InfoBits: Case Study Examples

Have you ever entered a Community Centre that you immediately admired?  Have you ever experienced a building that you could just tell worked well for its community?  What qualities make such commendable Community Centres?  Could some of the ideas from these buildings be appropriate for Heron Park?  Case Studies of other Community Centres are very useful tools for thinking about new designs; however, these examples can get buried in reports and documents where few people are able to see and discuss them. To address this issue, we have begun to make some small booklets to help illustrate how information from various Community Centres can be adapted both quickly and effectively.  Case Studies examples

We encourage everyone in the community to post any examples, images, links, etc., they think might be useful.  Online versions of these Case Study examples are found in the New Community Centre Design category in the left column.  Hardcopy versions can be viewed  at the Field House.  We will continue to make more booklets as new examples are posted.

About acbslade

Holds a B.Arch.S and M.Arch at Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

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