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Heron Park Winter Carnival 2018

Bike Rodeo June 11

On Sunday June 11, 2017 residents from Old Ottawa South, the Glebe, Old Ottawa East, and Heron Park will cycle along familiar neighbourhood streets and pathways heading for Windsor Park and our very first Capital Spokes Bike Rodeo.

Depending on where cyclists live, your routes will take you along streets like Percy, Glebe Avenue, O’Connor, Bank, Echo Drive, Avenue Road, Main Street, Brookfield, Clementine, Aylmer Avenue & Colonel By Drive.  See our Heron Park route map below.  You can meet start from Kaladar Park at 9 am, Heron Park at 9:15, or meet up at Timmermans Park at 9:30.

For those of you interested in a more active role in the rally and rodeo contact us at

Rally and rodeo volunteers will meet at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning June 10th at the Old Firehall in Old Ottawa South.  A two-hour training session by Can-Bike specialists will provide useful bike training and tips to help guide cyclists along their rally routes and to their destination. Some volunteers will be expected to ride with groups of 5-8 cyclists and others will be needed at certain crossroads and rodeo stations. This is an event where even if you don’t cycle there is room to participate!

If you’ve been following us in OSCAR and online, you’ll already know what a Bike Rodeo is. For those of you who are new to the game, Bike Rodeos are fun, family events that promote safe cycling routes and practices on our city streets. Sponsored and organized by Ottawa’s Safer Roads program, the rodeos include interactive safety and information booths and are often accompanied by a community organized bicycle rally. Routes are determined in advance and maps identify for cyclists which route to take.

All identified routes from each of the participating communities will lead to Windsor Park. Once at Windsor Park, participants of all ages: children, teens and adults (all bike broncos) manoeuvre their bicycles from one interactive activity/rodeo station to another learning and practicing basic safety tasks such as simple bike maintenance, checking helmets for correct fit, how and when to signal, and navigating turns and roundabouts.

Parents are encouraged to participate. The purpose of the rodeo is to explore safe cycle routes in Old Ottawa South and neighbouring communities, and to provide cyclists with the tools and know-how to travel safely.

Our goal is to make this Bike Rodeo/Rally an annual event with each of the partnering communities taking turns to host rodeo/activity stations in neighbourhood parks to promote safe cycling routes and practices in Capital Ward and our City streets.


bikerodeo2Heron Park route 2

Heron Park Community Association AGM

Heron Park Community Association Annual General Meeting
November 1, 2016
7-9 p.m.
Billingswood Manor (Ohio at Bank St.)

Our elected government representatives from the municipal, provincial and federal levels, or their delegates, will be afforded 15 minutes to respond to questions submitted by the Association.  Below are the questions.

Questions for David Chernushenko, Capital ward councillor
1. What are your views on how the developer of the Heron high rise has interpreted the Bank Street Community Development Plan? Specifically, how they have chosen to use the maximum height allowed by the rezoning (and opposed by the residents) but they have ignored the other elements that the residents would like to see, i.e., mixed use of ground floor rooms.
2. Several new buildings have been built in HP in the last couple of years, since the HP community centre has been added to the list of planned municipal projects: 2 apartment buildings on Rockingham, 2 more on Gregg and Clover, the Salus building. How much money from these has been allocated for our new centre?

Questions for John Fraser, Ottawa South MPP
1. Will you reform the OMB so the wishes of the majority of the community’s residents will have an appropriate weight in decisions regarding developments in their neighbourhood?
2. How would you go about doing this?

Questions for David McGuinty, Ottawa South MP
1. We have plenty of NCC property abutting our community. We have cleaned up surprising amounts of garbage dumped onto the Sawmill Creek corridor. As the federal representative for our area, how can you help us gain cooperation from the NCC in posting No Dumping signs and in preventing people from dumping garbage in these places?
2. Will the federal government support the twinning of the OTrain (Trillium line)?

Break time, with snacks  (15 min.)

Second half
1. Call for, and appointment of, members at large for HPCA

2. Reports
• Wednesday Night Program (youth drop-in)
• Rink
• HPCA budget 2015-2016

3. Upcoming Heron Park Events

• Winter Carnival (TBA: Saturday in February)
• Capital Cup shinny tournament (TBA: Saturday in February)4. Update on Heron Road high rise
What we’ve done, responses from developer

Close of meeting

Keys Found

Randy Paladeau found a set of keys on May 24 in the morning at the south side of the #112 bus stop on Clementine near Heron.
If you know whose they are, please leave a comment to this post so we can get them back to the owner.


Heron Park Winter Carnival 2016

Here are a few pictures from this year’s carnival.

Quiz Night

The Heron Park Community Building Fund is holding a Quiz Night on Sunday, January 26th at O’Brien’s Pub on Heron Road.  Proceeds will help us get a new community centre for the neighbourhood.  Tickets are $15.  They will be available at the door but you might want to send us an email (either reply to this or send to ) to reserve your tickets.  The quizmaster is Gordon Smith – he did it last year and everyone had a great time. Gordon is a very fun master of quizzes. Teams of 4 or 5 people compete in categories of general knowledge, sports, entertainment, and music.  So get your team together and compete for prizes and, more importantly, bragging rights!  Don’t have a team?  Come and join an existing team or play as an individual.

Heron Park Community Association Annual General Meeting

Our AGM is next Tuesday, November 5 at 7 pm in the dining room at Billingswood Manor, 1370 Bank St.  Please enter by the side door on the west side of the building (there will be signs to guide you).  Community Policing Officer Mahamud Elmi will be attending to discuss recent crimes in the neighbourhood and what we can do to keep safe.  Executive officers will be elected for the upcoming year.  Here is the agenda (which may be added to later).

  • Presentation from Mahamud Elmi
  • Report on Activities by HPCA (James McLaren)
  • Financial Report (Colin MacLean)
  • Report on our new registered charity, Heron Park Community Building Fund (James McLaren)
  • Vote to change constitution to expand our boundaries
  • Election of Executive members: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer
  • Discussion of Priorities to focus on for the next year
There will be munchies and coffee available.  You can pay your membership dues for the coming year (only $5 per family) and consider making a tax deductible donation to the Heron Park Community Building Fund to help get a new community centre for Heron Park.  I hope you’ll join us – there’s lots of room at Billingswood for everyone who wants to attend.

Electronics Recycling

This Saturday, October 19, from 10 am to 2 pm, the Heron Park Community Association will be picking up used electronic items for recycling or safe disposal at the Field House in Heron Park.  We are doing this in cooperation with the Canadian Hearing Society, and you can also drop off items directly at their location, 2197 Riverside Drive, from 10 am to 2 pm.  The following items will be accepted:

  • Televisions
  • Computers – desktop, laptop
  • Printers
  • Copiers
  • Telephones
  • Cell phones
  • Cameras
  • Video Recorders

For a complete list of accepted items, go to recycleyourelectronics.caImage

Second Cup coming soon

A Second Cup coffee franchise will be located in the new building at Bank and Rockingham that now contains the new paint store.  The mall owner is thinking about opening a burger and fries type restaurant next door and wanted to know if that is something that would interest the community.  Please enter your preference in the poll below, and comment on the blog about what type of restaurant or other business you would like to see located there.

Ping Pong in the Park?

The neighbourhood of Old Ottawa East is getting a concrete ping pong table installed in one of their parks.  This would  be an outdoor, all-weather ping pong table where anyone could play, bringing their own ball and paddles.  We were intrigued by the concept and wondered if people would be interested in having one here.  What do you think?  Please let us know by using the poll below.Outdoor-table-tennis-007