Sign the petition against Midway’s new location

Sign the Petition Against Midway Locating

on Kaladar Ave.

More Noise? More Traffic?

More Light Pollution? More Crime?

Midway Family Fun Park is making arrangements to move into our neighbourhood. The planned location is 2477 Kaladar Ave. – the brown warehouse currently occupied by a number of businesses including Celebrity Flooring (see over for map) – and the opening is projected for this coming spring.

Midway’s previous location was near the Canada Science and Technology Museum, at 2370 Lancaster Rd. (people will remember “the place with the castle on top”). The reason for the move is the sale of that building.

What is Midway?

Midway’s owner, Mr. Damien Dee, presented his plans to a meeting of the Heron Park Community Association on the evening of December 7th. He told us Midway’s motto is “fun for the whole family” and its target market is families with children aged 3 to 13, the average being about 8. Mr. Dee further described Midway as follows:

  • Indoor Entertainment: arcade games, jungle gym, rock climbing, mini-golf, bumper cars, kiddie train, parent lounge, toddler centre, full restaurant (no alcohol)
  • Outdoor Entertainment: go-karts, which Midway operated at previous location, and may be introduced at a later date
  • Special Functions: catered birthday parties, summer camps
  • Hours: open Fri. & Sat. to 10 p.m., Sun.-Thurs. to 9 p.m., may be closed Tues.& Wed.
  • Peak Periods: weekends, summertime, school holidays
  • No. of Customers: 500 people at a time during peak periods; 150 parking spaces
  • Web Site:

Why should we be concerned?

While residents don’t have a problem with the business itself, they voiced a number of concerns about the proposed location.

The character of the area would be noticeably affected by the arrival of Midway; it is zoned for light industrial activity and is presently very quiet on weekends and weekday evenings — Midway’s peak hours.

The Midway would increase the noise level in our neighbourhood, from music, early-morning snowplowing, more car and bus traffic, and the outdoor go-kart engines that are planned for the future.  Mr. Dee assured all present that noise could be kept to a minimum; residents appeared unconvinced. Other annoyances may include bright outdoor lights, signage, and litter.

Traffic flow on Kaladar is already congested, with slow left-turns at Heron, tractor trailers backing into loading zones, parked cars, and numerous school buses. Residents asked if it is realistic to think that this two-lane street can absorb a further increase in traffic. Mr. Dee offered no answer.

Security: There was a murder in the Midway parking lot 7 years ago.  Some people feel that areas with arcades have been used by criminals. In response, Mr. Dee told us that a full security counter will operate at the front, through which all customers pass upon entering and exiting the premises. He noted that Midway has worked very hard to distance itself from the incident and has persisted in the face of bad press where many other businesses would have folded.

Where do things stand?

  • Midway is currently using the Kaladar building as storage, and their summer camp flyer (advertised on Facebook and the Ottawa Citizen in February) cites Kaladar as the new location.
  • The east side of Kaladar is currently zoned light industrial, which allows for amusement parks like Midway.  The west side, and most of the surrounding area, is zoned residential.  City staff have called this kind of zoning arrangement ‘outdated’, but say nothing can be done.
  • However, the City of Ottawa is currently reviewing the zoning for this area as part of the Bank Street “Community Design Plan”.   The plan is scheduled for completion by November 2011 — too late to stop Midway unless we take action now and express our concerns.

What can you do?

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    1. HeronParkResident

      I would actually support Mr. Dee’s applications for permits to renovate if it includes strong measures to mitigate noise & traffic flow.

      Ripping out the pavement of the first three rows of the parking lot along Kaladar and replacing it with greenspace, hedges and trees could help mitigate noise.

      Coordinating an agreement with the Canada Care Medical Centre for shared use of their parking lot would go a long ways to help mitigate traffic which is something that I would support as well.

      Personally I would rather have my children playing video games and socializing with friends in a nearby arcade instead of playing video games alone in the basement.

