President’s Report Summer 2011

This year’s spring clean-up was an outstanding success. There were many volunteers out working hard to clean up our parks. Along with the typical bottles, cans, and other assorted detritus this year’s unusual booty included a bike in Sawmill Creek, several tires, and an engine manifold. Thanks to everyone who took part, and a special thanks to Ashley for doing such a great job organizing everything.

We are moving forward on our efforts to get a better community space for Heron Park. This summer we will be meeting with our councilor and city staff in order to develop an action plan. Heron Park has no public school in the neighbourhood, and there is very little publicly available space for community events as well as for groups, clubs, and the like. We need a room that is big enough for large indoor events and for the Wednesday Night Program when the weather’s bad, and we need better meeting space for the community association, for the card players, and for other groups who would like to meet but don’t have any space available. In order to make this happen we need to have input from community members as to what type of space they would like to see built, and what programs or services they might like to contribute to if space was available. We are in a bit of a Catch-22 situation: the city will not provide the space unless there is a clearly demonstrated need, but we can’t demonstrate the need because our current space is so inadequate that we are able to offer very few programs and services. We also likely will need to work on a fundraising program. If you would like to offer your thoughts on what size, type, or location of space we need, or want to get more directly involved, please email me at

As of this writing, we have no information on when or if Midway is going to open on Kaladar Avenue. It may be the case that the owner was not able to procure financing to re-start his operation. Cross your fingers people!

I would like to know if people have experienced problems with speeders and cut-through traffic on Clementine. We have certainly had issues with this in the past, but the city traffic people have demonstrated little interest in finding solutions. Also, have you seen many cars using the parking lot of the TD Bank and Shoppers Drug Mart as a cut-through to get from Bank to Heron, and have you ever been cut off by someone doing this? If these problems continue or get worse, we may be able to get some sort of mitigation, but in order to do so the city needs to hear your complaints. So if these are concerns for you, it might be helpful to, as well as tell me about it, phone 311 at the city and complain. Squeaky wheels get greased.

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