Winter 2009 President’s Report

By James McLaren

As former Vice President, I am now President because Kelly Thomas has decided to resign. In an effort to avoid following the example of other vice presidents who took over, I will try not to act like a klutz or explode any atomic bombs. (If you don’t get that joke, go google “Gerald Ford” and “Lyndon Johnson”.)

Our meetings will be moving to the second Tuesday of the month. I encourage people to come to the meetings and get involved in the community. It would be great to see more new people coming out. You can also explore our fabulously updated web site at Here you can read and comment on articles and events of recent interest. You can also contact me ( directly. I would be very interested to hear residents’ opinions about what’s good and what’s not good about Heron Park and about the city services we receive (or don’t receive). Your community association is your first line of contact with city government and your best avenue of support if you are having problems with the city or, for example, with some development that is happening in your area.

We sponsor important services that you can read more about elsewhere in the Herald, such as the Wednesday Night Program, the outdoor rink, and the Playgroup. We are working hard to raise funds to build a new playstructure in the park and so far have raised over $6000. More than all this, I hope that the Heron Park Community Association can be a fun way to get to know your neighbours and join in interesting events without leaving your community.

The owners of Billings Bridge Plaza are planning to build a new 11-storey office building between the mall and the transitway. This is higher than the zoning currently allows at the site, but we have told them we do not object to the height on the condition that pedestrian links from Bank St and Data Centre Road to the mall are improved when the new building is constructed. We might even get a walkway directly across Sawmill Creek from the corner of Ohio and Clementine to the transit station! This would be nice – people could get to the transitway quickly instead of waiting for the bus or going all the way down the hill on Bank St and through the mall. I think that the extra height would be a small price to pay to get these links.

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