Heron Park Community Association AGM

Heron Park Community Association Annual General Meeting
November 1, 2016
7-9 p.m.
Billingswood Manor (Ohio at Bank St.)

Our elected government representatives from the municipal, provincial and federal levels, or their delegates, will be afforded 15 minutes to respond to questions submitted by the Association.  Below are the questions.

Questions for David Chernushenko, Capital ward councillor
1. What are your views on how the developer of the Heron high rise has interpreted the Bank Street Community Development Plan? Specifically, how they have chosen to use the maximum height allowed by the rezoning (and opposed by the residents) but they have ignored the other elements that the residents would like to see, i.e., mixed use of ground floor rooms.
2. Several new buildings have been built in HP in the last couple of years, since the HP community centre has been added to the list of planned municipal projects: 2 apartment buildings on Rockingham, 2 more on Gregg and Clover, the Salus building. How much money from these has been allocated for our new centre?

Questions for John Fraser, Ottawa South MPP
1. Will you reform the OMB so the wishes of the majority of the community’s residents will have an appropriate weight in decisions regarding developments in their neighbourhood?
2. How would you go about doing this?

Questions for David McGuinty, Ottawa South MP
1. We have plenty of NCC property abutting our community. We have cleaned up surprising amounts of garbage dumped onto the Sawmill Creek corridor. As the federal representative for our area, how can you help us gain cooperation from the NCC in posting No Dumping signs and in preventing people from dumping garbage in these places?
2. Will the federal government support the twinning of the OTrain (Trillium line)?

Break time, with snacks  (15 min.)

Second half
1. Call for, and appointment of, members at large for HPCA

2. Reports
• Wednesday Night Program (youth drop-in)
• Rink
• HPCA budget 2015-2016

3. Upcoming Heron Park Events

• Winter Carnival (TBA: Saturday in February)
• Capital Cup shinny tournament (TBA: Saturday in February)4. Update on Heron Road high rise
What we’ve done, responses from developer

Close of meeting

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