It’s that wonderful time of year where the snow has disappeared, unveiling a whole winter’s worth of garbage strewn around the neighbourhood. A fresh snowfall, a layer of ice, or a snowplow steamrolling down the street scattered and covered errant garbage, which now dots the neighbourhood like the flowers budding after a winter slumber. Except uglier.

The good news is that it’s easy to rectify, especially when we work together to cover the entire community. Introducing the 2021 Heron Park Clean-up event: COVID Edition 2.0.

Starting on April 15 and running until May 15, this virtual distanced event invites you to clean up the trash on your property, your street, or green spaces in the area. Band together with your family or roommates to see how much trash you can collect, or add some friendly competition and find out which member of your household will be crowned the Garbage King or Queen.

Snap a pic of your garbage haul that you’ve pulled off our streets and send it our way for a chance to win one of TEN prizes! Send it to heronparkca@gmail . com or post the pics on our local Facebook group to enter the draw.

On top of that, high school students can track their time and use it towards their mandatory volunteer hours. Just mention it in your email to get confirmation from the community association.

We all know that many hands make light work. Let’s all chip in just a bit of our time to help beautify our neighbourhood and help it reach its full potential.

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