Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

We received the following letter from the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.  I think it’s interesting in light of our recent issues with the development at 1055 Secord.  Such developments have the potential to significantly impact the management of stormwater because they reduce the amount of land that is open for water to infiltrate.  This means more rainwater runs off through the storm drains, lowering the water quality of Sawmill Creek and the Rideau River.

Heron Park Community Association;

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority would like to take this opportunity to update your association regarding its plan to produce a Lower Rideau Subwatershed Report (LRSR).


Slated for publication in February 2013, the Report will be a means to report on existing conditions in the Lower Rideau, along with progress made towards addressing the issues, watershed management objectives and targets described in the Lower Rideau Watershed Strategy (LRWS) that was published in September 2005.


Specifically, the LRWS was prepared to address several current or emerging issues, including:


  • ·         Continuing excessive aquatic plant and algae growth in the waterway (attributed to nutrient loading from both rural and urban lands)


  • ·         The challenge of optimizing stormwater management solutions for infill developments in the urban area


  • ·         Ongoing degradation of aquatic habitat and riparian zone quality, due to continuing development  pressure and increasing recreational uses on the waterway


  • ·         The continuing need for more effective coordination of effort amongst the many government  organizations with regulatory or operational responsibilities


Staff at the RVCA have begun the process of collecting and analyzing data on key indicators of watershed health to be reported in the Lower Rideau Subwatershed Report for the period from 2006 to 2011. We have also prepared a list of key watershed condition indicators and a division of the Lower Rideau Subwatershed into smaller catchment areas for more detailed environmental  conditions reporting (please see the attached map).   


It will be important for the Lower Rideau Subwatershed Report (2012) to enable a comparison of the present status of the River and its tributaries with their status as we understood it in 2002 and to show how government agencies have been working together to address the objectives of the 2005 Strategy.


The RVCA welcomes any contributions that your organization may wish to make to its production, including supplying any information you may have to enhance the reporting of indicators over the identified time period.


If you have any questions at all about the upcoming Lower Rideau Subwatershed Report, please do not hesitate to contact Martin Czarski (martin.czarski@rvca.ca, extension 1163) or any of the other RVCA staff you work with.


Yours sincerely,

Glen McDonald MCIP RPP

Senior Planner

Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

P.O. Box 599, 3889 Rideau Valley Drive

Manotick, Ontario

K4M 1A5

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