President’s Report Fall 2011

Summer has ended and its back to the routine of work and/or school, but this fall won’t be entirely routine. The provincial election takes place on Oct 6. I hope everyone takes the time to learn about the candidates and their party platforms and to get out and vote! In this election, you can vote during any day of the election period by getting a Special Ballot at the Elections Ontario office, whose location you can find by going to or phoning 1-888-668-8683. You should also be able to find this information on your voter registration card in the mail. (As of this writing I don’t know where the office is located!)

The Heron Park Community Association continues to focus its attention on developing a plan for a new community centre at Heron Park. We think the essential elements include a large activity room, a change room for skating at the level of the rink instead of up the hill, a kitchen, and a meeting room. We are also exploring the potential of adding a daycare facility or an indoor bocce facility. Our goal is to provide activities and services within walking distance and to build a permanent presence in the park that will improve security and enjoyment for all. We can make this happen but to do so we need lots of support. If you would like to see a better facility in Heron Park or if you have ideas for programs that could be offered please let me know,

Our local route 115, as many of you are well aware, has now been cancelled and replaced by Route 112, which will arrive every half hour if you live on the north side of Heron Road, but only every hour if you live on the south side. The good news is that Route 112 actually goes to other places besides Billings Bridge – it travels down Heron to Walkley Rd and Russell Rd then to Elmvale Acres. Some trips will also travel on Jefferson, Featherston, and Ryder. The bad news is that once per hour thing. Clearly it would behoove one to pay careful attention to the schedule to make sure that the Route 112 bus one gets on actually goes where one wants to go since some trips will take slightly different routes. If this causes problems for you, please let me know – email me or phone Councilor Chernushenko’s office at 613 580-2424 extension 27441. You can also take your concerns directly to OC Transpo by calling their Customer Relations line at 613 842-3600. Better yet, do all three.

Remember, you can obtain OC Transpo route information by using the travel planner at or by calling 613 560-1000 plus the 4-digit stop number. Apparently you can now also get the time the next bus arrives by texting the number of your bus stop to 560560. I cannot vouchsafe this procedure as I have not used it and it seems like kind of a pain to be honest. If you own an iPod, iPad, or iPhone you can download any number of OC Transpo related apps as well, but you probably already knew that.

Midway apparently is going to open on Kaladar Ave at some point, but as of this writing they are not open and their website does not provide an opening date. There is now a small sign above the door at 2477 Kaladar Ave. It remains to be seen whether they will cause problems for our neighbourhood, but if they do please don’t hesitate to notify me and/or Councilor Chernushenko (see contact info above). During the day parking on city streets is limited to three hours and temporary signs advertising a business cannot be placed within 10 m of an intersection or in a median. Bylaw services can be reached at the city number 311. FYI.

The City is working on a Bank Street Community Design Plan for the stretch of Bank Street from the Rideau River bridge to Walkley Road and includes the industrial area on Kaladar. The plan will provide guidelines for how development will proceed in the future. There are some things to like and I think some things we should be concerned about. The plan envisions the Kaladar industrial area eventually becoming more of a mixed use area. They have promised to provide a list of allowed uses and we will be watching carefully to ensure that this does not include things like big box retail. Also, they are suggesting there should be “intensification nodes” at Billings Bridge, Walkley, and Heron intersections where higher density would be allowed, up to 18 storeys. I think this is out of character for the area and “Main Street” zoning density (6 to 8 storeys maximum) would be more appropriate, especially at Bank and Heron. An interesting idea was to have a mixed use pathway along the abandoned rail line starting at Bruce Timermans Park and passing behind the Blue Heron Mall and the Canadian Tire to Brookfield Road. There will soon be another open house to given an opportunity for people to comment on these suggestions. When we find out when and where, we will put a notice on our Heron Park email list. I am of course always eager to receive your feedback on this and other topics.

I hope everyone in Heron Park has an excellent fall season and enjoys the change of the leaves and the return of cooler weather. I know I do. I like summer too, but you know what they say: a change is as good as a rest!

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