    2. I am all for Midway coming to the area!!
      I think its great for the community to have such a wonderful thing for our children:)
      I would much rather see my children in a family fun center then on the street……
      Midway has been around for 21yrs and is a family buissness which now is being run by the second generation!! these people are great they have children of their own and care about ours!! they have so much to offer and are very involved with our community and local charities!! Go Midway and Go Damian Dee

    3. I am writing to support the Midway, Having a family establishment in that area will definitely benefit the kids in the area. The Midway is a place for the entire family to spend the day under 1 roof. Friendly staff, clean building and a passionate owner who was raised in the industry and does not see it as a job but as a way of helping the community and the kids around it. The article against the Midway mentions several negative points such as noise and traffic to name a few. Having the Midway in the community will help keep kids away from the peer pressures they face in life. 1 very important being street gangs. Lets remember that this community has had to deal with the emergence of street gangs over the last several years ( in particular the Ledbury Banff Crips).
      Having the Midway in the community will give the kids something to do and look forward to doing and give families the opportunity to do things as a family and enjoy themselves.

      I wish Mr. Dee and the Midway the best of luck and look forward to my kids making memories there!!

    4. I am all for midway coming to that area. it’s a safe fun place for children to come and hangout at. it will be the only family place in the community and the residents will enjoy it a lot. it also opens up some job opportunities for young teens that will give them a variety of different skills that will help them later in life.

      I think people are making a big deal out of nothing, its just another business coming to the area like several others already have, wont make that much of a difference. it’s a family place so it wont make that much noise or be overly hectic.

    5. I don’t understand the concern of creating a family oriented establishment. We need more places for children to play, socialize, and learn!

    6. Really , my daughter and I have fond memories of Midway while she was growing up . I am all for any establishment that encourages family time and giving young impressionable kids a safe place to hang out. Traffic and noise issues can be dealt with ignorance about property value can’t , but I will say I and many others would be happy to live in a neighbourhood with Midway ……TEAMMIDWAY

    7. I’m all for Midway coming to the community. It would be better for kids to have a fun place to hang out rather than be bored and go looking for trouble on the streets. The person writing the article said that there will be more traffic noise, but it’s not like the families going to celebrate birthdays, etc are going to be racing up the street blasting their horns. It’s not like it’s a bar where people are there until 2am. Midway doesn’t even sell alcohol (which I’m happy about). Midway also has summer camp activities, which I think is a great way for kids to get out and meet new people (and stay out of trouble). Bring on the Midway!

    8. I have been to plenty birthday parties at midway. they were nothing but succesfull. The team at midway are amazing. I belive that having this establishment in the neighbourhood would be an excellent addition.Many job opportunites to keep the teens out of trouble and a easy, affordable way to keep kids entertained on those rainy days. If its not midway it will be another Mcdonalds. Midway all the way!!!!!!!

    9. Cindy Crackintoes

      The article mentioned the murder in the parking lot seven + years ago. I wanted nothing to do with Midway for the same reason. That’s scary stuff. Do you remember what Richmond and Churchill looked like 7 years ago? That’s scary stuff. But things change!! Midway is kids and parents. Lots of kids and parents; laughing, running through tunnels, playing mini golf, throwing hoops, bowling, enjoying a slushee and the prizes they’ve won on a Saturday afternoon. Did I mention the laughter!?!

      It’s obvious that those expressing concern have never set foot in Midway and are acting out of fear and ignorance (two things you probably won’t find at Midway).

      You talk about the safety for the local elementary schools. I encourage you to walk into any one of those class rooms and ask how many of them have been to Midway and can’t wait for it to open in their neighbourhood. You might want to bring ear plugs though because the excitement might get a little loud.

      Good luck to the owners. We’re anxiously waiting for the grand opening of the new and improved Midway.

