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HPCA Meeting Minutes: November 2014

HPCA Meeting Minutes
Tuesday, November 4, 2014 at 7 p.m.
Heron Park field house

Present: James McLaren, Jason Garlough, Gloria Williams, Colin MacLean, Rosella Mac Neil, Sarah Loomis [councillor’s office]

The meeting began at 7:06.

AGM planning 
Invitees: David McGuinty Ottawa South MP, John Fraser Ottawa South MPP, David Chernushenko Capital Ward councillor, community police constables Mo Elmi & Rebecca Vanderwater.
Items to be included in agenda
Financial report for past fiscal year (CML)
Describe enhanced web site: mtg mins posted, all email sent to community
Update on Salus project
Election of HPCA members at large
Presentation of 2nd annual Peter Forney Community Builder Award to Donna Silver
–> RMN to bring plaque to Earl Bullis, to get engraved and to buy an individual one for Donna.

Councillor report
Sarah gave us the report on the soil samples from HP. There are toxic metals in the soil here: cadmium, cobalt, vanadium,… Also the level of oil residues in the soil isn’t known yet. The report was just received by Sarah today, no further info requested yet.
Ping pong table is not in yet. It will cost as much to put it in Heron Park as in Timmermans Park. So we may as well go back to Timmermans Park.

City Election 
David won 78% of votes, not sure how HP fared in the mix. Jason will post a graph of results within ward on our web site.
Sound barrier is going up along track. Many trees have been cut. Why so many?
Jim Watson [mayor] has promised a million trees even though his budget cuts (from 2.5 to 2%) have reduced funds for forestry. He has also cut the monthly reports from forestry, where associated agencies and citizens’ groups can get info on what’s going well, what’s not.

Jason did not complete the application for July 1 festival funding (in Timmermans Park). Much info was needed, he didn’t have corp’n # or # of volunteers, etc. Also, his wedding will be July 4 so he can’t work on it.

–> RMN Send approved meeting minutes to Jason to post on our site. [sent AGM mins, others still pending]

Trivia night
Possible dates are Jan 11, 18 or Feb 8. Dates to avoid are any Sens’ games; Robbie Burns’ Day Jan. 25; the NFL season is wrapping up in Jan.; Super Bowl is Feb. 2.
James will contact Gord to book a date [done], likely Jan. 18. Rosella will book date with O’Brien’s. [done]

Kaladar Rink

Flooding of adjacent property to Kaladar field. Owner had to re-sod back lawn, felt the rink contributed to it. Colin talked to Carmen [Renaud, City staff] about this. Rink puddle can’t be moved to where the woman wants it, for a few reasons.

Some extracurricular chat followed. The meeting ended at 8:45.

December 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Monthly Meeting Minutes – DRAFT

December 8, 2009

Heron Park Community Activity Centre

Present: Connie Berry, Derek Gour, James McLaren, Judy Mordy, Leo Derome,

Lindsey Barr, Rosella Mac Neil (minutes)

Late arrivals: Colin MacLean, Clive Doucet

Regrets: Hijal de Sarkar, Donna Silver, Maritala Robinson

1. Approval of minutes

James McLaren opened the meeting shortly after 7:00; the minutes of the October meeting were approved with a minor amendment. [The minutes from the November AGM should be approved at the 2010 AGM.]

Motion for approval: Connie Berry; Seconded: Rosella Mac Neil; Approved: All

2. Playground fundraising update (Leo Derome)

Of the $560 raised from the Christmas bazaar, the biggest source of revenue was the baked goods. The sale was not as successful as the previous year’s. One reason may be that there was no advertising done this year within the local schools.

Originally, we were told that Heron Park was on the list of play structures to be updated in 2010, based on the City’s Life Cycle programme. We’re not, or at least it is not certain.

Leo, Maritala and Peter Fourney met with Clive and the Parks & Recreation rep Donna Williams. They all felt that the existing structure should be replaced soon: it is falling apart, and is not wheelchair accessible. Clive offered to solicit corporate sponsors, working with us. We will learn where we are on the Life Cycle status in about two weeks. We need this information before the Life Cycle staff member leaves her position, or we’ll be starting over again with the new person.

3. New building proposed for Billings Bridge Plaza

James, Clive and Donna Silver met with the developer of the planned building at Billings Bridge Plaza. He asked for a sidewalk over Sawmill Creek so people can walk from HP to Billings Bridge. He said that HPCA would be wiling to agree to the development if we had improved access to shopping and transit. He suggested that the building be located closer to the Transitway access, which would mean more people from the building would frequent the food court and shops, and it would be a better location for people crossing the parking lots. They liked the suggestion.

4. Herald update (Derek)

Derek talked about the problems with getting interesting articles for the Herald, and enough regular – and early – input. He questioned whether we should continue to produce the paper if the ad revenue doesn’t cover its printing cost. Someone suggested we look into a cheaper way to print it, like reverting to a newsletter format. Others (Rosella, Clive) felt that the regular issue of a community newspaper is very important to the life of the community. The Glebe Report and OSCAR pay their editor about $10K/year and bring in significant ad revenues; the OOS newspaper has no paid editor and is issued irregularly. Clive offered to help financially in 2010 if it is needed to keep it going.

Suggestions for articles for the Spring issue included the house demolition on Clementine and the reasons for it, the improvements to the building at Rockingham and Bank that the McGuinty law firm is moving into (Rosella will write it, Colin will take pictures for it); local bird watching; local history; a community gossip column; local sports (e.g., Bruce Timmermans); local politics; articles for kids.

Lindsey told us she has booked the gym for 8 Saturday mornings in Alta Vista Public School for a kids’ activity. She is charging $75 per child; the programme’s spaces were filled in just a few days, showing strong interest in this kind of activity.

We agreed that articles should be kept short to ensure they are read. Colin suggested promoting the HP rink: the best, and earliest, ice surface last year. ACTION Everyone was asked to submit ideas for articles or columns.

5. Councilor’s report (Clive)

The 7 architects on the City’s review committee have resigned en masse. The Royal Architectural Society, the Ontario Architectural Society and the local architectural society all said we need to have real input that is listened to, and they weren’t.

6. Other business

A) Leo told us about an unpleasant incident that occurred at the end of the Christmas bazaar, when several of the regular card players settled in to play cards at 4:30, despite the fact that Maritala and Leo were cleaning up. They would not leave when asked, and one of them, Bruno, was belligerent and even threatened Maritala.

B) Colin said that we now have new signatories for the HPCA main bank account: Colin and James were added, Rosella was removed.

C) Colin told us the rink agreement with the City has been signed for 09-10. The total revenue for the season is $4700.

The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.

2009 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Monday, November 16, 2009

Location: Billingswood Manor
Present: Connie Berry, Rosella Mac Neil, Donna Silver, Willem Van Westerop, Judy Mordy, Leo DeRome, Hijal De Sarkar, Maritala Robinson, Olita Schultz, Joan Lesiak, Sylvia Butt, Terry Couvillon, Lynn McKenzie, Kristine Ennis, Adam Dodd, Jojo Maalouf, Eileen McGurrin (Minutes Part I), Colin MacLean (Minutes Part II)

Isabel Metcalfe

Regrets: James McLaren
Guest: David McGuinty, M.P. for Ottawa South riding

Opening Remarks and Welcome
Meeting Chair, Rosella Mac Neil, opened the meeting at 7:15 p.m. and welcomed all attendees. She announced that our special AGM guest, M.P. David McGuinty, was scheduled to arrive soon but other meeting business would proceed until his arrival. Rosella invited attendees who had not yet renewed their membership to please do so. Heron Park residents with HPCA Membership are permitted to vote at the AGM and other community meetings.

Board and Executive Positions
Rosella explained that although the HPCA Executive roles are for two years and this is not a scheduled election year, due to recent resignations of President Kelly Thomas and Secretary, Eileen McGurrin, those roles are up for re-election a year early.
Proposed nominations: James McLaren, formerly VP, is willing to assume the role of President, Rosella, the role of Secretary, and Colin, the role of Treasurer. The VP role would remain vacant.

In addition, a few board members have either resigned during the past year (Johanne Bérubé) or determined not to stay on as a Board member (Angie Kelm). Other Board members present were then asked if they were willing to renew their commitment for another year: Connie Berry, Leo DeRome, Maritala Robinson, as well as Hijal DeSarkar all agreed to renew their commitment for 2009/2010. In response to a question, Connie briefly outlined the responsibilities of an HPCA board member: primarily to attend meetings (now held the 2nd Tuesday of every month) and to participate in activities based on their availability and interest. Heron Park residents are welcome to attend meetings and Colin added that membership in HPCA gives you the option of voting on motions at meetings.

