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Heron Park: From Farm To Neighbourhood

I grew up in Heron Park. Actually, it was my father’s parents (Berhiaume) that owned the big white clapboard farmhouse with the wrap around porch on the corner of Kaladar and Heron Rd. as well as all the land that eventually became known as Heron Park. It was initially their farmland. My uncles had a building company and had built an office right across the street from the big farmhouse. This site eventually became Mason’s Confectionay where I worked as a young girl waitressing in the mid 60’s.

When my father and mother returned from serving in the war, my father joined his brothers in the family building business and helped to build many of the brick bungalows in Heron Park. He built a 3 bedroom bungalow on Clementine Blvd. (formerly Hill Street) for his growing family. Clementine was my grandmother. Many of the streets in the neighbourhood were named after my relatives. Several uncles and aunts lived in the area as well so I grew up with lots of cousins just a stone’s throw away. My family lived on Clementine until my mother’s death in 2003. My father passed away in 1983. The house was sold in 2007 with much sadness.

I have many photos of the area when our family first lived on Clementine. You could see right up to Bank Street back then with only the odd house scattered in the neighbourhood. The streets, of course, were not paved at that time. We had a huge garden on the lot next to our house until they built duplexes on either side of us much to my mother’s dismay. Her view out the kitchen window was the wall of the house next door. The face of the neighbourhood began to change as more houses and a school were built.

I recently drove through the neighbourhood and was saddened to see that all the mature ash trees had been cut down to stumps because of the recent infestation of the ash borer. I remember when the trees were first planted by the city and watched them grow to maturity for over 50 years. They made a lovely canopy over the street. I especially remember the tree on our front lawn which weathered the great ice storm of 1998. We lost a few branches but the tree was trimmed by the city and it thrived. Surely they could have figured out a better way to manage the ash borer problem. This has changed the look and the cozy feeling of the neighbourhood. What a pity.

– Annette (Berthiaume) Facette


Heron Park Rink Hours (Winter 2012)

The Heron Park Outdoor Rink officially opens on Wednesday, January 11 at 5pm. Come join your neighbours in celebrating another season of skating and shinny. Free hot chocolate and hotdogs between 6 and 7 pm.

Supervised hours of operation:
Monday to Friday – 5 pm to 9 pm
Saturday – 12 noon to 9 pm
Sunday – 12 noon to 6 pm

Please contact Colin MacLean at if you would like to arrange a special function at the rink, or if you are interested in having a regular time-slot for skating or shinny.

Qualified Tutor Available In Heron Park

Nancy James (Retired Special Education teacher)

32 years teaching experience at the elementary, junior and intermediate level.

Available to tutor for homework and/or assignments. All ages accepted.


Heron Park Wading Pool

Annika lays back and beats the heat!

Summer is upon us and the sweltering heat has made our Heron Park Wading Pool a huge draw for families with young children. Once again, the City of Ottawa has provided us with wonderful and caring and FUN staff to monitor pool users and provide plenty of diverting activities and crafts for area youth.

This summer our Park Supervisor is Mackenzie. Her capable colleagues and Park Programmers are Afrah, Kat, Deanna, and Liam.

In addition to ensuring the safety of all pool-enjoying-patrons, the staff in Heron Park organize a wide variety of physical activities, arts and crafts.

Closed on Saturdays! The pool schedule will change in August.

Community Design Plan – A Fit for Heron Park?

The City of Ottawa’s recent Open House on the community design plan for Bank Street between Billings Bridge and Heron can be accessed at the link below which goes directly to the information shared at that time. Please scroll down to the bottom of the page to click on links to the presentation materials.  If you seek more information, please post a comment or question on this site and a response will be provided as time permits.

Breaking News: Pedestrian Bridge over Brookfield O-Train tracks!

The City of Ottawa’s Transit Commission approved moving forward on Thursday, June 16th to make major improvements to the  existing O-Train line.  6 new trains are to be purchased, the existing 3 trains will be sold and the tracks will be doubled in the vicinity of Gladstone and Brookfield. This will improve service from the current 15 minutes to 8 minutes.  Doubling the track at Brookfield includes a much desired pedestrian bridge over the tracks.

