2014 Election Results – Ward 17 Councillor

So the 2014 results are in.   We thought it would be interesting to look at the official results by different geographic areas.

In 2010, there were 1108 votes cast within the boundaries of the Heron Park Community Association from 2962 eligible voters — a voter turnout of 37.40%.  That was far less than the 52% voter turnout for our Ward.

This year our voter turnout has dropped even lower to 24.95% (assuming a similar number of eligible voters).

A little bit of work within our community to increase voter turnout for 2018 could result in Heron Park casting more ballots than Ottawa East… …and while it might be difficult, it would not be impossible to see Heron Park Voters cast more ballots than voters in Old Ottawa South!

Scott Blurton David Chernushenko Espoir Manirambona Total Votes Community Association(s)
327 1,376 62 1,765 Ottawa East Community Association
248 423 42 713 Riverview Park Community Association
327 2,076 67 2,470 Old Ottawa South Community Association
555 2,664 97 3,316 Glebe Community Association, Glebe Annex & Dow’s Lake
259 440 40 739 Heron Park Community Association
72 227 14 313 unknown (eg. Votes from the Advance Polls at City Hall)
1,788 7,206 322 9,316 TOTALS
7.16% 28.85% 1.29%   % of Eligible voters who voted for the candidate
   24,975 Eligible Voters
     9,696 Ballots cast
38.82% Voter Turnout (%)

Results were tabulated using the Poll-by-Poll Results and the Elections 2014 – Voting Subdivisions Map.  Thanks to Open Data Ottawa for sharing that information in a format that was easy for us to work with.


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  1. I stand to be corrected but … if I read this table correctly … It’s fair to remind the Councillor that in spite of getting 77% of the votes cast, he only represents 28 % of the people eligible to vote in the ward. So there are a lot of us in the remaining 72 % who either didn’t vote or voted for another candidate.

    It’s also easy to see that he has major support outside of Heron Park and Riverview. So don’t be surprised if he turns a deaf ear to our problems and pays attention to the people who elected him in the other areas.

    Our two small areas are at the mercy of the other large ones.

    Lloyd Hiscock
    Brule Ave

  2. Hi Lloyd, Yes you did read the table correctly; however, now that the Councillor has been elected they represent 100% of the people eligible to vote in the ward. My intent with this article was just to look at the numbers in a slightly different way (by community association rather than polling station or electoral district) and it speaks more to how our current electoral system works.

    I like your thoughts about what this means politically. Will more attention be paid to the areas where more favorable votes were cast? I suppose time will tell.

    At least our sitting Councillor has a higher percentage of eligible voters supporting them than our current Prime Minister… only 24% of eligible voters cast a ballot for the Conservative Party of Canada back in 2011 and that was more than enough for a majority government.

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