Following a suggestion, all AGM attendees briefly introduced themselves. One attendee was Isabel Metcalfe who is considering running for municipal council in this area.
Motion to accept all said nominations: Eileen McGurrin Seconded: Olita Schultz

Motion carried by a show of hands.
3. Report on Ottawa South riding from David McGuinty, Ottawa South Member of Parliament and AGM guest
Upon his arrival, our M.P. David McGuinty was invited to address the AGM. Mr. McGuinty opened his remarks by expressing appreciation for community members who came out to attend the AGM and for those actively involved in the Heron Park community.
Mr. McGuinty then shared events and issues affecting our riding and outlined how he and his office are engaged in representing the community’s interests, namely:

– sending out appreciation certificates in recognition of outstanding community volunteerism

– “green” environment-friendly programs that have been launched in this riding: Phase I was the Project Porchlight (distribution of free CFC light bulbs); Phase II, Tire Gauge Campaign, has now started at the Bank and Heron Canadian Tire and is now going nationwide. The next one he’s trying to launch: low-flow showerhead distribution project

– 43 schools in district. His office assists schoolchildren to visit Parliament Hill in order to promote education in government and community involvement. In addition, his office provides approximately $5,000/yr in scholarships.

– paying careful attention to property development (be it private, City, NCC or federally-owned) to ensure the best return for taxpayers and also to attend to the interests of his constituents (e.g., relocation of the Parole office, development in the McCarthy Woods area). Of particular concern is a proposed Ottawa Airport expansion of new convention space (250,000 sq ft) slated for Hunt Club Drive. Traffic congestion and the questionable need for this space (based on the Convention Centre renovation) are two primary concerns.

on the question of public transit, Mr. McGuinty is working to ensure we get as much federal and provincial support as possible
in the area of Sports and Recreation, this riding has four significant projects going forward with federal support, including: RA Centre retrofit, Terry Fox Track renovation (Riverside Drive), Rideau Canoe Club expansion, 2 large soccer pitches off Smyth Road near Hillcrest High School
– as Environment Critic for the Official Opposition, Mr. McGuinty is working hard on issues involving climate change and the environment, and water quality. As Canadians, we’re being badly outspent per capita by other G8 countries and we need to improve our performance, particularly as this affects our future economy!

– on the consumer front, Mr. McGuinty is introducing a private members’ Bill C-555 (the Get Connected Fairly Act) to end “fictitious cell phone surcharges on phone bills”

– Mr. McGuinty is concerned with disability issues affecting 10% of our population. Together with Caucus members from all the political parties, he is examining ways and means to better serve the needs of Canadians living with mental and physical disabilities. With Judy Sgro, he is also focussing on seniors’ and pension concerns.
In concluding his address, Mr. McGuinty thanked HPCA for having him and invited HPCA residents to contact his office to provide feedback on how he is serving our needs. His office is currently dealing with over 12,000 active files in our riding. Mr. McGuinty is clearly working on our behalf! (For more details, please see his website at or call his office at 613-990-8640.)
Rosella thanked Mr. McGuinty for joining us and for representing the needs and interests of Ottawa South residents. A brief intermission followed to allow attendees to greet Mr. McGuinty and to partake of available refreshments.

Colin Mac Lean gave us reports on his 3 main activities.

Wednesday Night Program: a youth activity group that was begun to help counteract the rash of incidents of youth delinquency. $3K from City, $300 from HPCA (See report.)
Neighbourhood Watch: The first (of many) NW has been started, the LaSalle-Apolydor group. Signs have been erected at prominent locations. (See report.)

HP Rink: we have done an excellent job of maintaining the rink over the past few years. Our thanks to Leo for all his work, and for the minimal charge we are asked to pay. He has been a big help to HPCA in earning money on the City’s rink program.
There were a few questions asked of Colin, mainly about WNP and NW.

Play Structure Report

Maritala Robinson and Leo DeRome gave a rundown of their fundraising activities thus far and showed pictures of two structures that they hope to buy and erect Spring 2010. They urged community members to actively support their efforts. They need more help and more ideas about how to fundraise so that we have enough money to afford some decent play structures.

Questions were asked, primarily about how to help with fundraising.

Play Group Report

Maritala spoke about the Friday morning Play Group. They have not been meeting because of fears of contracting and spreading H1N1. They hope to resume the Play Group soon.
Community Garden Report

Connie Berry gave information about efforts related to starting a community garden in Heron Park. The committee has had two meetings so far and gone on visited sites throughout the City of Ottawa to get a better idea of what is feasible. The more people who participate, the more that can be done. Grant applications will begin soon and Connie is hopeful that we will be able to apply and receive money. The next meeting is on Wednesday, November 18 at 7pm at the HPCC in Heron Park.

Connie also spoke about ongoing efforts to clean up Sawmill Creek, the project to prevent soil erosion along the creek banks (Stream Barbs), tree-planting activities with University of Ottawa students to prevent erosion along Sawmill Creek, and the City Stream Watch activities.

Financial Report

Rosella summarized the expenses & revenues of the HPCA over the past 12 months. Rosella thanked everyone for their patience and noted that we were going later than usual tonight because of the interesting discussion with David McGuinty that preceded the reports.

See attached financial report.
Donna asked about the Mutual Fund ($1513) which hasn’t gained much in value since it was first invested.

BIRT the Constitution as posted on the Heron Park website since April 2009 be adopted as the Heron Park Community Association Constitution: Leo DeRome. Seconded: Maritala Robinson. Carried.

Next HPCA meeting to be held Tuesday, December 8, 2009 at 7pm at the HPCC.

October 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Monthly Meeting MINUTES – DRAFT

October 5, 2009

Heron Park CAC

Present: Kelly Thomas, Rosella Mac Neil, Eileen McGurrin (minutes), Connie Berry, Derek Gour, Colin MacLean, Maritala Robinson, Judy Mordy, Gloria Williams, Rosella Mac Neil

Regrets: Angie Kelm, Clive Doucet, Leo Derome, James McLaren, Hijal de Sarkar, Donna Silver

  1. Opening remarks (President, Kelly Thomas) and approval of September minutes (soft copies sent to Directors earlier in September)

Eileen reviewed September minutes “Action” items. Some still outstanding but soon to be addressed. Motion for approval of minutes (as is): Rosella Second: Derek

Approved: All

2. AGM Planning and Board positions for coming year (Kelly Thomas and all)

AGM will take place on Monday, November 16th at Billingswood Manor. Executive positions are two year. Since this is the “odd” year, the Executive positions are not up for re-election if current members stay on in their positions. Directors are one year only and are therefore to renew their commitment and stand for re-election. New Directors could also be elected.

New HPCA Constitution to be approved at AGM. Should be noted in the Herald (with link to website page) and also that this is the “in-between year”. (Executive positions are not renewed.) Angie also to send notice for AGM with link to our website. (Determined not to note the new Constitution in the Herald until it was finalized, circulated and voted in by the Directors, prior to the AGM. A notice will be circulated on the Broadcast email list once that has been done.)

It was suggested that perhaps a new communications link be added to our list ( to allow folks to email responses to broadcast emails that wouldn’t be sent to Angie’s home email (the sender). Perhaps one also for to go to Colin. Derek could do this.

Need someone to check CAC phone messages. May do so using remote access password. Eileen to do so now until rink season – ACTION

Colin will handle it during rink season. ACTION

In discussing HPCA Board roles and renewal of commitment to HPCA activities, Eileen stated that she would like to hand off the Advertising duties (for the Herald) to someone else. As no one is currently ready, willing or able to take them on she agreed to continue in the role in the interest of providing some revenue and at least covering the printing costs of the Herald. However, she made clear that she would no longer actively canvass for new advertisers and that several would not be renewing their ads as of the Dec. issue, therefore ad revenues would decrease. The assistance of Directors in promoting ads to the businesses they favour might be the best means of promoting Herald advertising to new area clients.

Maritala noted that Stuart (neighbour beside Angie) might be interested in advertising and might be a great addition to the HPCA team.

ACTION – Eileen to follow up.

Derek suggested including a “Box ad” to promote advertising – “This space for sale” ACTION – Eileen to send text to Derek.

Maritala said she would also place an ad.

In an aside, Maritala noted Volvo cars racing around the neighbourhood, particularly close to kids’ school bus stops. She is sure they originate from the Volvo dealership.

Colin will let Community police know about Maritala’s concerns. (ACTION)

3. Herald update (Derek)

Derek indicated that only a few articles were still outstanding but that most were in and he would complete the paper within a few days.

Maritala promoting two fundraisers for Play Structure: Christmas Bazaar (Nov 14) and Bottle Drive (date changed to Oct. 17).

Flyers to be distributed (hopefully) with the Herald deliveries prior to Oct. 17th. Sandwich boards will be set out in prominent locations 2 or 3 days before. Idea to start paying kids small amount of $ for flyer distribution? Idea to be discussed further.

