HPCA Meeting Minutes: November 2014

HPCA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 7 p.m.
Heron Park field house

Present: James McLaren, Jason Garlough, Gloria Williams, Colin MacLean, Rosella Mac Neil, Sarah Loomis [councillor’s office]

The meeting began at 7:06.

AGM planning 
Invitees: David McGuinty Ottawa South MP, John Fraser Ottawa South MPP, David Chernushenko Capital Ward councillor, community police constables Mo Elmi & Rebecca Vanderwater.
Items to be included in agenda
Financial report for past fiscal year (CML)
Describe enhanced web site: mtg mins posted, all email sent to community
Update on Salus project
Election of HPCA members at large
Presentation of 2nd annual Peter Forney Community Builder Award to Donna Silver
–> RMN to bring plaque to Earl Bullis, to get engraved and to buy an individual one for Donna.

Councillor report
Sarah gave us the report on the soil samples from HP. There are toxic metals in the soil here: cadmium, cobalt, vanadium,… Also the level of oil residues in the soil isn’t known yet. The report was just received by Sarah today, no further info requested yet.
Ping pong table is not in yet. It will cost as much to put it in Heron Park as in Timmermans Park. So we may as well go back to Timmermans Park.

City Election 
David won 78% of votes, not sure how HP fared in the mix. Jason will post a graph of results within ward on our web site.
Sound barrier is going up along track. Many trees have been cut. Why so many?
Jim Watson [mayor] has promised a million trees even though his budget cuts (from 2.5 to 2%) have reduced funds for forestry. He has also cut the monthly reports from forestry, where associated agencies and citizens’ groups can get info on what’s going well, what’s not.

Jason did not complete the application for July 1 festival funding (in Timmermans Park). Much info was needed, he didn’t have corp’n # or # of volunteers, etc. Also, his wedding will be July 4 so he can’t work on it.

–> RMN Send approved meeting minutes to Jason to post on our site. [sent AGM mins, others still pending]

Trivia night
Possible dates are Jan 11, 18 or Feb 8. Dates to avoid are any Sens’ games; Robbie Burns’ Day Jan. 25; the NFL season is wrapping up in Jan.; Super Bowl is Feb. 2.
James will contact Gord to book a date [done], likely Jan. 18. Rosella will book date with O’Brien’s. [done]

Kaladar Rink

Flooding of adjacent property to Kaladar field. Owner had to re-sod back lawn, felt the rink contributed to it. Colin talked to Carmen [Renaud, City staff] about this. Rink puddle can’t be moved to where the woman wants it, for a few reasons.

Some extracurricular chat followed. The meeting ended at 8:45.

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