Spring is here!  Even Covid-19 can’t stop the seasons.

Getting outside in the fresh air is good for us – Going for walks is good for us, so long as we maintain our personal distances.  Due to the virus we will not be holding our annual community Clean-Up.  But nothing is preventing us, as individuals, to do our part in keeping our environment clean.  How about on Saturday, April 11th, from 10-11 a.m. we get out in our front yards – rakes and green bins at hand and clean-up together – but far-a-part?!?!  Let’s do it!!  If your yard is already a model…why not tackle some of our common areas:  parks, pathways, near transit—the dreaded Bank St hill!

Did you know that a neighbourhood that is well cared for helps to keep crime and vandalism down?  It’s true.

Please do your part. 

·       Rake up the leftover leaves, keep lawns trim, and hedges neat. 

·       Store garbage and recyclables in closed containers to prevent wind, animals and birds from scattering them.

·       Respect the garbage and recycling calendar. 

·       Put out trash and recyclables the evening before pick-up and bring in containers once empty. 

·       Clean up junk mail!  (Clean out mail boxes and keep group mail boxes litter free.)

·      When you go for a walk why not take a plastic bag with you and, If you see litter, please pick it up. 

If we all pitch-in, our neighbourhood will look and feel well cared for.    

Stay active, stay positive, stay healthy!  HOPE TO SEE YOU ON APRIL 11th!

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