Rink volunteers article? ACTION – Colin to provide notice

Tree Planting article – ACTION – Rosella

Paper delivery – Judy agreed to have Bottle Drive flyers handed out with papers to promote HPCA events (date of paper delivery permitting). Rosella agreed to take 600 papers and distribute to delivery people on South side. Ruth takes the other 200.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Rosella)

Colin has been reimbursed for expenses for WNP (half the funds from City have been used) but some funds are still outstanding (reimbursement upon receipts).

The majority of tree planters from the Oct. 3 tree planting at Sawmill Creek were treated at O’Brien’s as a thank you from HPCA. (Cost $145)

Johanne is still getting bank statements; this should be changed.

Need financial reports from Treasurer Rosella at AGM including Carnival finances, play structure account, positive news reinforces positive contributions from the community.

(Maritala will bring flyers/posters to promote Play Structure at AGM.)

5. Lansdowne Live and HPCA response (Eileen and all)

Eileen drafted an HPCA position and response to the Lansdowne Live proposal listing some of the outstanding issues yet to be resolved, namely: traffic and transit issues to and from the site, and the inordinate amount of new commercial space being added. Connie added that the sole source aspect of the proposal is unfair and undemocratic. There was some discussion on fine tuning the paper however a vote was passed as follows:

Is anyone here present in favour of Lansdowne Live as it currently stands? None

Opposition to Lansdowne Live as it currently stands? All

ACTION – Eileen to email draft to all. Connie to send edits. We’ll post a notice in Herald on same page as City Beat indicating we’re opposed to LL (to check our detailed position on website.) ACTION – due to timelines and conflicting priorities the draft was not circulated or edited in time to appear in Herald. It will be available at the AGM and posted on the website.

6. Rink Planning (Colin)

Leo indicated he would commit to same as last year.

Colin will be actively seeking volunteers as last year.

ACTION: Rachelle to get rink contract to Eileen and follow up on insurance.

ACTION: Eileen to ask Johanne about storing snowblower in shed.

(This was done and Johanne will be happy to have it on site as per her agreement and understanding with Leo last year.)

Colin sent out email to Kelly and Rosella regarding rink planning for 2010.

7. Neighbourhood Watch (Colin)

Raphael is working Heron Park South. He can’t attend North mtg on Oct. 16. Colin will let Raphael handle other side. Suggested we subdivide North into smaller portions to make it more manageable.

Locations to be sorted out for NW signage. Some concern about not having them on major thoroughfares (visibility).

8. Play Structure Fundraising Update (Maritala)

Including $7,500 from City we have $10,000 amount. So we’ve raised $2,500 in this community. àACTION: Eileen needs to change the text in Herald. (Post-meeting it was determined that the amount of funds raised in community is significantly higher. This will be presented at the AGM in November.)

$400 amount from Convergys who held a car wash fundraiser (at Heron Gate). They’re holding the funds until we get official City receipt (awaiting some paperwork from Maritala).

More fundraiser ideas: Cdn Tire – another raffle? Maritala thinks a snowblower would be a timely item to raffle …

Maritala has $65 petty cash to cover small expenses: posters, flyers to promote upcoming fundraising activities.

Maritala determined that the play group will start Oct. 16th. Issues to be resolved with the caregivers and parents pertaining to cleaning/sanitizing children’s toys, particularly in light of H1N1 concerns.

9. Other Business

HPCA November meeting will be amalgamated into the November AGM. This to be noted in the October issue of the Herald.

Next issue Herald – Dec. 4th deadline for submissions to ensure pre-Christmas delivery.

Carnival date? The end of January (Jan. 30th) worked well last year. Bring this item forward at our Dec. meeting. (ACTION – Eileen)

The meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.

September 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes


HPCA Monthly Meeting

September 14, 2009

Heron Park CAC

Present: Kelly Thomas, Rosella
Mac Neil, Eileen McGurrin (minutes), Connie Berry, Derek Gour,
Colin MacLean, Donna Silver

Regrets: Angie Kelm, Clive Doucet,
Maritala Robinson, Leo Derome, James McLaren, Hijal de Sarkar

  1. Opening remarks (President,
    Kelly Thomas) and Approval of June Minutes (a few hard copies available
    – soft copies sent to Directors in June)

Motion for approval of minutes: Derek

Second: Rosella

Approved: All

  1. Play Structure Update (Maritala
    sent notes ahead of meeting as she couldn’t attend).

Maritala has not been to the bank and
is unsure of exact balance.
said at least $3,450 but transfer from main account pending. Rosella
will email amount post-meeting.)

Urgent item to be done. Maritala
needs to send a letter to the City as they have approved a grant of
up to $7,500, pending a formal written request. Donna added that
it means matching funds also so we need to have equal amount in account.
Advise Maritala, although she is no doubt aware of this condition.

Next fundraiser: planning another
bottle drive for the last Saturday of September….(and a tulip bulb
sale following that, added Rosella). Colin suggested another bottle
drive after Thanksgiving also as the final one of the season.
The July bottle drive collected over $600.00 in 3 hours of pouring rain!
Maritala extends her thanks to those who were not afraid of a little
water for that event and overall to Peter and his daughter Kelly as
well as Rosella and Colin and the other involved families for the extra

Play Group Update

Maritala sent an article to Derek to
include in the Herald regarding the dates for Play Group: Fridays starting
October 16th. Asked that all interested contact her by phone or
email. Maritala also raised concerns about the question of H1N1
and the risks of spread of the virus at the Play Group. She asks HPCA
to discuss the question and get back to her with a vote or recommendations.

Donna suggested adding a caveat to
dates noting that Play Group may take a hiatus if required based on
Ottawa flu outbreaks and following recommendations from the city’s
Public Health Dept. regarding H1N1 and cancellation/postponement of
community events/gatherings.

  1. City of Ottawa Tree Program
    – call for volunteers (Kelly)

Kelly said we are receiving 150 trees
as part of the Sawmill Creek local rehabilitation project in coordination
with the University of Ottawa, City of Ottawa, and HPCA. Need
volunteers (from HPCA and/or cmnty members). Will be held October
3 from 9 a.m. onwards. Planting will be on a steep slope. Ropes
will be provided as the terrain is quite steep and muddy. Lunch will
be provided to all volunteers afterwards.

Broadcast email to go out also to rally
the cmnty.

In an aside, Colin spoke about the
city workers preparing stream bed for barbs. They have a rope
to help going down. They are also removing garbage of stream
bed (and beaver dam too) that was too big and/or heavy for volunteers
during litter clean up in the Spring.

  1. Heron Park Herald &
    Advertising – September issue (Derek/Eileen)

Kelly thanked Derek for agreeing to
work on Herald (and work on website too). Volunteer spoke with
Kelly about help editing Herald. He didn’t attend mtg but Kelly
will contact him to determine interest. Derek confirmed that he’s
doing layout only and is not responsible for chasing articles, etc.
Kelly concurred. Rosella will help with editing still. Eileen

Eileen provided draft list of ad/ad
space to Derek.

Discussion about deadlines and circulating
new materials/articles to Kelly, Eileen and Rosella for review/editorial
decisions prior to Derek beginning the layout.

Colin suggested that we post a notice
in Herald that HPCA website will endeavour to follow update/ current
guidelines of City of Ottawa/ Public Health regarding H1N1. Derek will
add this to the content.

  1. Neighbourhood Watch (Rosella/

Development in NW in summer.
Colin met with Raphael Ready (Chair of NW South) 613-521-3333.
Thought we’d want to break NW into Heron Park North and South sides.
He will help facilitate South side. Checking for signage locations.
Probably not on major roads. Raphael may come through with signs
for us.

WNP – (Colin,
I may have missed something here as I was still catching up with notes
above during meeting. Let me know
Despite “summer lull” the WNP still a good gathering except August
when John and Colin away. Colin needs to ramp up promo to increase
numbers this Fall. Purchased a net for Badminton/volleyball combo.

Constable Walter Duhme is our new neighbourhood
liaison -cmnty police.

Apolydor Annual Street Party this Saturday
– Sept 19th. Colin provided notice to folks. Encouraged
board members to attend and to promote membership, NW, involvement
in HP cmnty. Donna said it’s not that difficult to get City
approval for block party and they provide barriers, etc.

Colin wants letter on HPCA letterhead
to promote Block Party and get donations.

  1. Clive’s Report (
    Donna Silver)

Clive’s mother passed away Saturday.
Funeral Wednesday.

Demolition of house on Clementine (sent
info to Colin and Kelly) done because it was extremely vandalized after
it was vacated by tenants. Fast tracked through City Hall to get
it taken down. House was across from the grocery store.

Trees torn down on empty lot on Clementine
but may be promising as it may mean townhouse project will go fwd sometime

McGuinty Practice on Rockingham is
an improvement for neighbourhood.

Asked about strangling dogvine weed
along Sawmill Creek.

Housing proposal – social housing for
seniors – where Brown’s Cleaners and gas station was before.

