President’s Report Winter 2010

As another year comes to a close, it is well to reflect on what we have accomplished and to consider what we should focus on for the next year.  We finally have new playground equipment in Heron Park that is vastly better than what we had before.  This has taken years to accomplish and is all thanks to the hard work of Maritala, Leo, Peter, and the rest of the fundraising and planning crew.  We also must  thank our retiring city councillor Clive Doucet for ensuring that city funds from new development that were formerly spent almost exclusively to build roads in the suburbs were made available for our park.  This is a continuing source of new funds and it means (hopefully) that our long-held dream of getting some kind of decent community centre may be within reach.  We are in the course of planning and discussing what we would like to have in a community centre.  I would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions – you can email me at  I don’t know what kind of time frame this would be built in or how much building we can expect to get in Heron Park, but as the old saying goes, if you don’t ask you don’t receive.

Our long-serving councillor Clive Doucet, who ran for mayor last election, will no longer be serving and we will certainly miss him.  Clive worked hard to get a fair share of the city pie for our ward in a city council that always seemed focussed on the wants and needs of the suburbs.  He also tried to make decisions that improved the liveability and sustainability of the city.  He didn’t always win these arguments and sometimes it was a lonely battle, but he persevered and never sacrificed his principles.  He always listened to our concerns and always did his best to help us.  Many people would agree that Clive was the heart and soul of council, but he was the brains as well – these functions are by no means incompatible.  I don’t think anyone could truly take Clive’s place, but I know that many people (myself included) will do our best to continue the struggle to make our city better.   It’s difficult to say goodbye but at the same time it must be noted that Clive has worked tremendously hard on our behalf and has more than earned some time off.  He plans to travel in Europe for a while, but I’m sure it won’t be long before he will soon find new challenges to keep him busy and to make yet another contribution to the public good.

Donna Silver, who has worked so tirelessly in Clive’s office for almost as many years, will also be retiring from that position.  She was a former president of Heron Park Community Association and although she no longer lives in Heron Park she has always helped us to build the association and has always been a strong advocate on our behalf over many struggles such as the long battle to get access to the Heron Park Fieldhouse, to get windows in it, and most recently to get funding for the new play structures.  Donna is taking a well-deserved month off in Cuba after which she plans to start a business.

On a personal note, both Donna and Clive have been excellent colleagues and friends and have always encouraged me in my work with Heron Park Community Association and my other endeavours.  I will miss them both but I know they will both still be around and willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

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