    10. I believe that the area would benefit a great deal from having Midway in it. Midway is a wonderful family establishment, run by a family that brings people together. It is known city wide, by many people. It is a great place for kids to go and spend the day. It will keep them out of trouble and off the streets. Midway is also not only just for children, but adults too. Midway provides fun the whole family can share. While there was the misfortune of the shooting years ago, it is something that Midway worked extremely hard to overcome. They promote nothing but fun and quality family time. The previous location was never overwhelmed with traffic loud noise. I believe that Midway should be welcomed to the new area with open arms. Mr. Damian Dee is a great manager and has the best interest of his family, friends, and customers at heart. He himself has 3 children that frequent the location. He would never put his only family, nor the family of others in danger.
      MIDWAY ALL THE WAY!!!! ❤

    11. I am in full support of Mr. Dee and his proposal for the Midway FAMILY Park. This city needs more family oriented places for children to be themselves and a place where parents can feel uncomfortable.
      Everyone should be thankful that there are still people out there that care about our communities and want to make them better.
      Midway is a place where children and families can be children and a family. It is a wonderfully run business with staff and management that care for the community and feel strongly about keeping famiy values a priority in life. We should all support Midway and Mr. Dee!!!! I can not wait to bring my family and enjoy a day at MIDWAY!!!!

    12. I definitely agree with all these comments….Midway is a great family destination, and Ottawa needs more places like it. It’s a safe and fun place for the whole family to spend time together. As for noise concerns, music is contained by walls when in an enclosed area and who doesn’t like to hear children laughing and having fun!…Early morning snow plowing, well, when it snows the plows are out on the streets anyway! In my family’s experience Midway has always been very clean inside and out and is our number 1 place to have a fun family day out!

    13. I live in Heron Park, and I’m not really opposed to this either. As someone with a child, and who doesn’t own a car, having a facility like this that is easy to access on foot might be great. I also agree that its a potential employment opportunity for neighborhood kids. Let’s face it: This community is really boring. There’s not much around here more than Tim Hortons and a bunch of car dealerships.

      I’ve never taken my kid to Midway before, because it’s out in the middle of nowhere, so I’m kind of excited that it will be coming right into our neighborhood. And the guys running it seem to be decent people.

    14. I have tried to write this several times. If you are not a home owner or you ride the bus you really have no say in an issue that has the potential to bring down the value of your home and can cause traffic to increase . If they want to make the entrance in behind the Canadian Tire by the old Waldorf school I can live with that. But at this point I don’t think that HOME OWNERS and DRIVERS of cars take this new addition to the neighbourhood as exciting as you folks up there that commented in favour. Are you friends of the owners? LOL. Midway belongs on Collanade or Trainyards . Most people don’t even know that our homes are here. Now we will be subjected to more “strangers” cruising through our streets looking for parking etc. Because we have no thoroughfare from Heron to Walkley they will be driving around OUR streets. Endangering our children. We like our quiet boring area and we do not want drug deals and predators in it and don’t tell me that arcades don’t attract that clientelle. The owners lie when they say the average age is 8 because some of their patrons are “dating-aged” teenagers and young twenty somethings. MIDWAY IS NOT WELCOME HERE!!!!

    15. SAFE? WHAT? As a parent and resident of this area I am greatly opposed to having Midway a so-called “family fun centre” to this area. I remember the twenty six year old man that died outside of Midway at it’s old location. The man was BEATEN, STABBED AND SLASHED by rival gang members NOT FUN! I think Midway would be better off around the outskirts of the city where there are younger families. This area does not have the right clientele. We need more greenspace for our children not sedentary commercial play areas!

    16. I’m not sure how living car-free disqualifies me from having a valid opinion on this issue. By not driving a car, I am part of the solution, not the problem. And it’s a little rich for a car driver to complain about increased traffic. Are you worried about an increase in traffic being dangerous to your kids, or that it will make it less convenient to drive your car? You’re claiming one, but implying another. Am I worried about traffic? Of course I am. We live near Bank Street which is practically a freeway. It’s dangerous to cross, and I can’t even have a conversation with my son when we walk down Bank Street because of all the traffic noise.

      And since we’re discriminating against those who are landless (what century is this?), let me declare that I do indeed own my home, so I hopefully am qualified to have an opinion.