Billings Bridge (the bridge not the
shopping centre) still looking at feedback and proposals. Very prelim.
stage but
would like us to look at Ottawa South proposal and come up with HPCA
support or our own viewpoint.

Lansdowne Live – Check Clive’s website
for alternative proposal and for updates on what’s been happening
on this front at the City Council meetings.

Meeting this Thursday at Glebe Cmnty
Ctr to stop the Lansdowne Live Sole Sourcing project. Donna to
send email notice to us to send out broadcast email notice. Clive’s
website has all details too.

Trying to get from City Staff – top
10 questions answered including where is the proof that Live Lansdowne
has a deadline – what is it? been saying this for a year that
it’s a time sensitive proposal but where is the agenda?

Data Centre Road sidewalk will happen
once feds give us promised money. Construction is slated for spring

No updates on bus route 112 going to
Data Centre road.

  1. Finance Update (Rosella)

Action: Rosella to
get main account money (owed) to be transferred to Play Structure Fund.
Balances on both accounts for next meeting.

Action: Colin noted
he needs to see Rosella about WNP finances. Kelly asked if
Rosella and Colin can meet on the WNP finances and have preliminary
report for October meeting. They agreed to meet on 28th.

  1. Other

Garbage at CAC – inside and outside

AGM in November – selected date Monday,
November 16th.

Action: Rosella will
call Billings Lodge to book space within week (to meet Herald

Broadcast email to be sent also.
Eileen will draft note once location is confirmed. Should check
that Clive can attend also.

Herald notice also.

Expansion of Billings Lodge (into parking
area) is on the radar.

Action: Rachelle
Bertrand at City to be advised by Colin about broken benches, and garbage
cans needed at Heron Park.

Indoor garbage – New policy.
For groups or individuals using the CAC they need to be responsible
for their garbage. Either take it home or make arrangements
to come Tues. and put it out themselves. Becomes an issue in January
when rink opens but we’ll handle it at that time in the interim….

To advise Gabriel (card players)
and Maritala (play group) of above.
will be updated via these Minutes 🙂 Can someone else speak with Gabriel?)

  1. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

June 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Monthly Meeting

June 1, 2009

Heron Park CAC

Present: Kelly Thomas, Rosella Mac Neil, Eileen McGurrin (minutes), James McLaren, Connie Berry, Leo Derome, Colin MacLean, Clive Doucet, Laura Bonnett, Ruth, Donna Silver, Maritala Robinson

Regrets: Johanne Berube, Angie Kelm, Hijal de Sarkar

1. Opening remarks (President Kelly Thomas), Approval of minutes

A backlog of HPCA Meeting Minutes were approved (Feb., March, April and May)


Second: Colin

Approved: All

Treasurer’s report: HPCA Finances and Program funds(Treasurer, Rosella Mac Neil) /
3. HPCA Revenues and Program Funding (HPCA Directors)

Rosella circulated a few hard copies of Interim Financial Report (see attachment – soft copy fwded to Eileen post-meeting) and outlined regular expenses (rink, Herald printing, insurance, domain name registration) , extraordinary expenses (unusual year, improvements, snowblower), and revenues.
A few questions:

Ice rink maintenance: Leo’s fees quite low for his hours Colin noted.

Eileen asked about Herald revenues: low-balled due to future uncertainty for upcoming issues (however costs were still estimated at same value and should have be reduced accordingly also).

WNP account: items to be resolved still between Rosella, Colin and Kelly. Therefore this is not outlined in detail in report.

Playground fundraising revenue amount is not in the report either, however the Garage Sale revenues are (but not dispersed between different programs)

Rosella also outlined the options for different bank accounts to allow for the tracking of various programs. (See addendum attached). Maritala would find this helpful (as her program would not need to pay banking fees based on balance amount). Colin stated that a separate account would not benefit WNP as the fees would be problematic once City funding for WNP is depleted.
James and Colin both recommended that each program have its own statement of expenses and revenues and Colin added that we should have standardized budget line items. As HPCA has expanded its scope with new projects and programs, the finances have become more complicated and require more detailed monitoring. Donna added that the City will expect very detailed financial records for the funds provided the WNP based on the agreement signed by HPCA.
Rosella noted a second set of eyes reviewing HPCA finances (a kind of informal audit) would be helpful once or twice a year. Colin suggested a Finance Committee could serve this purpose and could also assist in establishing new guidelines or formats for monitoring HPCA revenues and expenses. (This was not fully resolved, nor was any “Action” suggested to further this proposal.)
Maritala offered that once the play structure if fully funded that the new account could serve as a stream for future special fundraising projects in the community.
Those present agreed that we should establish new account under the HPCA umbrella at TD Bank for specific program (2 signatories required) that would serve specifically for the Play Structure Fund at this time.

Motion: Maritala

Second: Leo

All in agreement.

ACTION: Maritala and Leo would have to accompany either Rosella or Kelly. Maritala will follow up to establish time to do this.

Maritala summarized Garage Sale revenue outcome and briefly related some of the misunderstandings over the division of revenues. Play Structure Fundraising Ctee met and determined that any “questioned” funds be used towards promotional vehicle (re-usable sandwich boards) to benefit both HPCA and specific programs.
Colin asked about colours but no one objected to the suggestion that Colin determine best colours independently.

Change in Board membership/ Vacancies (HPCA Directors)

Kelly noted that after 3 years, Johanne is doing her last edition as layout editor of the Herald (June ’09 issue) and is withdrawing as a Director also. Kelly had mentioned that Derek was approached but has not responded to date.
Kelly knows of someone who could do it but doesn’t live in the community (wouldn’t charge). Donna knows someone who could do it but would charge for it (has a team). Mary Ann Thompson is the person (does OSCA) and has an ad person who gets a commission (25%). Rosella suggested getting an estimate from this person as well as following up with Derek.
Connie has hesitation about a student regarding continuity… thought it would be good to have a cmnty person to coordinate/editor.

Action: Kelly will follow up with Derek. (Mid-June addendum: According to Johanne, Derek has agreed to take on the role of layout editor for Sept. ’09 and possibly beyond.)

Action: Eileen to look into a gift certificate for Johanne as appreciation. Colin recommended a $50 amount and all agreed.

Eileen noted her keen desire to hand off the advertising duties but will commit to doing another issue (early Fall) if Derek agrees.

Play Structure Fundraising Ctee – Events (Maritala/Leo)
Many events planned over the coming weeks and early summer weeks. Difficulty getting volunteers. Kelly commiserated but noted that the HPCA team is already stretched pretty thin. Leo noted that the Canadian Tire fundraising (BBQ Raffle) event evolved before they had time to determine volunteer availability.
Peter Fourney is on the Play Structure Fundraising Ctee and has agreed to work with Maritala, ensuring that, as the Co-Chair, Maritala is brought on board before additional fund raising event commitments are undertaken.

Maritala reminded the Board that the next event: the Family BBQ picnic is Friday, June 12 (if weather is good). Colin might do BBQ’ing. Leo getting city equipment for games. They will raffle tickets for the Cdn Tire BBQ.
HP Herald Report: deadlines, articles for next issue. (Kelly)
Kelly reminded folks to get their articles asap /now to Johanne.

Councillor Doucet’s Report (Clive Doucet)
Deferred to later in the meeting as Clive arrived later.

Environment Ctee Update (Connie/Donna)
Connie sent Derek a Press Release on the Sawmill Creek Cleanup for the HPCA website. Donna felt it looked great. Connie suggested posting a notice on a sandwich board for June 12th Family Picnic. Areas requiring most cleanup (here and behind South Keys Plaza) are noted on the website.

Action:Colin said he would post info on sandwich board if Connie got it to him in time.

Action: Donna said to get measurements of sandwich boards to her and she can note it for posters for future events. (Colin forwarded dimensions of boards to Eileen for future reference, post-meeting). Colin noted that signage regarding the installation of stream barbs was quickly destroyed..

Donna added that there has been some damage to trees – natural damage/erosion – and that City staff will remove dead trees. She would like the HPCA cmnty to apply for 4 trees to plant to replace dead ones. (Action: who/what/how and when not determined on this item during the meeting.)
Local resident Laura Bonnett had asked about this before – along the path from Brookfield leading to Bank St. – stuff dumped there has not removed yet. Whose land is it? Paved path belongs to city. Between fences (Brookfield and Bank) is city property. Tires dumped there, garbage, etc. Donna said to call 311 and get reference # for the request to clean it up so we can track follow up later if needed.

Traffic Ctee Update – no parking signs at entrance to Sawmill Private (corner of Brookfield); Status of changing bus route 112 (James McLaren)

James sent email about Route 112 survey. Bruce recommended 112 just continue down Heron to Data Centre Road (nothing else from Bank and Heron to Billings via Heron). Majority of respondents said yes to extending route and to adding full sidewalk along Data Centre Road. There’s a link on HP website to review this item in greater detail.

