It’s been a while since we shouted about some new businesses that have popped up in Heron Park over the last year or so! With some new retail and restaurant space along Bank Street as well as some turnover of closed businesses, there are quite a few to check out for Heron Parkers.

Header image provided by Jay Garlough.

O Town Pizza – 2447 Kaladar Ave

Tucked away in a small building at the back end of an industrial lot on Kaladar is O Town Pizza, a takeaway pizza restaurant. It seems to have opened some time in summer 2021 based on reviews. Some of their menu offerings are influenced by Indian flavours, like their butter chicken or Shahi paneer pizzas. They have plenty of options for vegetarians and they also make donuts for dessert!

Plant and Curio – 1160B Heron Rd

Grab a hot beverage and take a wander through Plant and Curio, another easily missed hidden gem in Heron Park. Their flagship location is on Preston but they recently branched out (pun intended) by opening a second location on Heron Road. Look across the parking lot from the Speedy Glass for the entrance, and be prepared to haul a few plants home.

Mamma D’s on Bank – 1701 Bank St

A few months ago, Mamma D’s on Bank opened up where the Play it Again Sports used to be. Mamma D’s is a bakery that specializes in keto, gluten-free, and sugar-free options. Baked goods include bagels, cakes, cookies, buns, and more. They also serve sandwiches, salads, and other reheatable meals that look like they’d make for a delicious meal.

Mangosteen – 1745 Bank St

A new spot to get fresh produce opened up in fall last year in a new building along Bank Street. Mangosteen has competitive prices on a wide variety of fruit and vegetables, some of which are hard to find at your average grocery store.

Multiple – 1666 Bank St

An entire plaza of new stores recently opened just south of Heron on Bank Street. Included in the mix is Sakura Sushi, Planet Earth Cannabis, Rambutan Juice & Panini, and Sultan Nuts.

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