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Bike Rodeo June 11

On Sunday June 11, 2017 residents from Old Ottawa South, the Glebe, Old Ottawa East, and Heron Park will cycle along familiar neighbourhood streets and pathways heading for Windsor Park and our very first Capital Spokes Bike Rodeo.

Depending on where cyclists live, your routes will take you along streets like Percy, Glebe Avenue, O’Connor, Bank, Echo Drive, Avenue Road, Main Street, Brookfield, Clementine, Aylmer Avenue & Colonel By Drive.  See our Heron Park route map below.  You can meet start from Kaladar Park at 9 am, Heron Park at 9:15, or meet up at Timmermans Park at 9:30.

For those of you interested in a more active role in the rally and rodeo contact us at

Rally and rodeo volunteers will meet at 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning June 10th at the Old Firehall in Old Ottawa South.  A two-hour training session by Can-Bike specialists will provide useful bike training and tips to help guide cyclists along their rally routes and to their destination. Some volunteers will be expected to ride with groups of 5-8 cyclists and others will be needed at certain crossroads and rodeo stations. This is an event where even if you don’t cycle there is room to participate!

If you’ve been following us in OSCAR and online, you’ll already know what a Bike Rodeo is. For those of you who are new to the game, Bike Rodeos are fun, family events that promote safe cycling routes and practices on our city streets. Sponsored and organized by Ottawa’s Safer Roads program, the rodeos include interactive safety and information booths and are often accompanied by a community organized bicycle rally. Routes are determined in advance and maps identify for cyclists which route to take.

All identified routes from each of the participating communities will lead to Windsor Park. Once at Windsor Park, participants of all ages: children, teens and adults (all bike broncos) manoeuvre their bicycles from one interactive activity/rodeo station to another learning and practicing basic safety tasks such as simple bike maintenance, checking helmets for correct fit, how and when to signal, and navigating turns and roundabouts.

Parents are encouraged to participate. The purpose of the rodeo is to explore safe cycle routes in Old Ottawa South and neighbouring communities, and to provide cyclists with the tools and know-how to travel safely.

Our goal is to make this Bike Rodeo/Rally an annual event with each of the partnering communities taking turns to host rodeo/activity stations in neighbourhood parks to promote safe cycling routes and practices in Capital Ward and our City streets.


bikerodeo2Heron Park route 2



While watching the falcons, this duck and his life partner waddled over for a visit. They are probably fed by the denizens of the CRA building as they were only a few feet away.

More Birds

More Birds

These are some Night Herons (I was told) that I saw while I was watching the falcons this evening. Seemed appropriate to post.

Falcon, Eh?

Falcon, Eh?

Here is a picture of the mama falcon (or possibly the daddy falcon) and chick at the CRA building on Data Centre Road. The parents are currently trying to teach the chick to fly, which consists of not feeding him (or her) so much and teasing her (or him) by flying past or staying just out of reach. This caused the chick to emanate a great deal of noise! For more information about falcons click on the photo to go to