As a sidebar and based on his survey-producing abilibites, James was asked if he’d be willing to prepare a survey regarding the HP Herald readership. He agreed to give it a try. (Is this correct? If so, Herald editing team – Kelly, Eileen and Rosella – should see it first please)

Action: Survey of Herald community paper – James to do one up and forward to Derek to post on HPCA website.
Maritala asked about the possibility of adding speed bumps on Clementine between Heron and Aldea. Cars racing along there -safety issues. James unsure of the likelihood of City doing this but said he’d look into it. He added that if everyone who is concerned sends a letter to him then he could pursue it more effectively.

“No parking” signs – Sawmill Private wants no parking at corner near their entrance, folks are parking too close.

Sidewalk along Data Centre to be extended if Stephen Harper approves city plan (federal property). However, it’s number 1 on the wish list so it seems likely to go through.
Related to safety issues, a discussion arose on whether the new HPCA mailbox (door no longer has mail slot) should be a secured/padlocked one. Some felt it would increase vandalism, others that it would dissuade it. Since members could not agree, Donna suggested that we determine our preference and get back to her on this so she can move ahead.

Action: Advise Donna of decision.
WNP Ctee – Year end report (Colin MacLean)

Article for Herald sent out by email and will be on website. Colin’s ESL students have helped out. The numbers are posted in article. WNP attendance will pick up (with weather and BBQ) for numbers. Kids well-behaved when supervised.

Constitution – deferred to September (Kelly Thomas)

Other –

Neighbourhood Watch – Colin set a date for Thursday, June 18 (7:30 – 8:30 p.m.) for a meeting and will work to get community police, block captains, members, coordinators together for information and next steps.

Social club at Bank near Walkley seeking application for cash in lieu of parking. Want to ensure the HPCA does not oppose this.

Donna circulated map of Bank/Walkley area – application is from Lebanese Men’s Social Club – don’t have required parking spaces for this kind of business/club – but they can use the parking lot adjacent so parking is not an issue. What does South Keys Landing think of it? Board in transition says Donna so they didn’t respond to her attempt to get their input.
No objection from HPCA to go fwd with this. However it was noted that if they prove to be “poor neighbours” for the folks in South Keys Landing that HPCA will be supportive of any efforts to curb or tailor their activities.

Application for trees – to be resolved later.

Meeting concluded with Clive’s Report
Military Show at Lansdowne brought a protest of 60 people.

Councillor Doucet expressed great frustration with the sole sourcing of Lansdowne Park renewal project to land procurement agents. They control the vision and direct the contract on our dime, then they get to manage it. It’s a triple-whammy. Colin says City is providing the consortium in question with deadline extensions and enabling them to circumvent the rules on this and facilitating their chance to secure the project.

City wide petition initiated by Clive and other councillors to slow /stop this (2000 signatures to date). Speakers will address ethics of this sole-sourcing procurement (Allan Cutler will speak). June 8th at City Hall. Check to see details.


Kelly thanked the board members and guests for attending and noted that we are adjourned for the summer. Next meeting resumes the first Monday in September.
The meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m.


Interim Financial Report – 2009 06 01


$4450 Rink – City of Ottawa (no increase since 2006)

$ 515 Revenue events & programs (festivals, plant exchange)

$ 275  Memberships (2008-09)

$2200 Ads in HP Herald (estimate for 2009)

$ 115 Carnival (check total)

$ 360 Garage sale

$7915 Total annual revenues (includes some estimates)

Expenses: $7311  ($5505 in 2007; $7760 in 2006)

Regular expenses – annual total

$2593 Ice rink maintenance (wages)

$  200 Snow clearing ($0 in 08-09, included in rink mtce)

$2140 HP Herald printing (4 issues)

$  978 Programs, events, admin cost & snow clearing

$  151 Domain Name Registration & Webpage

$  150 Playgroup material

$   54    Insurance for snowblower; contents of CAC

$   55 Repairs to snowblower   (estimate)

$   25 Pizza after park clean-up (estimate)


Extraordinary expenses (new programs, ad hoc events, community improvements)

$674 Furniture & Field house upgrade in 2008

$137 Snowblower locks, chain, tarp

$16.50 CAC replacement screen

$226 Rink-shovels, rubber mats ($158.10+67.80 to Colin)

$ 73 Billingswood Manor One time thank-you for use of room

$ 90 Soil, compost for garden


$7647 Total annual expenses (actual & estimate costs)

$268 Net profit  2009-10

Internet costs $236.36

Website licence $66.72+19.08=$85.80 reimbursed to Derek

Domain name reg’n $0 for next 3 years (5 years paid in 07)

E-mail accounts Primus Canada $37.64/3 mos x 4 = $150.56/year

UPS $226

Flyers, other promo $56.50 for 1000 copies x 4

For AGM, garage sale ($42), carnival, park clean-up, plant exchange, etc.

Herald $   (printing $535.14/issue x 4 issues)

Additional Financial Information

Status as of Nov 1 ‘07: $3950 (cash) +1450 (mutual fund) = $5400

Revenue:   $7629 ($7475 in 2007; $6495 in 2006)

•$4450 From the City of Ottawa for Rink Maintenance (no increase since 2006)

•$ 515 Revenue events & programs (festivals, plant exchange)

•$ 355 Membership

•$2309 Ads in HP Herald

Expenses: $7311 ($5505 in 2007; $7760 in 2006)

•$3923 Ice rink maintenance

•$1737 HP Herald publication (4 releases)

•$ 978 Programs, events, admin cost & snow clearing

•$ 151 Domain Name Registration & Webpage

•$ 674 Furniture & Field house upgrade

•$ 148 Playgroup material


$130 (in produce) Independent and Artistic Landscape Design

Status as of Nov 1 ‘08: $3969 (cash) + $1500 (mutual fund) = $5469

Status as of April 30/09: $7487 (cash) + $1525 (mutual fund) = $9012

Adding an extra HPCA account

TD bank plans for Community or Not-for-profit groups

Plan Type Monthly # Transactions # Items Monthly

fee /month deposited/mo cash deposited

Community Plan $1.95 5* 15* $2500

Community Plan Plus $4.95 30* 30* $5600

Monthly fee rebated if minimum balance is $5,000 (regular) or $10,000 (plus)/mo.

*Additional fee of $1/transaction if monthly limit is exceeded.

*Additional fee of $0.18/deposit item if monthly limit is exceeded.

*Additional fee of $2.15/$1000 deposited if monthly limit is exceeded.


One visit to the bank to deposit 5 cheques counts as 1 deposit, 5 items deposited.

Our existing account is a Community Plan Plus account.

May 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

Monday, May 4, 2009

Heron Park Community Centre

Present: Hijal DeSarkar, Connie Berry, Judy Mordy, Maritala Robinson, Kelly Thomas, Derek Gour, Leo Derome, Fabio Onesi, Peter Fourney, Johanne Berube, Colin MacLean, Rosella MacNeil, Laura Bonnett, and Ruth MacDonald. 14 in Total.

Absent: Clive Doucet, Donna Silver, James McLaren, Angie Kelm and Eileen McGurrin

  1. Meeting opened at 7:00 p.m.
  2. March and April minutes were there for everyone to read and look over.
  3. Constitution
    The new Constitution (proposed) was discussed at length. Peter Fourney asked how long the process had been going on and suggested a vote be arranged sooner rather than later. Kelly noted that although the Constitution was supposed to be voted on at the May 1 meeting, she had only received suggestions for changes from 4 members of the executive. She didn’t think our executive would be comfortable voting on it yet before she had receive assurances from more executive members that they had indeed taken the time to read the Constitution and provide feedback. It is posted on our website.
    Peter asked who on the executive would be permitted to vote on the new Constitution. Were we following the rules of our old Constitution? It was a little unclear, but it appears we will be following the rules of our new Constitution because the old one was ruled unconstitutional. In the new rules our Board of Directors will vote on the Constitution. This means that currently 4 Executive Committeemembers (President Kelly Thomas, Vice President James McLaren, Secretary Eileen McGurrin, and Treasurer Rosella MacNeil. The total is 4 instead of the 5 listed in our new Constitution because Rosella is also past-President) and up to 6 Members in Good Standing –Colin MacLean, Connie Berry, Maritala Robinson, Leo Derome, Johanne Berube, and Angie Kelm–will be allowed to vote on it.
    Action: Everyone who is currently on the Board of Directors will be encouraged to read the revised Constitution (it is on our website ) and provide feedback via e-mail to Kelly. You can Control + click from this document, or cut and paste the link into your web browser to go directly to the document.
    Action: Kelly will convene a meeting of the Board of Directors prior to our next regularly scheduled HPCA meeting. This meeting will be used solely to go line by line through the language in the proposed Constitution.
    Action: A notice will go out to everyone on the HPCA mailing list about the vote on the new Constitution which will be held at our next scheduled meeting on Monday, June 4, 2009. This will be the final step and we hope to adopt a new Constitution on that date.
    Peter expressed concern that it wasn’t clear who was permitted to vote on the new Constitution and questioned why we weren’t following the old one until the new one had been passed. Kelly responded that the old one was deemed unconstitutional by the City of Ottawa and we were tasked with adopting a new one. We really didn’t have an old constitution to work with.

