Dear Heron Park Community, here is an update to the Heron Rd Cycling Project. It was sent by the city via the councillors office. (It’s been slightly edited to improve readability, [edits in square brackets])

This map indicates what section of Heron has undergone construction in phase 1, what will be constructed in phase 2, and a proposed connection from Sawmill creek pathway over Heron rd towards the CRA Campus


  • [The Heron Road Cycling] Project was identified in the 2013 Ottawa Cycling Plan [(OCP2013)] as a Phase 1 project (2014-2019)
  • Identified as a Spine route and Cross-town bikeway
  • Project limits identified in the OCP2013 were Data Centre Rd. to Alta Vista Dr.
    • due to the complex nature of the road cross-section Bank St. to Alta Vista Dr., this segment was cancelled
  • The first phase (Phase 1.1) [In Blue, on the map] of construction, Data Centre Rd. to Carlsen Ave., was completed in 2019.  It consists of:
    • North side – facility transitions from cycling on road to a raised westbound cycle track at Clover St.  Between Clover St. and the Heron Station access pathway, there is a bi-directional cycle track
    • South side – eastbound cycle track from Data Centre Rd. to Carlsen Ave.
    • Protected intersection at Clover/Heron

Current Project and Schedule

  • City staff are preparing for the second phase (Phase 1.2) of construction anticipated for Spring/Summer 2020 [In Green on the map]
  • Phase 1.2 will extend the existing north and south side cycle tracks further to the east, from Carlsen Ave. to approximately the Canadian Tire entrance
  • Protected intersections will be built at Kaladar/Heron and Clementine/Heron, and all other intersections will be brought [into compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)]

[Legal and funding notes]

  • With COVID-19, the Ontario government closed additional sectors of the economy, however necessary infrastructure projects like transportation will continue

○    Legal has reviewed this project and determined it is within the definition of essential and permitted to move forward

○    Costs deemed to be ‘eligible’ under this program can receive up to 80% funding

○    To receive funding, all eligible projects must be complete by Dec. 31, 2020

○ A potential risk associated with this project is the City not receiving OMCC funding due to the project not being complete by year end

Construction Details

  • Work under the road cut permit would need to proceed as follows (based on Traffic Services requirements during the 2019 construction season):
    • July 1 – Aug. 31, 2020 – Lane closures during the day
    • After Aug. 31, 2020 – work must proceed at night with no lane closures
    • OC Transpo may require a bus detour while work is occurring at the Clementine and/or Kaladar intersections

(note: in 2019, during traffic signal related work at Heron/Clover, OC Transpo implemented a bus detour along Kaladar, Brookfield and Junction)

Other Associated Cycling Infrastructure

  • The developer of 1161 Heron Rd. will be constructing a protected intersection, including cycling facilities, at the intersection of its westerly access road and Heron Rd.
    • the protected intersection also includes the Canadian Tire Access drive
  • the City-led cycling project will tie into the developer-led project at 1161 Heron
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