitment and stand for re-election. New Directors could also be elected.

New HPCA Constitution to be approved at AGM. Should be noted in the Herald (with link to website page) and also that this is the “in-between year”. (Executive positions are not renewed.) Angie also to send notice for AGM with link to our website. (Determined not to note the new Constitution in the Herald until it was finalized, circulated and voted in by the Directors, prior to the AGM. A notice will be circulated on the Broadcast email list once that has been done.)

It was suggested that perhaps a new communications link be added to our list (HPCAcommunications.ca) to allow folks to email responses to broadcast emails that wouldn’t be sent to Angie’s home email (the sender). Perhaps one also for HPCARink.ca to go to Colin. Derek could do this.

Need someone to check CAC phone messages. May do so using remote access password. Eileen to do so now until rink season – ACTION

Colin will handle it during rink season. ACTION

In discussing HPCA Board roles and renewal of commitment to HPCA activities, Eileen stated that she would like to hand off the Advertising duties (for the Herald) to someone else. As no one is currently ready, willing or able to take them on she agreed to continue in the role in the interest of providing some revenue and at least covering the printing costs of the Herald. However, she made clear that she would no longer actively canvass for new advertisers and that several would not be renewing their ads as of the Dec. issue, therefore ad revenues would decrease. The assistance of Directors in promoting ads to the businesses they favour might be the best means of promoting Herald advertising to new area clients.

Maritala noted that Stuart (neighbour beside Angie) might be interested in advertising and might be a great addition to the HPCA team.

ACTION – Eileen to follow up.

Derek suggested including a “Box ad” to promote advertising – “This space for sale” ACTION – Eileen to send text to Derek.

Maritala said she would also place an ad.

In an aside, Maritala noted Volvo cars racing around the neighbourhood, particularly close to kids’ school bus stops. She is sure they originate from the Volvo dealership.

Colin will let Community police know about Maritala’s concerns. (ACTION)

3. Herald update (Derek)

Derek indicated that only a few articles were still outstanding but that most were in and he would complete the paper within a few days.

Maritala promoting two fundraisers for Play Structure: Christmas Bazaar (Nov 14) and Bottle Drive (date changed to Oct. 17).

Flyers to be distributed (hopefully) with the Herald deliveries prior to Oct. 17th. Sandwich boards will be set out in prominent locations 2 or 3 days before. Idea to start paying kids small amount of $ for flyer distribution? Idea to be discussed further.

Rink volunteers article? ACTION – Colin to provide notice

Tree Planting article – ACTION – Rosella

Paper delivery – Judy agreed to have Bottle Drive flyers handed out with papers to promote HPCA events (date of paper delivery permitting). Rosella agreed to take 600 papers and distribute to delivery people on South side. Ruth takes the other 200.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Rosella)

Colin has been reimbursed for expenses for WNP (half the funds from City have been used) but some funds are still outstanding (reimbursement upon receipts).

The majority of tree planters from the Oct. 3 tree planting at Sawmill Creek were treated at O’Brien’s as a thank you from HPCA. (Cost $145)

Johanne is still getting bank statements; this should be changed.

Need financial reports from Treasurer Rosella at AGM including Carnival finances, play structure account, positive news reinforces positive contributions from the community.

(Maritala will bring flyers/posters to promote Play Structure at AGM.)

5. Lansdowne Live and HPCA response (Eileen and all)

Eileen drafted an HPCA position and response to the Lansdowne Live proposal listing some of the outstanding issues yet to be resolved, namely: traffic and transit issues to and from the site, and the inordinate amount of new commercial space being added. Connie added that the sole source aspect of the proposal is unfair and undemocratic. There was some discussion on fine tuning the paper however a vote was passed as follows:

Is anyone here present in favour of Lansdowne Live as it currently stands? None

Opposition to Lansdowne Live as it currently stands? All

ACTION – Eileen to email draft to all. Connie to send edits. We’ll post a notice in Herald on same page as City Beat indicating we’re opposed to LL (to check our detailed position on website.) ACTION – due to timelines and conflicting priorities the draft was not circulated or edited in time to appear in Herald. It will be available at the AGM and posted on the website.

6. Rink Planning (Colin)

Leo indicated he would commit to same as last year.

Colin will be actively seeking volunteers as last year.

ACTION: Rachelle to get rink contract to Eileen and follow up on insurance.

ACTION: Eileen to ask Johanne about storing snowblower in shed.

(This was done and Johanne will be happy to have it on site as per her agreement and understanding with Leo last year.)

Colin sent out email to Kelly and Rosella regarding rink planning for 2010.

7. Neighbourhood Watch (Colin)

Raphael is working Heron Park South. He can’t attend North mtg on Oct. 16. Colin will let Raphael handle other side. Suggested we subdivide North into smaller portions to make it more manageable.

Locations to be sorted out for NW signage. Some concern about not having them on major thoroughfares (visibility).

8. Play Structure Fundraising Update (Maritala)

Including $7,500 from City we have $10,000 amount. So we’ve raised $2,500 in this community. àACTION: Eileen needs to change the text in Herald. (Post-meeting it was determined that the amount of funds raised in community is significantly higher. This will be presented at the AGM in November.)

$400 amount from Convergys who held a car wash fundraiser (at Heron Gate). They’re holding the funds until we get official City receipt (awaiting some paperwork from Maritala).

More fundraiser ideas: Cdn Tire – another raffle? Maritala thinks a snowblower would be a timely item to raffle …

Maritala has $65 petty cash to cover small expenses: posters, flyers to promote upcoming fundraising activities.

Maritala determined that the play group will start Oct. 16th. Issues to be resolved with the caregivers and parents pertaining to cleaning/sanitizing children’s toys, particularly in light of H1N1 concerns.

9. Other Business

HPCA November meeting will be amalgamated into the November AGM. This to be noted in the October issue of the Herald.

Next issue Herald – Dec. 4th deadline for submissions to ensure pre-Christmas delivery.

Carnival date? The end of January (Jan. 30th) worked well last year. Bring this item forward at our Dec. meeting. (ACTION – Eileen)

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

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