New Community Centre Design Options

*UPDATE. New Community Orchard booklet posted. New Design Options posted.  Please click on the ‘coloured symbols’ below to take a look.


*The other design options shown here are only meant to be understood as ideas at this stage.*  The image below explains the methodology used to create these options; (for example, how community members’ ideas are integrated into the design process).  We hope to attract many more people to participate and get involved in the discussion of a new Community Centre so that we can continue to look at different design ideas and options in the future.

All the design options will be posted and updated here.  Please click on the links below the colourful Design Option Symbol to view the pdf’s.  We would like to encourage everyone to post comments on the website in response to these projects.  Please make sure to comment on the projects you ‘Like’, as this will help us understand which ideas are working best.  Also, don’t hesitate to tell us what else these design options might need? What is missing? What you would like to see?

Kitchen Central: Connecting Social Space

No Lift Required: Rethinking the Ramp


Expansion Where Necessary: Minor Adjustments


Stacked Up! A New Horizon

Updated. Unfinished version.

Community Orchard: Fruit and Nut Trees

About acbslade

Holds a B.Arch.S and M.Arch at Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario.

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