2009 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 16, 2009

Location: Billingswood Manor
Present: Connie Berry, Rosella Mac Neil, Donna Silver, Willem Van Westerop, Judy Mordy, Leo DeRome, Hijal De Sarkar, Maritala Robinson, Olita Schultz, Joan Lesiak, Sylvia Butt, Terry Couvillon, Lynn McKenzie, Kristine Ennis, Adam Dodd, Jojo Maalouf, Eileen McGurrin (Minutes Part I), Colin MacLean (Minutes Part II)

Isabel Metcalfe

Regrets: James McLaren
Guest: David McGuinty, M.P. for Ottawa South riding

Opening Remarks and Welcome
Meeting Chair, Rosella Mac Neil, opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m. and welcomed all attendees. She announced that our special AGM guest, M.P. David McGuinty, was scheduled to arrive soon but other meeting business would proceed until his arrival. Rosella invited attendees who had not yet renewed their membership to please do so. Heron Park residents with HPCA Membership are permitted to vote at the AGM and other community meetings.

Board and Executive Positions
Rosella explained that although the HPCA Executive roles are for two years and this is not a scheduled election year, due to recent resignations of President Kelly Thomas and Secretary, Eileen McGurrin, those roles are up for re-election a year early.
Proposed nominations: James McLaren, formerly VP, is willing to assume the role of President, Rosella, the role of Secretary, and Colin, the role of Treasurer. The VP role would remain vacant.

In addition, a few board members have either resigned during the past year (Johanne Bérubé) or determined not to stay on as a Board member (Angie Kelm). Other Board members present were then asked if they were willing to renew their commitment for another year: Connie Berry, Leo DeRome, Maritala Robinson, as well as Hijal DeSarkar all agreed to renew their commitment for 2009/2010. In response to a question, Connie briefly outlined the responsibilities of an HPCA board member: primarily to attend meetings (now held the 2nd Tuesday of every month) and to participate in activities based on their availability and interest. Heron Park residents are welcome to attend meetings and Colin added that membership in HPCA gives you the option of voting on motions at meetings.

Following a suggestion, all AGM attendees briefly introduced themselves. One attendee was Isabel Metcalfe who is considering running for municipal council in this area.
Motion to accept all said nominations: Eileen McGurrin Seconded: Olita Schultz

Motion carried by a show of hands.
3. Report on Ottawa South riding from David McGuinty, Ottawa South Member of Parliament and AGM guest
Upon his arrival, our M.P. David McGuinty was invited to address the AGM. Mr. McGuinty opened his remarks by expressing appreciation for community members who came out to attend the AGM and for those actively involved in the Heron Park community.
Mr. McGuinty then shared events and issues affecting our riding and outlined how he and his office are engaged in representing the community’s interests, namely:

– sending out appreciation certificates in recognition of outstanding community volunteerism

– “green” environment-friendly programs that have been launched in this riding: Phase I was the Project Porchlight (distribution of free CFC light bulbs); Phase II, Tire Gauge Campaign, has now started at the Bank and Heron Canadian Tire and is now going nationwide. The next one he’s trying to launch: low-flow showerhead distribution project

– 43 schools in district. His office assists schoolchildren to visit Parliament Hill in order to promote education in government and community involvement. In addition, his office provides approximately $5,000/yr in scholarships.

– paying careful attention to property development (be it private, City, NCC or federally-owned) to ensure the best return for taxpayers and also to attend to the interests of his constituents (e.g., relocation of the Parole office, development in the McCarthy Woods area). Of particular concern is a proposed Ottawa Airport expansion of new convention space (250,000 sq ft) slated for Hunt Club Drive. Traffic congestion and the questionable need for this space (based on the Convention Centre renovation) are two primary concerns.

on the question of public transit, Mr. McGuinty is working to ensure we get as much federal and provincial support as possible
in the area of Sports and Recreation, this riding has four significant projects going forward with federal support, including: RA Centre retrofit, Terry Fox Track renovation (Riverside Drive), Rideau Canoe Club expansion, 2 large soccer pitches off Smyth Road near Hillcrest High School
– as Environment Critic for the Official Opposition, Mr. McGuinty is working hard on issues involving climate change and the environment, and water quality. As Canadians, we’re being badly outspent per capita by other G8 countries and we need to improve our performance, particularly as this affects our future economy!

– on the consumer front, Mr. McGuinty is introducing a private members’ Bill C-555 (the Get Connected Fairly Act) to end “fictitious cell phone surcharges on phone bills”

– Mr. McGuinty is concerned with disability issues affecting 10% of our population. Together with Caucus members from all the political parties, he is examining ways and means to better serve the needs of Canadians living with mental and physical disabilities. With Judy Sgro, he is also focussing on seniors’ and pension concerns.
In concluding his address, Mr. McGuinty thanked HPCA for having him and invited HPCA residents to contact his office to provide feedback on how he is serving our needs. His office is currently dealing with over 12,000 active files in our riding. Mr. McGuinty is clearly working on our behalf! (For more details, please see his website at http://www.davidmcguinty.com or call his office at 613-990-8640.)
Rosella thanked Mr. McGuinty for joining us and for representing the needs and interests of Ottawa South residents. A brief intermission followed to allow attendees to greet Mr. McGuinty and to partake of available refreshments.

Colin Mac Lean gave us reports on his 3 main activities.

Wednesday Night Program: a youth activity group that was begun to help counteract the rash of incidents of youth delinquency. $3K from City, $300 from HPCA (See report.)
Neighbourhood Watch: The first (of many) NW has been started, the LaSalle-Apolydor group. Signs have been erected at prominent locations. (See report.)

HP Rink: we have done an excellent job of maintaining the rink over the past few years. Our thanks to Leo for all his work, and for the minimal charge we are asked to pay. He has been a big help to HPCA in earning money on the City’s rink program.
There were a few questions asked of Colin, mainly about WNP and NW.

Play Structure Report

Maritala Robinson and Leo DeRome gave a rundown of their fundraising activities thus far and showed pictures of two structures that they hope to buy and erect Spring 2010. They urged community members to actively support their efforts. They need more help and more ideas about how to fundraise so that we have enough money to afford some decent play structures.

Questions were asked, primarily about how to help with fundraising.

Play Group Report

Maritala spoke about the Friday morning Play Group. They have not been meeting because of fears of contracting and spreading H1N1. They hope to resume the Play Group soon.
Community Garden Report

Connie Berry gave information about efforts related to starting a community garden in Heron Park. The committee has had two meetings so far and gone on visited sites throughout the City of Ottawa to get a better idea of what is feasible. The more people who participate, the more that can be done. Grant applications will begin soon and Connie is hopeful that we will be able to apply and receive money. The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm at the HPCC in Heron Park.

Connie also spoke about ongoing efforts to clean up Sawmill Creek, the project to prevent soil erosion along the creek banks (Stream Barbs), tree-planting activities with University of Ottawa students to prevent erosion along Sawmill Creek, and the City Stream Watch activities.

Financial Report

Rosella summarized the expenses & revenues of the HPCA over the past 12 months. Rosella thanked everyone for their patience and noted that we were going later than usual tonight because of the interesting discussion with David McGuinty that preceded the reports.

See attached financial report.
Donna asked about the Mutual Fund ($1513) which hasn’t gained much in value since it was first invested.

BIRT the Constitution as posted on the Heron Park website since April 2009 be adopted as the Heron Park Community Association Constitution: Leo DeRome. Seconded: Maritala Robinson. Carried.

Next HPCA meeting to be held Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7pm at the HPCC.

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