2-3 Bedroom Rental sought for Aug. 1

Looking for a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment in Heron Park for August 1. Please contact Tricia at or phone 613-866-1168. (Tricia is a colleague of mine at the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board. She works downtown and her daughter will be attending Algonquin College. Colin)


The Ottawa Good Food Box is a nonprofit community-based program bringing neighbours together to buy a variety of delicious and nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables at wholesale prices. Ashley Lima is the site coordinator for HERON PARK and will be responsible for organizing monthly orders and pick up times for the Good Food Boxes in our area.

Here’s how the GFB program works:

The Ottawa Good Food Box works like a large buying club. Customers must order and pay for their boxes ahead of time.

Order and payment are due to the Site Coordinator (me) by the date listed below. This allows me time to get the group order and payment together to meet The Ottawa Good Food Box Club’s deadlines.

The Ottawa Good Food Box Club cannot accommodate changes to orders, because everything is pre-bought to match the orders.

See for more information.

How to place your orders and/or payment:

Email ( or phone (613-729-0024) me to place your order and arrange to drop off your payment before the order deadline.

When to phone: between 10am and 8pm (leave a message if I’m not there, I’ll call you back!)

Box pick-up:

Please check your answering machine (or call me) before coming to pick up your box. Occasionally the drivers are behind schedule and the delivery may be delayed. I wouldn’t want you to have to make two trips.

The boxes are delivered on the third Wednesday of each month.

Customer pick-up is between 4 and 7pm

The boxes are the property of the Ottawa Good Food Club and cannot leave the site coordinators site.

Bring your own bags to carry home your produce.

We would love to hear your feedback. If you have any recipe or community information to share in our newsletter please phone 233-4443 ext. 2203.

Important Information

Site Coordinator:
Ashley Lima      Phone Number:  613-729-0024
                               Address: 2-2427 Huntley Ave

Pick-up time:            4:00 – 7:00pm

Pick- up location:     Heron Park field house (Clover St.)

Please mark these dates on your calendar!

Order and Pay by:          For delivery on:
                      JUNE 9                             JUNE 22
                     JULY 9                              JULY 20
                     AUGUST 5                       AUGUST 17
Each month, orders and payments are due by the end of the first week. Each month, orders can be picked up on the third Wednesday.

Attention high school students!

Do you want to get involved with your community and earn community service hours for graduation?

Contact Ashley to find out how you can help with the Good Food Box program in Heron Park!

Heron Park Spring Cleanup – May 7

We’re getting ready for our annual spring cleanup. To sign up as a volunteer, and/or for more information, contact Ashley (

Spring Clean-up

Saturday, May 7

Volunteers needed!
High school students, earn your community service hours.

Email Ashley ( to sign up.

Let’s get ready for summer!

As part of Ottawa’s Cleaning the Capital event, Heron Park residents will be out cleaning up our neighbourhood. Come and join us either on your own or with a group!

Buying Into Solar

Worried about nuclear? Troubled by fossil fuels?

Wondering about solar as an energy source and investment opportunity?

Join us for a Community Empowerment Evening


Presented by the Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-op

Wednesday, April 27

7 p.m.

Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank Street

$10 (tickets at the door; discount for Mayfair members)

7 – 8 pm

Powerful: Energy for Everyone,
David Chernushenko’s uplifting film (condensed version)

8 – 9 pm

Panel discussion: “How can you invest in a renewable energy future?”

with Ottawa Centre MPP Yasir Naqvi and representatives from

solar development firm and Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative

Contact: Dick Bakker at 613-867-7982 or

Also, don’t miss the Solar Fair on Saturday, April 30 at Ottawa City Hall

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative (OREC) has be created to pool investment money from Ottawa residents, to develop renewable energy projects in Ottawa.  All the power, jobs and money will remain in the community.  This will be OREC’s first public meeting.