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Community Garden Update

Did you ever notice that snow shovelling seems much easier if you imagine that you are turning the soil in your garden bed, instead? Well, during these chilly winter weeks, a few Heron Parkers have turned their minds to gardening, and submitted an application for City funds to contribute to start-up costs for a community garden in the Heron Park neighbourhood. I’d written about this idea in previous Herald issues, and invited interested participants to get involved in the process.

Our initial vision is to lay out 10 or so individual garden plots, as well as have a children’s garden and a high raised bed for seniors and others who may have trouble kneeling down. We’ve scouted out a few possible vacant public lands, but there are various approvals and tests that need to happen before we know for sure where the site will be. We’ll also talk to the neighbours in the immediate vicinity to identify and address their concerns, and will hold a public meeting to answer questions…and to recruit gardeners and volunteers!

If we do get resources to get the garden off the ground, we’ll post updates on this website, so check back here regularly for details. Email us at for further details or if you’d like to help out!

– Connie


A Community Garden – an idea that is taking root

On Oct 19th, a small group of Heron Parkers met to discuss the possibility of organizing a community garden right here in our neighbourhood. We reviewed some of the steps involved in figuring out what makes a good garden site, securing permission to use the land, getting financial support, etc. We also talked about possible garden sites, and identified a few parcels of vacant land within the neighbourhood that were worth investigating. We then did a walkabout of the potential garden sites to get a sense of which one might best suit our needs. The results will be discussed at our next meeting on Wednesday Nov 18th at 7PM. Also at that meeting, the staff coordinator from the Community Garden Network will ‘show us the ropes’, and explain how to apply for funding for start-up costs.

If you are interested in helping launch a community garden, please contact Connie for more information: connie.berry AT