December 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

December 8, 2009

Heron Park Community Activity Centre

Present: Connie Berry, Derek Gour, James McLaren, Judy Mordy, Leo Derome,

Lindsey Barr, Rosella Mac Neil (minutes)

Late arrivals: Colin MacLean, Clive Doucet

Regrets: Hijal de Sarkar, Donna Silver, Maritala Robinson

1. Approval of minutes

James McLaren opened the meeting shortly after 7:00; the minutes of the October meeting were approved with a minor amendment. [The minutes from the November AGM should be approved at the 2010 AGM.]

Motion for approval: Connie Berry; Seconded: Rosella Mac Neil; Approved: All

2. Playground fundraising update (Leo Derome)

Of the $560 raised from the Christmas bazaar, the biggest source of revenue was the baked goods. The sale was not as successful as the previous year’s. One reason may be that there was no advertising done this year within the local schools.

Originally, we were told that Heron Park was on the list of play structures to be updated in 2010, based on the City’s Life Cycle programme. We’re not, or at least it is not certain.

Leo, Maritala and Peter Fourney met with Clive and the Parks & Recreation rep Donna Williams. They all felt that the existing structure should be replaced soon: it is falling apart, and is not wheelchair accessible. Clive offered to solicit corporate sponsors, working with us. We will learn where we are on the Life Cycle status in about two weeks. We need this information before the Life Cycle staff member leaves her position, or we’ll be starting over again with the new person.

3. New building proposed for Billings Bridge Plaza

James, Clive and Donna Silver met with the developer of the planned building at Billings Bridge Plaza. He asked for a sidewalk over Sawmill Creek so people can walk from HP to Billings Bridge. He said that HPCA would be wiling to agree to the development if we had improved access to shopping and transit. He suggested that the building be located closer to the Transitway access, which would mean more people from the building would frequent the food court and shops, and it would be a better location for people crossing the parking lots. They liked the suggestion.

4. Herald update (Derek)

Derek talked about the problems with getting interesting articles for the Herald, and enough regular – and early – input. He questioned whether we should continue to produce the paper if the ad revenue doesn’t cover its printing cost. Someone suggested we look into a cheaper way to print it, like reverting to a newsletter format. Others (Rosella, Clive) felt that the regular issue of a community newspaper is very important to the life of the community. The Glebe Report and OSCAR pay their editor about $10K/year and bring in significant ad revenues; the OOS newspaper has no paid editor and is issued irregularly. Clive offered to help financially in 2010 if it is needed to keep it going.

Suggestions for articles for the Spring issue included the house demolition on Clementine and the reasons for it, the improvements to the building at Rockingham and Bank that the McGuinty law firm is moving into (Rosella will write it, Colin will take pictures for it); local bird watching; local history; a community gossip column; local sports (e.g., Bruce Timmermans); local politics; articles for kids.

Lindsey told us she has booked the gym for 8 Saturday mornings in Alta Vista Public School for a kids’ activity. She is charging $75 per child; the programme’s spaces were filled in just a few days, showing strong interest in this kind of activity.

We agreed that articles should be kept short to ensure they are read. Colin suggested promoting the HP rink: the best, and earliest, ice surface last year. ACTION Everyone was asked to submit ideas for articles or columns.

5. Councilor’s report (Clive)

The 7 architects on the City’s review committee have resigned en masse. The Royal Architectural Society, the Ontario Architectural Society and the local architectural society all said we need to have real input that is listened to, and they weren’t.

6. Other business

A) Leo told us about an unpleasant incident that occurred at the end of the Christmas bazaar, when several of the regular card players settled in to play cards at 4:30, despite the fact that Maritala and Leo were cleaning up. They would not leave when asked, and one of them, Bruno, was belligerent and even threatened Maritala.

B) Colin said that we now have new signatories for the HPCA main bank account: Colin and James were added, Rosella was removed.

C) Colin told us the rink agreement with the City has been signed for 09-10. The total revenue for the season is $4700.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

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