    4. Garage Sale

    Johanne Berube and Maritala Robinson gave updates on what is being planned for our community Garage Sale on Saturday, May 9.
    Rosella and Colin will be in the park and setting up tables to sell items, promote the HPCA, and sell hotdogs and drinks. They will need assistance. Laura Bonnett has committed to helping out for a part of that morning.
    Hijal will be canvassing the neighbourhood the day of the garage sale to solicit and collect funds. The money raised will be shared 50/50 between the HPCA and the Play Structure Fund.
    Maritala set a planning meeting for 8 p.m. Thursday, May 7 at her house on Secord Ave. She needs help filling envelopes with balloons. The balloons can be handed out to households who have made contributions.
    Action: Colin will use our UPS account to print off flyers promoting free hotdogs in the park to anyone donating $10 (or more) to the HPCA.

    5. Play Structure Fund

    Leo Derome and Maritala reported on the fundraising efforts so far. Leo recounted how a neighbour approached him after the messaged detailing our efforts to raise funds for the play structure was distributed to the community. The gentleman donated $1000. Maritala was equally impressed with the amount of support shown by members of the community, some on social assistance, who felt compelled to donate significant amounts. From all accounts, we are doing very well at generating funds for the play structures.
    Someone at Convergys has agreed to champion our cause and present a funding proposal to his company’s Community Development committee. We are excited about the prospect of landing a sizeable donation from them.
    Peter asked what would be done to recognize corporate sponsors and Maritala and Leo assured him that plaques in the park would be put up. The companies would also be recognized in our Heron Park Herald.
    Action: Leo will put up a fundraising sign in the park to allow residents to follow our efforts.
    Peter suggested that children in the community could be involved in such a project and thought that a fundraising sign could be painted on the side of the Community Centre.
    Joanne Moran

    Landscape Architect O.A.L.A.

Senior Project Manager

Design & Construction Buildings Facilities and Parks

Infrastructure Services Department

City of Ottawa

    presented information about how she and her department could assist us in our efforts. She said that our current play structures are going to be replaced soon. Our large play structure is going to be recommended for replacement in 2010. It will be put on City Council’s funding agenda for 2010 and she expects that replacement could happen as soon as the spring of 2010. This is of course pending approval of the funding.
    Her department can enhance our efforts by offering matching grants for the money we collect. As long as we are willing to abide by standard requirements for play structures and the established safety, spatial and design limitations, the City will be very willing to work with us. In fact, they can even offer the services of an architect.
    The expected cost for replacing all the play structures in the park is estimated to be around $80,000. Peter asked how much the architect would cost…approximately $3000.00
    Laura asked what could be done about the play structures in Kaladar Park. The structure for older children is fairly new, but a smaller structure is getting worn out. She wanted to know if it was on the renewal schedule.
    Given the recent work on the larger play structure, Joanne didn’t think it was likely that the smaller play structure would be replaced. She suggested however, that a carpenter used by the City is very good at refurbishing smaller play structures. It could be fixed up, “just like new!”
    Laura asked how much that would cost the community and Joanne assured her that the refurbishment was a cost that the City would bear.
    Laura also wanted to know if the water supply and spray nozzle in Kaladar’s spray pad could be refurbished, or replaced to make the pad more functional. Joanne said it was possible to put in a work order to have a plumber check the water pressure, but the cost of putting in new nozzles could be in the area of $100,000. That is not going to happen.
    Peter asked if we had the option of getting a carpenter to refurbish our existing large play structure in Heron Park. Joanne didn’t think that was likely because although the small play structures can be successfully refurbished, the larger ones are usually cannibalized and completely replaced.

    6. Heron Park Herald

    Johanne Berube notified everyone that getting the June edition of the Heron Park Herald out on time would require everyone submitting their contributions by Monday, June 1, 2009.
    The list of contributors and their topics is:
    Maritala-Friday Play Group and Play Structure Fund
    Derek Gour-Website and Facebook
    Rosella-photos from Community Cleanup on Saturday, May 2
    Johanne-Garage Sale
    Connie-Stream barbs project and Jane’s Walk
    Colin-Wednesday Night Program and Neighbourhood Watch
    James-Transportation issues and the proposed changes to local bus route(s)
    Ruth MacDonald was disappointed to have to tell everyone that the March issue of the HPH was not delivered to many homes in our neighbourhood south of Heron Road until very recently. Apparently, the person responsible for distributing the papers to the volunteer deliverers had not done so until a week ago. This accounted for the delay.
    Action: Kelly will find someone to distribute bundles of the HPH to our volunteer deliverers.
    Fabio Onesi asked if we had considered going to a completely electronic version of the HPH. Given the cost savings, it was suggested this might be wise.
    Kelly and Rosella felt that given the large numbers of seniors in Heron Park, it would not be serving their needs if we went to an electronic version only. Although we do have the HPH posted on our website, we actually make money from our paper version through advertising. Plus seniors and other residents appreciate the paper version.
    Peter asked if we had done a survey of residents to gauge exactly who is reading the HPH. Kelly assured him that as valuable as a survey might be, we simply do not have the resources, or volunteer base to carry one out.

    7. Stream Barbs, Jane’s Walk and City Stream Watch

    Connie Berry gave reports on stream barbs, Jane’s Walk and the City Stream Watch.
    The steam barbs have been started. Preliminary structures have already been started in the length of Sawmill Creek below Heron Park. And already there is evidence of vandalism to the structures placed across the stream. She asked everyone to monitor activity in the creek area and inform the City of any vandalism.
    Connie and about 20 other people joined Donna Silver in a walk around the paths looping around water filtration ponds that were created along Sawmill Creek south of Walkley and north of South Keys and Hunt Club. Donna gave a very informative talk about the purpose of the recent work along Sawmill Creek. She is very pleased with the paved walking trails around the newly created ponds, but she would dearly like to see the paths connected to the City’s network of paths and trails. Donna encourages everyone to lobby the City to ensure that the paths do indeed get linked.
    Connie informed us about the City Stream Watch cleanup on Sunday, June 14, 2009. She will be soliciting volunteers for the cleanup of our stretch of Sawmill Creek extending from north of Walkley Road to the Rideau River east of Billings Bridge. The cleanup is being administered by the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.
    Peter asked if the City of Ottawa would be assisting us during the cleanup. He recalled during previous cleanups of Sawmill Creek how difficult it had been to haul some large, heavy items out of the steep ravine. The use of City equipment would be appreciated. Connie was uncertain of how to formally involve the City, but assured everyone that the location of large items requiring heavy lifting could be noted and dealt with later if need be.
    Action: Connie will send a notice about the cleanup to Angie Kelm to be distributed to everyone on the HPCA mailing list.
    Maritala recounted how on a recent trip to Kunstadt (to make inquiries about the possibility of adding to the PSF tally), two of the employees there, who live in the neighbourhood, had asked her if the HPCA was going to cleanup any of the garbage in Sawmill Creek. She suggested they would be perfect volunteers for the task.
    Action: Maritala will forward the names of the two gentlemen to Connie.
    Connie suggested that anyone interested in participating in the Community Garden could discuss it with her after the HPCA meeting.
    Laura wanted to know who was responsible for cleaning up the pathway from Brookfield to Bank Street. She also wanted to know who is responsible for cleaning up in the former right-of-way for CN Rail. Apparently the area is strewn with garbage. She, her partner and young children cleaned up the area last spring, but given the items they picked up, she didn’t feel it was safe to do so with her children this year.
    Kelly assured her that she had received an e-mail about this issue (perhaps from Laura’s partner) and forwarded the concern to Donna Silver in Councillor Clive Doucet’s office. She was awaiting a response about how best to proceed. She will update Laura as soon as she hears back from Donna.
    Peter asked if the City could come to the ravine and Heron Park to remove fallen trees that had been knocked over during last Saturday’s wind storm (a tornado in some parts of Ottawa).
    Action: Kelly will make inquiries with the City.

    8. Finances

    Rosella MacNeil gave a report on the HPCA’s finances. As of March 31, 2009, we had $8600.15 in our bank account.
    We have raised $2413.00 for the Play Structure Fund ( as of March 31st). About half of that is included in the $8,600.
    Kelly has recently deposited about $800 in cheques into our account. She related how the cashier had warned her that in the future all cheques made out to the HPCA must read: Heron Park North Community Association. If they are not made out in this manner, the cheques will not be cashed, or deposited into our account. There was a suggestion that another teller may have a different response, but it was agreed that the matter should be looked into.
    Action: Rosella will investigate whether or not we can open up another account under a different name, or change the name we are currently supposed to use. She will also see if a separate account can be opened for the Play Structure Fund and if there will be any additional costs.
    Colin inquired as to the status of the $3000 grant the City of Ottawa made to the Wednesday Night Program. He has not yet submitted any receipts to draw from that amount because he has not had the opportunity to sit down and discuss outstanding issues about funding of the WNP with Rosella and Johanne.
    Action: Colin, Rosella and Johanne will sit down and establish a mutually acceptable framework about how best to process Colin’s expenses, funds raised, and the $3000 grant at their earliest convenience.