      Are there any other angles you would like to attack me from because I have a different opinion than you do? Is this discussion going to be reduced to personal attacks or is it going to be a debate about whether we want this facility in our neighborhood? I am not a rabid supporter of Midway or its owners (I know very little about the place), and I’m stating my opinion on the matter. I assumed I lived in a community where I would not be attacked simply for voicing a dissenting opinion.

    17. I was NOT discriminating against the landless I was only stating a fact that if you are a renter then you probably have no interest in the value of your home and Midway can devalue this neighbourhood in a verty short time. I was not targeting you. MY complaint on the increased traffic is that it is dangerous for our “children”. That should not be confusing. IT is an inconvenience to most Heron Parkers but sometimes I actually ride my bike or use public transit. YOUR letter sounds like it was written by an adolescent saying our neighbourhood is “boring” and you would have taken your “kid” to midway if it was not “out in the middle of nowhere”. LANCASTER ROAD is not the middle of nowhere. IT IS industrial. Yes, and NOT residential. Midway should be in an industrial area. I was not attacking you and it looks like your trying to have fun with me but really I won’t be keeping up any further discussions with you, Derek. You do live in a community where people care enough about maintaining the quiet heritage neighbourhood that we LIVE in. AS for your comment about traffic – you should concern yourself with keeping Kaladar from becoming Bank street.

    18. If Midway does move here I would be surprised to see neighbourhood kids with jobs there. At the previous location I knew two employess and one was a 45 year old woman that drove in from orleans and she worked the cafe. And the other was a teen from manor park . The place is not concerned with employing our neighbourhood kids. Think about it.

    19. considered buying in heron park but changed my mind now

      @ 1-if you can’t get your kids to stop playing video games alone in the basement you have bigger problems and Midway isn’t going to magically fix everything..
      @ 2-if the owners have children of their own why don’t they make their Midway in their own community. Good they help charities so does Nike and Walmart. And we all know their truth.
      @ 3- you will need a pocket full of cash to spend the entire day there and the Ledbury Cripps will love this new hangout for them.
      @ 4- it is NOT just another business. As Cheryl said the owners don’t care about hiring from this community.
      @6-“Traffic and noise issues can be dealt with ignorance about property value can’t , ” what the hell does this mean?
      @8- they will never put a mcpukes there
      @9-i may be acting out of fear becuase there was amurder there. I am not ignorant and have been there. And yeah the kids that are addicted to Midway always make decisions for what is best for a community. Did I mention murder?
      @10- misfortune? a fire is a misfortune a murder is a legacy.
      @11-the owners have no regard to community development. they live in Quebec!
      @12+13 baaa baaa
      @14-18 AGREED!

    20. wow!! I am truely lost for words Cheryl!!
      I for one can almost guarantee that you have never stepped foot in Midway !! you have no clue what your talking about-
      1) there is no 45 yr old lady that drives from Orlean
      2) there is 80-90 staff with the average being 16
      3) they are pretty much all students from St Pats, Cantebury, Brookfield and Hill crest high- which are the high schools in that area
      4) the average age is probably 5
      5) there have NEVER been any type of gangs or teenages hanging out at Midway- and if they were the they are really GOOD KIDS
      6) teenagers have better things to do then hang out at a kids place
      7) traffic and noise ***** how safe do you feel living in a street with tractor trailers driving up a and down all day!!! hmmm- sure doesn’t sound to reidential to me!!
      8) Murder- have you ever thought that maybe the man who was murdered ran to Midway for safety??? yes that is what happened! no they were not in Midway hanging out, or dealing drugs- he though he could get away and be safe- it could have happened anywhere- and maybe the people who were working feel really bad that they couldn’t save him!!!! get your facts straight before assuming!
      Midway is a family run buissness and I can gurantee it will be great for the community- we have everyones best interest at heart
      so before judging or spreading rumors- do your research !! because you really have no clue what your talking about…..Midway is a family fun park all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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