Concerns with 1055 Secord Development

Here are the points we made in regard to the proposed development at 1055 Secord.  The owners want to sever the lot, which currently has a small bungalow on it, and build semi-detached units.  The lot is about 2.5 m too narrow to do so without a minor variance from the Committee of Adjustment.  The hearing for this will occur at 6:30 pm on Wednesday, August 15 at Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive.

1. The scale of the building is out of character with the surrounding single family homes on Secord.
2. The lot is too narrow to be severed. There are no comparable cases in Heron Park – severed lots that have been suggested as comparators are either corner lots or abut high density housing.
3. Secord does not have semi-detached houses in this area, so the development is inappropriate for this location.
4. The large, tall building proposed will overshadow and overwhelm the neighbouring small bungalows. The line of sight of neighbouring buildings will be cut off, both from the front and the back of the buildings.
5. The frontage of the proposed building, with its garages, looks much more like a townhouse development than the semi-detached buildings that are characteristic elsewhere in Heron Park where the density is higher and the lots are wider. Design guidelines preclude the predominance of garages at the front of the house. Townhouse style development might be appropriate in a full block, for example at Bavlie Crescent, but it is not appropriate next door to small single family bungalows.
6. The townhouse style development will encourage similar developments at abutting properties in the event that they are sold, which is an inappropriate usage of Secord in view of the housing that currently exists.
7. The soil type at this location is poorly permeable, which currently causes significant flooding problems. Addition of a building with a very large footprint relative to the lot size will render that land much less permeable to moisture, thus exacerbating flooding problems for the neighbouring properties.

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