    9. New Business

    Peter expressed concern about how many of the homes in the neighbourhood have been rented out to university students. This, in and of itself, isn’t of great concern, as much as absentee landlords are. Some of the units rented to students have not been well-maintained. Their properties are often left unkempt and unsightly and some of the students have been disruptive to their neighbours. He has had to call the Ottawa Police Service and City By-Laws to deal with loud and unruly students living nearby. He would appreciate some assistance from the HPCA in dealing with issues related to absentee landlords and disrespectful students.
    Kelly suggested that the most effective way was to continue pressing City By-Law officers to take action. She also advised him to contact Clive Doucet’s office and share his concerns, which are shared by many homeowners in the neighbourhood.
    Maritala suggested looking for information from local real estate agencies so that we could contact landlords and arrange a meeting with them to discuss issues surrounding maintenance of buildings and lawns, disruptive tenants, etc. She felt this could be a constructive means of dealing with the challenge.
    Laura recounted how Old Ottawa South residents were dealing with similar issues over the past couple of decades. Their community association (OSCA) involved the campus student associations and the former mayor and councillor, Jim Watson assisted them in dealing with the problems created by absentee landlords and unruly students.
    Action: Peter will Google OSCA for their contact info and report back about any constructive ideas they may have about dealing with landlords and students.
    Meeting adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

April 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

April HPCA Meeting

April 6, 2009 – 7 p.m.

Heron Park CAC


Present: Hijal DeSarkar, Connie Berry, Gloria Williams , Judy Mordy, Maritala Robinson, Donna Silver, Kelly Thomas, Derek Gour, Bill Weatherup, Johanne Berube, Rosella MacNeil and Leo Derome (for 1st part of meeting only), Eileen McGurrin (minutes)

Regrets: Clive Doucet, James MacLaren, Angie Kelm, Colin MacLean

1. Meeting opened at 7:05 p.m.

2. March minutes were not available in printed format. They can be viewed on our website and voted on at next meeting in May.

3. Vote on HPCA Constitution

Johanne and Rosella had recently provided edits or suggestions to be incorporated into the current draft version. All were asked to check the draft version posted on the HPCA website. Any further comments are to be provided by April 18th at the latest. The Constitution Sub-Ctee will incorporate them and present a final draft to be voted on at May meeting.

As a matter of form, the new Constitution would need to be added to the next AGM and voted on by community members. In the meantime, a notice can be posted in the next edition of the Herald and a broadcast email sent to HPCA residents letting them know they can view it on our website.

Donna added comment about our name: still officially Heron Park North until we shell out $300 or more to change name. We need to look into this is… When we can afford it!

3. Update on criminal activity/ taking measures/preventative

With warmer weather, kids are creating disturbances. Kelly contacted community Police (constable Len Vaz, Walter Duhamel) to discuss.

ACTION: Angie to send out a broadcast message to HPCA community alerting them as to what to do when suspicious activity occurs in their neighbourhood.

Donna added that she is setting up a meeting with Const. Len Vaz and Loralee Mahoney (Bylaw officer) to discuss graffiti issues on Kaladar St. businesses and other behaviours. Donna would like to see HPCA person attend.

Eileen asked about more lighting in park. Johanne noted lamp post lying in field. City should be called when lights are not on as it is a safety concern.

Graffiti management strategy – public consultation. Donna sent to Rosella.

4. First Annual HPCA Garage (Johanne)

Advertisement in various papers and emails. Cmnty papers,, Website Kijiji, and the Alta Vista school newsletter.

Date and time: Saturday, May 9, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

First time. Trying to build interest. Not much interest expressed in renting tables at CAC. Leo will put up posters and signage to promote it in neighbourhood.

Roles not filled: need HPCA folks to collect donations. Hijal will do this. Could use another volunteer. Rosella will be at CAC if needed. She will “man” the donation table of benefit to HPCA.

Budget: Maritala proposed we spend $50 on advertising and promotion, balloons and on photocopying certificates of participation.

Motion to approve $50: Johanne

Second: Rosella

Email promotion: broadcast to go out by mid-April (Eileen to ask Angie)

Derek will elaborate more info on website.

5. Park Cleanup Date (Kelly)

Proposal of Sat. April 18th, (too wet?)

To determine if we need to change later based on weather.

(Later: date set for May 2nd)

Kelly will register us to get supplies.

Donna suggested asking Lamoureux Principal to help with cleanup of park near them. Johanne will look into this.

6. Environmental Committee Update – Donna Silver/Connie Berry

Donna said most already appears in April issue of Herald. Leo and Connie are looking to write application for Green Park Application to get wood chip path.

Donna waiting on feedback with Connie regarding Sawmill Creek

May 2nd – Jane’s Walk (p. 11 of Herald) see website. To get a path and make it a better place… parking for 7 or 8 cars there currently or use Brookfield path.

Need more folks from this neighbourhood to check it out. $13 million spent.

Barbs to get done in Sawmill Creek to prevent further erosion. City to tender bid. It came back at twice the cost to curb erosion problem. So project is now on hold. Resubmit for budget approval. Phase 1 still scheduled for Sept. ’09.

Connie received 3 contacts about community garden.

CAFES – we agreed to support this.

Donna suggested that Gloria’s street has a small field area – city owned – which may be a good location for a community garden.

7. Heron Park Ward Update (Clive – absent, Donna presented on his behalf)

Wed. night Clive would like HPCA to attend mid-term check-up at St. Paul’s University.

Community design plans being considered for Bank St. (intersection of Bank and Riverside). A bigger turning radius for trucks is required. There will be subsequent meetings to review this. HPCA attendance and feedback is important.

Sidewalk needed on Data Centre Road and bike lane!!!!!! Donna said it is in the plans for this FY.

Eileen asked about community groups taking a position on Lansdowne park stadium question. Donna said Centretown associations are planning positions on this issue. Donna suggested that Hijal might enjoy taking on a role representing HPCA at such a group.

Kelly asked about Clive running again. Donna said to ask him.

Donna said window on card players side is going in this week. Clive’s office is taking care of it.

8. Neighbourhood Watch update

Colin circulated an update (see attachment). Still seeking volunteers to help canvas especially now that weather is better.

Volunteers: Hijal (?), Bill Weather (East block of Secord), Johanne (W. block of Secord), Derek (?), (Kelly will also ask John McFarlane)

9. Finance

Rosella stated that there is roughly $8,640 in the account. However details and specifics on figures for WNP, Play Structure Fund, the Carnival revenue, still to be provided.

10. Next meeting – Monday, May 4th

Kelly added thanks to Derek for website updates, etc.

Maritala said that Joanne from the City Playstructure/Improvement section wants to speak at the next meeting. Kelly asked that details be forwarded in advance of the meeting.

11. Adjournment 8:10

March 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

HPCA Meeting – March 2
Community Activity Centre

Present: Gloria Williams, Bill Weatherup, Colin MacLean, Kelly Thomas, Judy Mordy, Derek Gour, Johanne Berube, Eileen McGurrin, Rosella Mac Neil (arrived later), Clive Doucet (arrived later)

Regrets: Angie Kelm, Donna Silver, James McLaren, Hijal DeSarkar, Maritala Robinson, Connie Berry

1. Kelly Thomas (President) opened the meeting at 7 p.m.

2. Approval of Minutes of Feb. meeting – Deferred

Draft provided to Kelly. Kelly to review and will forward to all. Approval to be determined at April meeting.

3. Ottawa 67s ticket offer – Kelly Thomas

Reduced rate for Coach Brian Kilrea final game (cmnty offer to help promote)

Game is Sunday, 2 p.m. March 15th

Seeking sponsorships from a few local business people. Calvin (Ottawa 67s) is following up to determine complimentary tickets for area kids in need.

ACTION: Email list (Angie to send out) . Eileen/Kelly to draft to see if cmnty members interested in purchasing tickets.

4. Window update Activity Centre (card players side) – Kelly Thomas

Donna will help fill in forms to get funding. May 1st deadline for paperwork … then window TBD.

Colin suggested requesting security bars at the same time. And screens too!

5. Update on HPCA Constitution – Kelly Thomas

Kelly has copies to circulate. Lynn Bourguignon-Ferguson has provided input already. Members have month to review and comment to Kelly. Copies can be emailed on request.

Action: Meeting follow-up ask absent members if they’d like to see a copy. (Eileen)

6. Update on HPCA Website Derek Gour/Kelly Thomas

Derek has hosting service separate from what we have now. Tested on a few browsers. Set up a few accounts. Has started transferring domain. Doubts there should be disruptions but it’s possible.

Domain registry data has been changed. Kelly suggested having folks try it out after Wednesday to verify accessibility. Derek to sort out other users later (in the coming months) and establish training as needed.

6. Herald update – Johanne Berube

Johanne reviewed articles to be provided. Eileen action – Carnival article. (Full page with photos.) Deadline is Monday, March 9th.

Advertise – Community garage sale. They do it and we get a small donation from everyone ($5) Perhaps donated items can be sold out of Activity Centre and funds go to playstructure? To verify with Maritala. Or tables purchased inside CAC for $25? Advertise in Pennysaver too?

Action: Johanne to discuss Herald ad with Maritala

7. Playgroup and Playground update (Maritala absent) – Kelly Thomas

McMillan food orders ($1,000 total). Raised approx. $215 towards new playstructure.

8. Rink Report and WNP – Colin MacLean

Rink – Colin provided costs to date, excluding Leo’s hours. Colin has confirmed that volunteers will run it from hereon as weather permits. May have difficulties getting volunteers but Johanne indicated they can still skate and use outdoor benches and skate regardless. Better year overall than last: good helpers, LESS snow.

Colin also raised topic of a Community Appreciation Night. Similar to last year: pizza and beer at O’Brien’s. Date in late March TBD. Community Appreciation Night (as it includes some paid workers) Offer open to rink attendants, volunteers, Herald delivery people.

Budget: Difficult to assess as we may have more people show up and as we don’t have figures from Leo yet. What is our financial situation?

Action: Recommended limit of $300 (pizza and non-alcoholic beverages only). Event to be held on March 31st Tuesday. 6:30 p.m. at O’Brien’s

WNP – It’s been slow. Stats can be provided over the next week by Colin to Kelly. Colin wanted to discuss with Donna use of the gym at the former Gabrielle Roy school for spring months so kids can get some indoor playtime while fields are mucky.

9. Heron Park Ward Update – Clive Doucet

Grant application for window. Clive will provide community side of funds from his office to repair old and install new.

City hall activities

March 30 – Governance Forum – Governing Ottawa Better taking place at City Hall. Amalgamation process – what can be changed and what can be improved. (School trustees had similar issues with amalgamation. Trying to learn from their experiences.) Trying to pressure govt for new policies and whether rural should be separated. (Rural voting 90% against projects inside greenbelt.)

Clive trying to kickstart an Intergovernmental Committee to safeguard water quality of Ottawa River. Too many municipalities use/access but no one currently responsible.

10. Neighbourhood Watch Update – nothing to say. Maybe by next meeting.

11. Other business

Colin and John wanting to use CAC for daughters’ combined birthday parties. May do a Food Drive with it.

Set up HPCA CAC calendar on website. Derek to set up link to Eileen’s email via address: Secretary HPCA

Rosella put up notices on cars still parking all day on Clover despite most buses being back on the road.

Eileen – check on email from Kelly regarding photos from carnival? She sent to me last week?

Also, send to Kelly the thank you letter for Clive’s office.

12. Meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. Next meeting is scheduled for 7 p.m. Monday, April 6 at CAC.

February 2009 HPCA Meeting Minutes

February 2, 2009
Heron Park Activity Centre

Present: Leo Derome, Maritala Robinson, Colin MacLean, Bill Weatherup, Judy Mordy, Gloria Williams, Kelly Thomas, Connie Berry, Rosella Mac Neil, Donna Silver, Lynne Ferguson-Bourguignon (City of Ottawa-1st agenda item), Clive Doucet (late arrival)

Absent: Hijal DeSarkar, Angie Kelm, James McLaren, Johanne Bérubé, Kelly Thomas, Eileen McGurrin

1. HPCA Constitution, Key Agreement, Insurance, etc.

a) HPCA-Ottawa key agreement

Lynne brought an updated copy of our agreement with the City. There are no real changes from the last one other than dates. It is the standard agreement for CA’s and describes the perimeter of the facility, the services offered and restrictions to the use of the building, e.g., the room where chlorine is stored in summer. Schedule A is for HPCA; Schedule B is for the card players who agreed to buy annual memberships to use the building.

She reminded us to report all incidents (injuries) that occur during our hours of operation to Rachelle Bertrand of Seasonal Programmes. She should also receive a copy of any booking for the rink. Lynne handles matters related to the play group.

b) HPCA-Ottawa liability policy, insurance

Lynne described the terms and exclusions, which are standard: $500 deductible, no alcohol in the building, ever. Debbie Hamilton is the contact for our insurance. Volunteer Ottawa is a good source of information. City staffer Donna Williams is our contact for rebuilding the playground. Our playground is due to be replaced soon and will be included in the City’s coverage.

If we plan any change to the building, we must notify them in advance, in writing.

We can not pass on the privilege of using the building to another group.

c) Risk Management

Our responsibilities include proper supervision of the rink during the posted hours, reporting incidents, managing volunteers. If something serious happens, as long as we can demonstrate that we did everything we could to prevent problems. Screening volunteers should include criminal record checks, which is free for them. The diligence we employ should match the seriousness of the risk involved. Examples: an adult alone with a vulnerable person; one adult with too many children (20).

Connie told us that she works in risk management for non-profit groups, so she offered her advice when we have a question.

d) Revising the constitution – deferred to March meeting

Kelly, Angie, Johanne and Eileen (JAKE) have worked on this.

à They will circulate copies of the proposed revisions.

2. HPCA website

Kelly told us that Derek Gour cannot attend the meeting, but has created a site with new links, contacts, using the new service provider. It should be in use in March.

We have two more Neighbourhood Watch forms completed.

Maritala asked why we don’t use the Web site, since it is free for us and she has control of the content.

à Kelly will look into this and provide an answer.

3. Winter Carnival

Kelly briefly described the successful winter carnival on January 31 and thanked all the workers, including Eileen who co-ordinated the workers, food, posters and baked goods.

4. Heron Park Herald – articles due

Kelly reminded us that the inputs are due to Johanne by March 15.

à Donna will provide one page; Maritala will send an article on the play group; someone should write an article on the carnival. Volunteer?

5. Play group and Playground

a) Play group

Maritala told us that there were 6 to 16 families participating in the past month. The parents use a Google site to volunteer for specific days to run activities: crafts and the circle time which ends at 11:30. Parents bring their own snacks. Half the children are less than 1 year old.

b) Playground

Maritala described various sources for information she has found. Debbie Beck of Playground Planners gave them ideas and budget estimates. Debbie Williams told her the City will match our funding up to $7500. The objective is to expand the toddler area to use for 2–12 year olds. The budget is $25K including labour, or $22K if we provide the labour.

The life cycle planning of the City has Heron Park scheduled for upgrades in 2010. An area for use by teens could be located between the existing basketball court and the creek.

à Maritala will ask Shoppers Drug Mart for sponsorship.

6. Rink Report and WNP

a) Rink report

Colin told us we had 89 rink users in the first week, 796 in the second!

We had reports of a back door left unlocked more than once. The only thing taken was food from the fridge. The windows were jimmied; perhaps a homeless person slept here. Rachelle offered to install bars or mesh on the windows, once they are repaired.

à Colin will ask which Centre.

à Rosella will take photos, and send Kelly phone number and names.

b) Wednesday Night Programme (WNP)

There have only been two meetings since the Christmas holidays. They mostly played shinny, had hot chocolate. Jean-Guy LeBlanc, Benito’s father and Ibrahim’s father helped.

7. Traffic Report

James was working, did not provide a report.

Donna talked about the parking problem on Clover Street. Workers from nearby Canada Post park their cars there all day. We can ask the City to restrict the parking to one side of the street. In the short term, we can tell the drivers that they will be ticketed if they continue to do this.

8. Ward Update – Heron Park

Clive apologized for missing our carnival; it was one day after the prolonged council debate, so he went to Montreal as a break.

The transit strike may have cost $3.4M but it cost $10M in lost business.

2nd Ward Cup tournament was hosted by Old Ottawa South, who came 2nd. He may ask the NCC to make it a city-wide tournament next year, held on Dow’s Lake.

Good news for OOS: money for the firehall renovations. Now his office can focus on Brantwood and Heron Park. Brantwood has a bigger, newer field house.

The Lansdowne development is a mess.

Tunnel, transitway: we need a N-S and an E-W line now. The current plan gives us something in 20 years.

He thanked his staff for their work during the bus strike.

9. Other Business

Donna told us that the new Heatherington Community Centre will open Saturday, February 7 at 11:30. She encouraged us to go to see it to get ideas for our own Centre. The building has a ¾ size gym and cost between $2.2M – $2.5M.

The meeting adjourned at 8:50.

Next meeting: Monday, March 2 at 7:00 p.m.